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Chapter 11; Going Home

The last day of school was very emotional for everyone. Germany hugged Jane and kissed her head, holding Italy’s wheelchair in place (Madam Pomfrey said he could keep it) as Italy looked up at him from the chair he was buckled in. Italy’s leg was inching its way to recovery, and the bandage on his head was no longer needed after the wound was cleaned and stitched. “Don’t forget me.” Jane teased. “I know you have more important people to remember, but try not to forget us, mortals.”

“Nien.” he shook his head. “I’ll never forget you. Even when I’m millions of years old, I’ll still remember you as you are at this moment.”

As the two shared a long, passionate kiss, Germany accidentally let go of Italy and he rolled down hill.


“Acio wheelchair!” Harry quickly caught him before he hit the water. As Italy felt the magical force pull him back, Harry grabbed the handles and pushed him back to Germany, applying the brakes.

Germany looked embarrassed as Harry eyed him. “…Must’ve forgotten his breaks…” he mumbled. Harry shook his head playfully as he returned to his friends.

Romano sat lay back on the wall as he talked with Sallin. “So,” she started. “a country, huh?”

“Yeah,” he sighed overly proud. “I’m known as Romano back at home. It was my stupid brother who got the country’s name.”

“You could be known as tomato head,” she joked as she punched his shoulder. “you’re still Vargas to me.”

“Why do you do that?” he asked, rubbing his arm.


“Punch me!” he yelled as she punched him again. “I meant why do you punch me.”

“Because you told me to punch you.” she chuckled. When he gave her a look, she continued to chuckle, “Because that’s how I show affection. Duh.”

At this, Romano stood straight. “You want to know how I show affection?” he asked. Not giving her time to answer, he zoomed his head between her jaw and shoulder and sucked gently. When he was done, she was the one who looked like a tomato and he was the one who chuckled. “You might want to get a scarf now.”

As the train whistled, everyone loaded on board. On the way, Germany sent a letter. “England,” he wrote. “I am happy to report that Harry Potter is still alive to next year. Although, Cedric Digory, the original Hogwarts champion, was K.I.A., and Italy was wounded very badly and lost his memory. I’ve been working with him every day since he received his injury, trying to regain his memory, but his leg injury will take at least another few months, even with his country healing abilities. And just know, I would be more than happy to enroll for next year (just as long as France stays out of it). Germany.”

He sent his owl out as the train left Hogwarts, and got a reply letter halfway to London. “Germany,” the reply said. “I’m sorry to hear about Italy’s injuries, and Harry’s loss. I will be more than happy to enroll you three next year as well. I expect the train ride to be more than relaxing to you after the long year. Can’t wait to see you in London. Britain.”

“What’s going on Germany?” Italy asked.

“I…I’m not sure…” Germany honestly answered. “England said he’d meet us in London.”

“England…England…” Italy fished for the image in his head. All the German could do was laugh as he showed him a picture of England. “Oh!” he smiled. “Now I see!”

They arrived in London the next morning. Germany pushed Italy off the train as they collected their luggage, and looked around for a ride home. “Over there!” Romano called as he led the way to England.

England looked at Italy and sighed. “How’d that happen?” he asked.

“From how I understand it,” Germany started as the four of them made their way to England’s car, England and Romano carrying all the luggage except for the pets, which were in Italy’s lap. “during the third task, Italy, Harry, and Cedric grabbed the cup simultaneously, and they ended up in a graveyard of some sort. Then, a man Dumbledore said was named Lord Vol-“

“Shush!” England stopped him. “I know you don’t know much about him, but he’s known as You Know Who here. He has a very dark history in my country’s wizarding world.”

Though he looked confused, Germany continued. “You Know Who came and attempted to kill all three of them. Cedric died on the spot, and Italy suffered severe wounds and lost his memory.”

“There was a man inside the castle with a mark on his arm also.” Romano added.

“A mark?” England asked as he eased Italy from the wheelchair in the car. “What did it look like?”

Romano tried to remember. “A skull with a snake coming out of its mouth.”

At this, the Englishman looked fearful. “What was his name? How did he get there?”

“His name was…” he strained to remember. “Bryan…something…Barny…Brad…something like that…and he drank some potion to look like one of the professors.”

England froze as he closed Italy’s door. “Barty Crouch?” he asked. “Barty Crouch Junior used Polyjuice Potion?” he asked as Romano nodded.

They all loaded in the car, Germany in the back with Italy, Romano in the front passenger’s seat, and England driving. “Not that I’m not flattered that you liked my school Germany,” England started as they drove to his house. “but, why do you want to go back next year? Especially after this year. I expected you to never want to see my land again and lock yourself in your house with nothing but your beer and wurst.”

Germany wasn’t sure how to respond. “It’s about…a girl.”

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