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Meet My Oc: Cutie Pie, Mareuscript, and Angel Dash

Though these are ponysonas of my sister, AnimeAngel120, and myself, they all still have separate personalities and back stories of their own. Note: AnimeAngel120 is CONSTANTLY altering and tweaking her ponysona, so this may be out-dated as far as AnimeAngel goes. However, these characters are being introduced as how they will be in a story coming soon (Yes, if you’re wondering, the story coming soon will be long…very long…). Also, we made these and started work on the long story AFTER the season 4 premier, and BEFORE the season 4 finale, so there WILL be continuity errors (then again, that’s to be expected when talking about ocs and fanfiction).

In the featured image, the blue pegasus is Cutie Pie, daughter of Pinkie Pie, the red unicorn is Mareuscript, daughter of Twilight, and the tan pegasus is Angel Dash, daughter of Rainbow Dash (used base by: peach tea adopts). Cutie is a blank flank. Mareuscript has a pencil with a paper that has three lines as a cutiemark, and her magic color is orange. Lastly, Angel’s cutiemark is a treble cleft drawn by a pencil.

Cutie Pie was born as Pinki Pie’s daughter. She takes after her mother in all things fun and exciting, however, she is still just a kid, so she doesn’t fully understand social cues and various things like personal space. She does long for a cutiemark, just like the CMC, however, even more than she wants a cutiemark, she specifically wants her cutiemark related to baking and parties.

Mareuscript is the adopted daughter of Twilight. After losing everything and being orphaned as a fillie, Twilight adopted her and, with the help of Celestia, gave her a place to call home and a family. As time passes, Mareuscript grew to love writing and would write stories ranging from children’s books to novels. She then received her cutiemark as an author. Though disappointed that her talent wasn’t magic like her “mother”, she still enjoys helping around the study and library, even before moving into ponyvile, where she filled the Golden Oaks Library and made sure there was no empty space on the shelves after Twilight already tried to fill them with her study books. Yes, Mareuscript is jealous that Twilight and her friends get to go on all these adventures while she’s stuck on the sidelines as the Damsel in Distress, however, she tries to make the most of it.

Angel, like Mareuscript, was taken under the wing of Rainbow Dash after being abandoned. Though she is a pegasus, she’s afraid of heights and can’t get off the ground half the time, so Rainbow works with her as much as she could to teach her how to strengthen her wings and get over her fears. In her spare time, Angel sings and draws, getting her a cutiemark in both categories. Though Rainbow Dash adopted Angel, they see one another more like sisters than anything else. They have their petty fights and spats, but always stay loyal to one another.

Now, when Discord was reformed, Angel and Cutie both took a liking to him and found him as fun company, wanting to add him to their circle of friends. However, Mareuscript remained suspicious of him, just waiting for the day he’d 180 and return to his destructive, chaotic ways.

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