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Meet My Oc: Hetalia Ocs Cont.

This is part 2 of the introduction to the Hetalia ocs, Tokyo, Louisiana, Venice, Naples, and Paris. Find part one here. This blog isn’t even really necessary, it’s just so I can summarize the roles of these ocs while in the game HetaOni. I will be posting a version of HtaOni that includes these ocs on a later date (once I stop being lazy and finish it). I guess, if anything, this is just a general idea or a sneak peak.

The featured image actually uses 2 bases. The main base is by: fiischer-d4y44df and the other is by: insyncinsanity-d51v9qv. And, before you say anything, I know the American flag is upside down in the featured image. This is because in America, the flag turned upside down is a signal of distress, so I thought it would be a perfect representative of what’s going on and what HetaOni is really about (also, you can’t really pull off the same signal with any other flag, since the other flags I use in the featured image are all vertically symmetrical).

Naples keeps most of her memories because, in the first time loop, she doesn’t die until Italy drags her out the door. When time is turned back the first time, she wakes up and thinks it’s all a dream until Italy describes everything she dreams down to the letter. Though she doesn’t remember details to the same extent as Italy does, she believes him in every time loop and remembers bits and pieces. Because of this, Naples and Italy argue about the best way to escape with everyone; while she believes they should insist with the rest of the group and use the past time loops to their advantage and escape more efficiently, he believes their knowledge should be hidden and the group should figure out every tedious puzzle themselves without prior knowledge or assistance. Naples spends the whole time trying to keep the group all together in a location that she believes to be safe while she goes out alone to solve the puzzles faster and get the key to the front door; she keeps a mentality of “gotta do everything myself” and “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”.

Tokyo and Louisiana both arrive with the Allies, though don’t have any memories prior to the current time loop. When separated, Tokyo stays with China and England, and Louisiana goes with France (more or less against her will). She goes missing with France, America, and Prussia while Tokyo freaks out at China’s side. After finding the Axis, Tokyo, along with the rest of the group, and later Louisiana and those separated, question why Italy and Naples act oddly. Once it’s revealed that they’re not only hiding something but also can easily die and have died many times before, Tokyo and Louisiana do everything in their power to convince Naples out of her thought process. While America succeeds in convincing Italy, the same can’t be said about the girls.

Paris stays with Spain and Romano, not ever even entering the mansion prior to the events of the game, worrying silently for his friends and brother. He eventually enters with Spain and Romano and clings to France’s side, afraid to lose his one and only brother. He also fills the role of a doctor with make-shift medical supplies (example, turning excess clothes and Italy’s white flags into bandages and turning wine and beer into disinfectant) for all the times members of the group, especially Naples, would leave and get hurt in brawls with the monster.

Lastly, Venice, who, like the rest of the world, has never set foot in the mansion, tries to enter with Romano, Spain, and Paris, but is refused and under the constant care of Austria and Hungary, forced to give support, only from the outside looking in. She does meet up with Belarus, Ukraine, and Linchtenschentine, going so far as to even meet Russia with his sisters, and wanting to enter with them, only to be talked out of it but Russia himself. He reminds her how devastated Italy would be if he knew that his only daughter was locked away in a death trap, even if it would be at his side.

When signing the alliance, Naples signs under the name Justine Vargas. Tokyo signs the name Rachel Honda. Louisiana puts a signature that reads Angel N. Jones. Lastly, Paris scribbles the name, Jeremy Bonnefoy. When news of this reaches the outside, Venice begs to be part of the alliance as well, requesting Naples sign on her behalf, the name Christina Vargas.

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