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Chapter 9; The Third Task

Germany hadn’t talked to Italy since the second task, nor had he even seen Jane without finding her bright, beautiful green eyes in a cold glare of pure hate since she found out the truth weeks ago. Who could blame her? He might be able to hold his own against any attack, but he can’t even protect the ones he loves from pain he inflicts. He knew what he had to do, but not the slightest clue how.

First thing was first, he was going to chew out England’s ass for giving them away and humiliating him the way he did. “Arthur Kirkland,” he wrote. “or should I say England! You idiot ass hole! Your howlers gave away everything! Everything I strived for, now gone because you were too stupid to use our proper names! You didn’t help anyone at all! You humiliated me in front of a girl, used mine and Italy’s country names more than once, and now, she thinks I’m a liar, cheat, and an abomination! You said that you were going to be careful if you ever had to use howlers, but the way you wrote them seemed careless and reckless to me. Secrets out thanks to you, and you call us children. Take your own advice and stop acting like a half-century-old colony! Germany.”

As Gilbert flew off with the letter, Germany was ready to confront his friends and do the one thing he was never good at, apologize. Apologize to Jane for never being straight forward with her and explain himself to her, and apologize to Italy for being a jerk to him, for hitting him, for saying things he never meant, for just being a rotten friend.

He searched the halls for Jane first, because she had to understand everything. When he finally found her, she gave him the same glare she’s been giving him since she found out the truth. “Jane,” he called as he approached her. She simply ignored him with a straight face. “Jane, please.” he begged. “Let me explain.”

“What’s there to explain?” she asked. “You lied to me from the day we met. How do I know if all you did was lie or not? How do I know if you’re capable of telling the truth?”

“Because the only thing I had to lie about was my identity.” he answered. “My human name really is Ludwig, but I have no last name, and I’m more commonly known as Germany.”

“Why did you lie?” she asked, not even looking at him.

Germany sighed. “My friends and I have to keep it secret from humans, otherwise, we would be overthrown easier. Also, no one would believe us anyway.” he continued. “If England hadn’t reminded us of that, then I would have given you the complete truth from the start.” He took a deep breath. “Nothing else was a lie.” he stated. “The truth is…I…Ich Liebe Dich!”

“I don’t know German you bloody idiot!” she yelled as she crossed her arms and closed her eyes to guarantee that she won’t have to look at his untrustworthy face.

“It means…” Germany hesitated as the words caught in his throat. Once she hears those words, he told himself. you can never go back. “It means…I love you!”

Jane turned to him, her eyes now bright with excitement and curiosity. “…But, you said you were thousands of years old.”

“Age is but a number,” he chuckled. “also, I’m physically frozen, so I’ll remain the age I appear forever.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. “So, you’ve been eleven for thousands of years?” she asked.

“Well…no…” He blushed wildly. “this is just England’s age spell. After the year is done, he’ll turn me back to my original form, a twenty-three-year-old man.” He sighed as he sat with her. “Jane, I’m sorry for lying to you. At least now you know why I had to.” he stated as he made a move to leave before she stopped him.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a while. “I forgive you.” she smiled. “Can you forgive me for not understanding?”

“Nothing to forgive.” He shook his head. “It’s hard to understand what’s not explained.”

After a few more minutes, Germany left to find Italy, but instead, could only find Harry, Ron, and Hermione. (Are those three ever separated?) He came up to them in a rush. “Have you three seen Feliciano?” he asked.

“You mean Italy?” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” Ron huffed. “we know about your little secret identity, Germany.”

“Don’t worry,” Hermione added. “your secret’s safe with us.”

He smiled. “Thanks,” he stated. “now, could you help me find him? I have to say something to him.”

“I saw him in the Transfiguration courtyard.” Ron stated.

Germany nodded in thanks and rushed to the courtyard. As he approached the lush yard, he looked past the stone frames, searching for Italy until he found him slipping in Professor McGonagall’s class and shutting the door. “Damn it.” he muttered as he walked away.

He didn’t see any sign of Italy again until the day of the third task as Germany sat in the crowd and Italy stood with the other champions. “It’s okay,” Jane stated in an attempt to calm him down. “he can’t die…can he?”

“Normally not,” he answered. “but I don’t know what this age spell did to us in full.” He watched tensely as Italy stood there, about to enter a maze constructed of bushes, and filled to the brim with fog.

Italy entered the maze at the third entrance color coated in the Ravenclaw colors. Next to him was Harry, and on the far side was Cedric. Once the cannon sounded, they crossed the thresh hold of the maze and the bushes closed them in. All he caught was McGonagall’s concerned look at the entrance, Germany worriedly nodding at him to continue, and Romano’s blank look before the bushes closed and it got silent on his side.

He ran around the twists and turns of the maze, sometimes, the branches would randomly close in quickly, nearly enclosing him in the leaves before he’d narrowly escape. Soon, he literally ran into Harry while he was running. “Harry!” he called. “I can’t do this! I don’t know the spell to get me out of here! Help me! Please!”

“It’s alright Italy,” Harry soothed as Italy pressed his back against the bush wall where he sat and sobbed. “the way I understand it, you can’t die.”

“But, what if England’s age spell took my immortality?” he cried. “Please Harry, I’m so scared!”

With a determined look, he nodded. “I promised Germany I’d keep you safe.”

“My group promised England we’d do the same for you.”

“We’ll stay together then.” Harry offered his hand and smiled when Italy took it and pulled himself up. “It’s decided.”

They wandered through the maze a while longer before running into Cedric. All the way down the aisle was the cup. The Hufflepuff gave them a crazed look before racing past the bushes. Harry and Italy did the same, though it was for a different reason.

About half way down, Cedric fell and got dragged away from the roots. “Harry!” he cried. “Harry!”

“I don’t know what spell to use to help him!” Italy stated.

“…I do.” Harry whispered as Cedric continued his pleading chant.

“Harry, do the spell! Please!” Italy cried.

After listening to Cedric’s cry for help, and Italy’s plead to do something, Harry pointed his wand at the root, chanted, “Reducto!” and watched as the roots retreated down into the soil.

The young man stood, panting heavily. “For a moment there,” he started. “I thought you were going to let it get me.” Out of nowhere, a storm started and the three started running again to the cup. “Take it!” Cedric insisted. “You saved me, take it!”

“We’ll do it together.” Harry informed. “All three of us. One, two,” The three of them lunged forward and took the cup, landing in a dark field.

“Harry,” Italy called in the sudden silence. “…what happened?”

“The cup,” Cedric smiled. “it’s a port key!”

“I’ve been here before,” Harry stated in fear. “in a dream. We have to get back!” he commanded.

Suddenly, he collapsed and clutched his head. “Harry,” Italy hurried to his side with Cedric. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you two deaf?!” the Gryffindor shouted. “Get back to the cup!”

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