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Black Butler and their Ponysonas

This is a ponysona list I’ve been anticipating for years; I’ve been contemplating the ponysonas for these characters for YEARS. I’ll just go through this in no specific order, but one thing I should mention, all the “more than human” characters, for example, Ash, Sebastian, or Claude, will have more alicorn features, such as being larger or (if unicorn or pegasus) having larger wings or a longer horn than normal.

Let me start with the easiest; the angels (both Ash and Angela) are pegasi because they are angels. Not just because they are angels, but also because of their confidence and egocentric behavior. For lack of better term, the angels have a case of, what’s called in my family at least, God Syndrome; a deadly disease that alters your perception of reality and gives the victim visual and auditory hallucinations of praise for ANYTHING the victim does. In other words, those who suffer God Syndrome have no intention to entertain the idea that they could possibly be incorrect in their methods. As for the cutiemarks for Ash and Angela, first off I’m not sure they should be different because, in the show, they are one in the same. However, I think a ball of fire, or maybe a coin that alternates between heads and tails, depending if it’s Ash or Angela, fit their personalities.

Next, I’ll look at the Over Powered, Gery Stew protagonist himself, Sebastian. The Black Butler himself is nothing but punctual, intelligent, and graceful. He never allows, even a hair out of place on his watch. This is why he’s a unicorn with a pocket watch cutiemark.

Now on to the Boy Earl, Ciel. As the head of the Phantomhive family, Ciel is intelligent, however, childishly stubborn. For this simple reason, I believe Ciel Phantomhive is an earth pony. As for his cutiemark, I see no reason why not have a King’s chess piece to represent his love of games, and his view on his role compared to his companions and colleagues.

Bardroy is the American soldier turned into the Phantomhive cook. Needless to say, his militaristic background gives him a mentality that over thinks everything yet rushes chores. This is why I believe he is a pegasus with an explosion or flame thrower as a cutiemark for his “explosive” personality and belief that the flame thrower is the answer to everything.

Finnian is the mutated lab rat turned into the Phantomhive gardener. He actually reminds me a lot of Pinki Pie, so because of that, plus the fact that he has superhuman strength, I’m going to say he’s an earth pony. As for the cutiemark, I’m not really sure. However, I’m thinking either a flower or a bird for his love for the outside and his fragile, almost childish mind.

Meyrin is…interestingly…plane. Her entire personality is built around her clumsiness and Sebastian fan-girl episodes. I mean, yes, she has a backstory of being a skilled snipe-shooter assassin and that kind of makes me lean towards a unicorn with a long-range gun or a scope as a cutiemark for her INSANE far-sighted vision. However, I’m hesitant about that because that’s how she WAS before the events of the show and books, then again, with the way she IS presented in the events of the show and books, I don’t even see her as a pony. I simply don’t know.

Now on to the Sebastian Copy-Paste, Claude. Because he’s exactly like Sebastian, only not as charismatic and much more blunt with his intended end goal, I’m going to just say that he’s a unicorn with a spider web cutiemark for, not only the obvious reason that he’s a spider demon, but also the fact that he enjoys toying with others heads and entangling everyone involved.

Like Claude is to Sebastian, Alois is a Ciel Copy-Paste. However, that doesn’t warrant him to be an earth pony for that reason. Unlike Ciel, Alois is much more bubbly, childish, and playful. He’s not quite as stubborn as Ciel, at least not in the same way as Ciel. Because of his bubbly personality, I believe he’s a pegasus. However, I’m not sure about his cutiemark. Perhaps a spider for his love to toy with victims’ heads, similar to Claude.

Hannah, similar to Meyrin, is very plane-jane. However, she is strong. I half-way want to just call her an earth pony with a bluebell flower cutie mark and call it a day. Hannah and the triplets don’t have enough screentime to really make any conclusions on their ponysonas or cutiemarks.

As for the Grim Reapers, such as William, Grell, Undertaker, and Ronald, this will sound odd but hear me out. I see them all as pegasi with their scythes and a skull for their cutiemarks. This is because I support the theory that Grim Reapers are resurrected humans into spirits of death. Also, the facility that houses all the Grim Reapers reminds me of the Rainbow Factory or Cloudesdale, since no outsider can access the facility, the only ones who successfully did so being Angela, Sebastian, and Ciel, though Angela was the one to break in, carrying Ciel and Sebastian along for the ride.

If I think of something for Hannah and the triplets, then I might make a second blog to revisit the subject. However, this is where I’m leaving it off. Do you agree with the points I made or disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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