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Meet My Ocs: Angelica, Chrima, and Josiphine

These are probably the very first ocs AnimeAngel120 and I have made together (I’m not sure if AnimeAngel made ocs before this one, but this trio is the first we made together). These ocs are made for Avatar: the Last Airbender. In the featured image, the girl in the green is Angelica, inspired by AnimeAngel’s stubborn and almost childish nature, yet also caring and rebellious. The young girl in the blue is Chrima, not really inspired by anything specific. Lastly, the girl in the red is Josiphine, inspired by my own caring, almost motherly and counseling nature (as well as my ability to put relationships above “duty” and “honor”) (used base by: DeadTreachery Bases).

The ponysonas of these characters are actually pretty basic. Josiphine is a dark red unicorn with a cutiemark of a small fire around a circle (I honestly don’t know why I chose that to be her cutiemark, it just looks cool to draw). Chrima is a light blue earth pony blank flank. Angelica is a grassy green pegasus with a cutiemark of the Earth Insignia with a wing for her stubbornness that’s found in the Earth Kingdom, but also her rebellion and wish to be unlike the norm.

Back stories are long and tied together, so…we’re gonna be here a while.

Chrima is a mysterious child found in the abandoned tundra of the South Pole. She was found by Sokka and was taken back to the Water Tribe. She was adopted by the whole tribe, though Sokka and Katara are directly responsible, due to Sokka being the only man left in the tribe after the troops left to war and Katara having such a nurturing and motherly personality. No one knows where Chrima came from, however, no one at the tribe seems to care enough to search for her origins; likewise, Chrima doesn’t really care. As far as the little girl is concerned, the tribe is her home and family. However, she does have an almost unhealthy obsession with fire.

Josiphine is the youngest sister of Zuko and Azula. However, like how Zuko takes after his mother with kindness and a desire to understand those around him, and how Azula takes after her father with a cruel, manipulative instinct, Josiphine takes after her Uncle Iroh with a thought-provoking way of words. When Zuko is banished, Josiphine stands up for him, the same way he stands for the soldiers who the Fire Lord is eager to send to battle as bait, and accepts the same punishment, right down a burnt scar on her neck. She makes sense of Iroh’s words while they remain riddles to Zuko.

When Aang decides to travel the world to learn the elements, Chrima doesn’t hesitate to join Sokka and Katara, proving herself able to watch her own back as they get in and out of situations, despite her not being a bender of any kind.

Nothing from the original story changes much until the second arc/season after they make it to the North Pole and learn/master waterbending.

Like Zuko, Josiphine cuts her hair short and assumes a new identity in the Earth Kingdom. However, for her, it’s short lived when she’s separated from her brother and uncle and are kept captive by Aang and his friends. While being held captive, Katara promises Josiphine that once Aang learns Earth and masters Fire, she’ll be released. Needless to say, when Toph and her sister, Angelica, are discovered as Earth Masters who also want to travel, Josiphine begs them to join. They both join and teach Aang earthbending in their own ways.

As time passes, and the Earth Sisters reveal more of their past, the group learn that Angelica has been tasked by their over-bearing father to protect Toph due to her blindness. Though she does protect her, she also doesn’t baby her sister. Unlike their father, Angelica knows that Toph can hold her own in a fight. She mainly just supports her secret fighting lifestyle and covers for her at home.

What also happens over time is a bond begins to grow between the whole group, even Josiphine; despite her being held there against her will, she’s accepted as one of the group…with a cuff.

The bond that forms between Josiphine and the group makes her reunion with Zuko in Ba Sing Se all the more tragic. She doesn’t see Zuko until they find themselves in the Crystal Cave beneath the city. Once she sees that he chooses to join Azula, Josiphine is torn between the people who became her friends and her brother who she promised her loyalty to. Like Zuko, she makes the wrong decision.

Chrima hurts the most from Josiphine’s betrayal, however, she focuses on saving Aang and helping to stitch the group back together with what little glue is left.

Again, nothing significant changes until the Eclipse.

After Zuko decides to join the group and assist in taking down the Fire Lord, Josiphine takes this opportunity to go back and at least apologize for her betrayal. She also fills in for their uncle while Iroh is mysteriously missing. However, with a mind clouded in guilt, Josiphine finds it harder to fill the shoes she was easily able to do before. Still, she tries to coach Zuko through the group; what topics to avoid, how to address them, what to say, what not to say, and, most importantly, whose sway to aim for to get accepted (*cough*Katara*cough*).

Once accepted, Josiphine has to jump through even more hoops than Zuko to make up for her betrayal due to breaking a rooted bond as opposed to making an “180” after a conversation like Zuko had done. Because of this, she had to tag along for the “Zuko Field Trips”, even if she had no business going.

Fast Forward to the Commit. While Chrima stays with the White Lotus, Angelica is tasked with searching for and aiding Aang. However, she is unsuccessful in finding him before the Fire Lord, so she instead does everything she can to put out the fires on the land; when she could, she’d distract the Fire Lord with shots of rocks and stones. Josiphine joins Zuko and Katara to face off Azula, believing that it’s a family matter that should remain between the three siblings. Unfortunately, after Zuko gets struck with lightning, Josiphine does everything she could to keep Azula at bay. She isn’t a match for her blue fire and is blasted back, the collision breaking her arm and knocking her unconscious.

Once it’s all said and done, and Zuko is crowned Fire Lord, Josiphine is named his most trusted adviser. Angelica returns home, bringing with her the pride that she had a direct hand in ending a century-long war. Chrima remains with Sokka and Katara, going everywhere they go.

I know this was a long one, but hey, these ocs have been molded, shaped, and formed over the course of many years, at least 5 years. Hope you enjoyed this installment of Meet My Ocs and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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