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Meet My Ocs: Lynn Shiro, Naomi Sadao, Yuki Hanzo

These ocs for Devil’s a Part-Timer will require some explaining for the inspiration of the characters. Back in high school, AnimeAngel120, RcMay and I all three decided that we’d all become roommates together after our graduation and we all get jobs. Then, in senior year, we all were introduced to Devil’s a Part-Timer and laughed so hard. With our positions, personalities, and plans, the three of us lined up with Maou, Ashiya, and Urushihara to a T, so much so that we believed (and still do to this day) that this anime is a proper representation of what our everyday lives would be like if/when we move in together. Even now, I’m a part-timer with big ambition like Maou, RcMay is very…motherly like Ashiya, and AnimeAngel120 is…a lazy potato (she recently started selling art, but she still has no ambition and is married to her computer and game consoles). Because of this, we all made our ocs younger sisters of the characters we’re most like.

In the featured image, the girl with the red hair and eyes, and the blue sleeveless shirt is Naomi Sadao AKA Princess Seere, the younger sister of Maou Sadao AKA King Satan. The girl with the light hair, green eyes, and the brown turtleneck is Lynn Shiro AKA Azi, the younger sister of Ashiya Shiro AKA Alciel, and the most trusted adviser to the princess.  Behind her, the girl with the purple pigtails, blue eyes, and the white cloak is Yuki Hanzo AKA Angel, the younger sister of Urushihara Hanzo AKA Lucifer (used base by: sirena93).

The ponysonas of these ocs are simple. Naomi is an orange unicorn with a tiara and devil horns cutiemark for her desire to be like her brother but almost inability to escape from her “Princess” title. Lynn is a brown earth pony with a throne cutiemark for her supportive nature towards Naomi and Maou, and them alone (but mostly Naomi since Ashiya has Maou covered). Lastly, Yuki is a white pegasus with a game controller as a cutiemark for her OBSESSIVE gaming and her ability to manipulate an environment and toy with heads and emotions.

Now for backstories.

Like their brothers, Angel and Azi both fought in the attacks lead by their brothers while Princess Seere stood by her brother’s side. When Emilia the Hero attacks and forces Satan into retreat through the Gate, Seere attempts to fill her brother’s shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes of a king are much bigger than those of a princess. In a panicked state, she vows that she’ll find Satan and Alciel, bringing them home herself. As her adviser, Azi advises against going alone, however, her pride and desire to prove herself just as or more capable than King Satan push Seere to open a Gate and enter alone, unknowing that Azi followed her.

Once landing in Japan, Seere and Azi waste no time in searching for Satan and Alciel. The two quickly learn that they have extremely limited magic, hardly enough to hypnotize a few times for minutes at a time, and definitely not enough to open a new Gate. When they finally do find Satan and Alciel after several days of searching, they’re both disappointed that even pooling all four of their remaining magic together isn’t enough to open a Gate and go home. Therefore, the two girls rent a room across the hall from their brothers and assume similar roles as their brothers; Seere, renamed Naomi, gets a job while Azi, renamed Lynn, stays home, helps her Ashiya with research, cooks, and cleans. After going in and out of temp jobs for nearly a year, Naomi finally gets a long term position in Suntucky Fried Chicken part-time (not knowing that it’s a rival company to MgRonalds, she accepts without a second thought).

When Lucifer comes with Olba, he brings Angel with him along with all the chaos the two can create. After the battle between Lucifer, Olba, and Angel vs. Emi, Alciel, and Seere (Maou was there too, but if you remember correctly, he was just holding up a bridge), Angel, renamed Yuki, is assigned to stay in Naomi’s care by order of Maou. She does bring in a small amount of money by selling art online, but it’s not much and that’s about all she contributes to the house.

Suzuno sets off the suspicion of Naomi, but she shrugs it off as time passes and the new neighbor proves time and time again that she means no harm, or even knows their true identities. Aside from that, Naomi, Lynn, and Yuki just live their lives, pooling their money together with Maou’s paycheck, and alternating between gaining their magic from chaos and fear of civilians and being everyday teenagers and young adults.

I wish I could say these ocs have a role in the books and plots to come, however…out of AnimeAngel, RcMay, and myself, I’m the only one who even owns the books to read, therefore I’m the only one out of the three of us who even knows anything from the books.

Wanna watch the anime yourself to see Naomi’s, Lynn’s, and Yuki’s brothers all alone and pathetically fending for themselves while surviving on, ultimately, a McDonald’s part-time paycheck? Grab a DVD copy from Amazon and have fun!

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