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Seere’s Battle: Devil’s a Part Timer Fan Fiction

I ran to the street where the fight took place. It’s just like my brother to forget me when using his teleporting magic, now, I can’t help fight Lucifer. Something stopped me from my run through the black road, though. A shot of white-purple light that left a stream of smoke in its path and raising up from the hole it made on the paved street. I turned to see my new opponent. She had wings that were once pure white but now were stained in gray after beginning her descent from Grace. Her long violet hair formed high, messy pigtails tied back in black and white bows. Her eyes were a crystal blue with the vertical pupil that forms when a being wields tainted hands and obtains the title of a demon. I should know, my own blood red eyes have the same pupil since I am the true Princess of Demons. That’s right. My brother is the Demon King, Satan himself, but that’s getting off topic.

Though I’ve never met this girl before, I knew her identity just from her wings. “Angel.” I sneered. “You’re Lucifer’s sister!”

“Yeah, what of it?” she asked bluntly. “I’ll still be the one to kill you, Your Highness!” With that, I didn’t have time to react to her swooping from the sky and snatching my throat with her claws. “You know, I like you better in this body.” she commented as I squirmed, kicking in the air and trying to rip her hand from my neck. “You’re so much more fragile like this, and, on top of that, no pesky bodyguards! I believe this will be our final goodbye, My Princess.”

Raising her arm, my weakening human body following limply, she threw me to the ground. I hit my head on the black road and could feel the blood oozing from the wound. If I wasn’t in this pathetic human form, I would’ve been fine after that blow, but I found myself not seeing anything of higher priority than just laying there and clutching my head in a vain effort to stop the blood from seeping into my hair and blending the shades of red. Seeing me in a ball, Angel left, thinking I’d just shrivel up and die.

With much difficulty, I found just enough strength to get up and follow her. I had to be close to her. Because she began falling from Grace, she wouldn’t be able to have Celestial Power anymore, meaning she’d need negative energy to gain more magical power instead of sunlight or shining stars or whatever else they use in Heaven; negative energy is obtained from human fear and panicked emotions. Something she had forgotten was the fact that human fear was my power source also.

I simply lied low as she destroyed the city, causing the humans to become nothing more than ants, they’re city of dirt being shuffled by Angel and Lucifer’s shoes. As more screams filled the air, I regained my magic little by little until I felt my two tan colored horns grow through my hair red, which was as Hell’s flames. I began to grow taller and stronger, claws replacing my nails, each one of my teeth sharpening to a point, I even felt my skull grow longer and leaner. My form was jagged and glamorously hideous, much like the cartoon Disney villain, Cruel Ella Devil. My joints were sharp, and my muscles were toned. The only downside was that I outgrew my clothes. I suppose it was a good thing I decided to wear a blue tank-top that day, otherwise, I would have been completely restricted in my movements, making this fight unfair.

With a smirk growing on my face, I licked the blood that dribbled to my lips, my smile growing at the copper taste I was raised to indulge myself in. As night black bat wings ripped past my shirt and flapped, elevating me in the air, I began to search for Angel again. Round one went to her through cheating while my magic was at rock bottom and hers well over 70% full. I scanned my red eyes across the city, curious if she’d even survive round two.

The screams and chaos fueled my power and I felt hyped up with energy radiating into me and overflowing to give me a black aura. When I finally found the fallen angel, she was at her brother’s side, fighting one of my brother’s high generals, and one of my friends, Alciel, and my brother’s nemesis, Emilia the Hero.

The curious thought of why Emilia would be fighting with Alciel crossed my mind for only a second. My eyes were distracted away from my good friend as Angel prepared her attack. Clenching my fangs, I took my turn to swoop in and claw at her. My plan didn’t go as well as I hoped as Lucifer smacked me to the ground. I didn’t even see him coming due to my tunnel vision zeroed in on the sister.

The violet haired brother shoved me into the road so hard, it cracked the pavement as well as my left arm while burying us both in the once solid rock. “Princess!” Alciel shouted in concern as he rushed to my aid, snatching the fallen angel that caused my injury as he threw him in a glass skyscraper. His blow looked like it hurt, but I had my own wound to worry about. I wailed in pain, as I stood, clutching my arm in an attempt to keep it steady.

Angel again swooped down and decided to tease me once more. “Aw~” she gave her mock sympathy. “What’s the matter, Seere? Did you get a little bruise?”

I growled at her, refusing to fall for her taunts. Still, I temporarily ignored my arm pain and flapped my wings once again. For the first while, it seemed like we just played tag in circles around the cloudless skies. “Wow!” Angel continued taunting. “You can’t even keep up with me, of all demons? What kind of princess are you?!”

Finally, I had enough of her yapping mouth and reached my right hand down to meet my left. In between the two hands, a ball of golden light formed before I stopped briefly in my flying to reach my hand back. Once the powerful magic was strong, hot and dense, I threw my arm forward.

I’m not good at a lot of things, especially compared to my brother, but I was always great with targeting my Golden Magical Fire. If I didn’t hit you, I wasn’t aiming for you. The blast caused Angel’s gray wings to catch fire. I smiled widely as I saw her start to spiral out of control before crashing in the concrete sidewalk. I flew down to her, standing high and strong despite my injuries as she blew out the sparks on her feathers frantically. Seeing me, then the line of red magic that was my brother’s, most likely aimed for Lucifer, she groaned and plopped her head in her hand. “…Fine. You win.”

With a smirk, I folded my wings. “That’s what I like to hear. Now, let’s see what my brother has in store for you.” As I walked away, Angel following me, I noticed that the ground beneath my feet started to rock like a boat. Then it started to circle. Then it met the back of my head in a flash of white light followed by complete darkness.

When I woke up, I was in, what looked like, a hospital bed. Alciel, his sister, Azi, and my brother, Satan all next to the bed. The moment I made a sound, Azi collapsed on me in a hug. “I’M SO SORRY I WASN’T THERE!” she apologized. “I’m so glad you’re alive, even more so that you’re not as bad off as we thought!”

“Get off me!” I shouted. “I can’t breathe and I’m hurting like hell!” Upon hearing that, Alciel pulled her away.

With Azi out of my face, I suddenly remembered Lucifer and Angel. “Where are they?” I asked, sitting up so quickly, I began to feel light-headed. However, I didn’t really care. I needed answers. “Where are Lucifer and Angel? Also, why am I here? Are you guys trying to get us bankrupt?”

“Calm down.” my brother soothed. “It’s alright. I straightened out those two so they won’t hurt us now. Also, our insurance covers your treatment and recovery, so don’t worry.” I could tell he was lying about the second part, but I let it slide.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself, trusting him that it was alright, I put my hand on my head to ease my headache. What I felt wasn’t even skin, but wet gauze. Naturally, I looked at my fingers to see the thin prints of blood on the tips. I also looked at my left arm and saw the cast in the sling that tied the limb to my neck. “…What happened?” I asked dryly.

“After you passed out from using too much magic at once,” Alciel explained. “I found you with Lucifer’s younger sister. You were bleeding on the street, clothes ripped, and in your human form, and Angel was simply staring at you.”

“We got you straight to the hospital.” Satan continued the explanation. “I would’ve healed you, but I used all my magic to fight Lucifer and clean up the city. Which, by the way, Angel is your new roommate.”

My jaw smacked the tile floor as Azi shrank in her shoulders with what sounded like a mix between a whimper and a groan. “…hu?”

“Lucifer and Angel, or should I say, Urushihara and Yuki, are now sorta under house arrest for what happened.” my brother explained further. I couldn’t help my confused look at the names. “Don’t you remember, ‘Naomi’?” he asked. “We had to change our names because we needed citizenship and IDs.”

“Because of genders and space, she will stay with you and Azi.” Alciel finished off with a monotone sigh.

“It’s ‘Lynn’ now.” Azi huffed, crossing her arms. “We’ve been here long enough for you to get used to our human names.”

I groaned. I knew it was my duty as a princess to take responsibility for other demons, but for one, that was mostly Satan’s job, two, Lucifer and Angel weren’t even demons! They were fallen angels; hence their names, ‘Pure Light’ and ‘Messenger of God’. Still, I smiled. Not exactly genuine, but more strained. This was going to be either interesting or the worst possible plan in the history of bad plans. Only time would tell.

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