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Chapter 6; The Yule Ball

Feliciano eyed himself in the mirror, critiquing his long black and white dress robes that Arthur sent with the green bow tie and belt. Seeing nothing wrong with his outfit, he fussed with his hair, making sure his bangs were completely out of his eyes, and that his curl was in a perfect circle. Unable to fix every strand of hair, he sprinted down the steps to the common room to wait for his date.

Lili came down not long after. Her long pink dress was simple. The shoulders puffed out and morphed into tighter long sleeves. A green jewel rested on her neck and really brought out her eyes. A simple pink ribbon was tied in her hair to match her dress.

Attempting to be a gentleman, Feli smiled and offered his arm. “Are you ready to go?” he asked.

Lili giggled as she took the arm. “I hope Big Brother isn’t worrying too much.” she giggled as he escorted her to the ballroom.

Ludwig couldn’t stop fidgeting with his black dress robes. When he wasn’t messing with the cuffs or waving it in the mirror, he was brushing his hair into several different options, slick back, parted, straight down, ruffled, etc. until he finally just had it in his usual style. “Shop fidgeting potato! You’re making ME nervous!” Lovino called at him.

The Italian’s hair was in its usual part with the high hair curl. His robes were black with a red bow tie and belt. His arms were crossed in the doorway as he eyed the blond. Ludwig sighed. “I just don’t know, I’m not all that good with romance like you and your brother, even Francis is better at this than me!”

Lovino shrugged. “Guess it’s just an Italian and French thing,” he stated. “but it’s not like you’re going to marry this girl, it’s just a dance.”

“Are you saying you don’t like your date?” the German shot.

“I’m saying that all that love and romance mushy stuff is just a distraction.” he answered. “Yeah, I like the date I got, but I don’t care what she thinks of me.”

“But I care about how Jane thinks of me.” Ludwig sighed.

Lovino gave him one last shrug before looking lazily to the side. “Whatever, it’s your date.”

They soon parted ways to get their dates. Ludwig waited in front of the Hufflepuff common room. He watched as a Hufflepuff seventh year came out, and nearly tripped on the German. “Sorry,” he apologized. “You waiting for someone?”

“Yeah,” Ludwig answered. “Jane Scott.”

The elder student smiled as he walked back in the common room, and came out with Jane. “Sorry Ludwig,” she bustled. “I completely lost track of time.”

The blond completely spaced out when he saw how beautiful she looked. Her single strapped dress was layered, from the inside out, it faded from purple to blue and the dress itself brought out an athletic figure that the school uniforms hide. Each layer was slit in the front, the cut starting a bit lower each layer until the slit was just above her ankle. Her long hair was in an updo, her bangs behind her right ear, and lose strands wrapped around her bare left shoulder. Around the hems were light ruffles that glided as she walked. There was just the perfect amount of make-up, he had to really look at her to notice that she even had any makeup on. Her green eyes just danced in the flickering firelight with excitement.

He couldn’t help but smile as he offered his arm. “Are you ready?” he asked as she took his arm gently and nodded.

Lovino was in front of the Slytherin’s portrait no later than five fifty, happily waiting for his girl to come out. At six o’clock on the dot, Sallin came out with her lime green eyes revealing the happiness that her face attempted to hide.

Her dress was simple and black. It only went down to her mid-thigh and was sleeveless. She had black leggings and flats on underneath. Her black hair shined blue in her ponytail. “Glad you’re not late Gryffindor.”

He blushed. “I’d prefer if you’d call me by my actual name.” he stated as he offered his arm. “Ready to go?”

She rejected his arm but held his hand instead. “I’m ready as I’ll ever be tomato face.”

“Close enough.” he shrugged.

Feliciano, Harry, Cedric, Flure, and Victor, along with their dates, formed a star on the dance floor and started to dance uniformed. It took a few songs, but Jane pulled Ludwig on the dance floor, and they joined the dance along with almost half of the other couples in the ballroom. It took another few songs before Lovino and Sallin joined.

They then started to dance as a group when it was freestyle. Ludwig looked around, worried. “Where’s Harry?” he asked Feli.

“I don’t know,” he answered. “but I do see Hermione and Victor.” Seeing no reason why not, Feli maneuvered the group over to them. “Hey, Hermione!” he called. “You want to join the group?” She looked over at her champion, who shrugged and they both joined the group of first years.

After a while of random fun, they met up with Harry, Ron, and Padma (though, they couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t with her twin sister like she always is). None of them, not even Lovino and Sallin, could stop laughing as they crowded the table. Victor turned to Hermione, whispered something in her ear, and then kissed her hand before leaving. The fourth year clutched her head and sat with the big group. “Victor’s going to get some drinks,” she informed. “do you want to join us?”

“Sounds like fun!” Feli stated.

“Do you want a drink, Jane?” Ludwig asked as his date nodded and he left to follow Victor.

“You thirsty, Sallin?” Lovi asked as his date shook her head.

“I’m good, Vargas, I’m just a little hot.” With that, she left to go outside.

Suddenly, Hermione’s expression changed completely from overwhelming happiness to pure anger. “I like this song.” Feli stated to Lili, not wanting to deal with an angry witch. “let’s go back and dance some more.” He pulled Lili back on the dance floor as Lovi’s hair curl wrinkled from the new tension at the table.

After all the tension fizzled out, Sallin came back, and Ludwig got a drink for himself and Jane, they all went back to the dance floor before calling it a night. Lili rested her head tiredly on Feli’s chest. “I’m really happy England sent me here,” she whispered. “even though Big Brother wasn’t so happy about it.”

“Why did you come?” Feli asked. “If you knew your big brother wouldn’t be happy about it, why?”

“I wanted to be here to help you in any way I can.” she answered.

He was happy with her answer as he lightly kissed her head. “You already helped me more than you know.”

Ludwig and Jane swayed from side to side not far from Feli, her head on his shoulder as they held each other close. “So, how’d I do?” he asked. She looked at him in confusion. “I’m not a big romantic, so I’m going blind here.”

She smiled brightly as she hung herself on his neck and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. “You could’ve fooled me.” she stated as she let her head sink back to his shoulder. “You’re sweet, shy, strong, and perfect.”

“You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met,” he came back. “you’re smart, fun, beautiful, I could go on forever.”

Lovino and Sallin danced slowly in each other’s embrace. The British girl looked up at the Italian and smiled. “You ever kiss on the first date?” she asked.

He pondered her question. “Sometimes, depends on the girl I’m on a date with.”

A light blush shaded her features as she asked, “What about for me?”

He looked at her and smiled, slowly getting closer to her face. Their lips grazed each other as they softly kissed. He half expected her to push him away, but she never did. At that moment, nothing else mattered.

Ludwig and Jane sat at the table, waiting for Feliciano and Lovino with their dates. “If you want, I can take you back to your common room,” he offered.

“No,” she yawned. “I’m fine.” It was obvious that she was running low on energy, but waited with him.

By the time the Italians and their dates came, Jane fell asleep on Ludwig’s shoulder. “You guys go ahead, I’ll just take her back to her common room.” Feli and Lovi nodded and escorted their dates as Ludwig slid his arm under Jane’s knees, and wrapped his other arm around her shoulders, carrying her back to the castle.

He found another Hufflepuff, asking them to get the door for him and explaining the circumstances. Once the door was opened, he followed the Hufflepuff to the girls’ dormitory, and to Jane’s bed. The German smiled as he laid her in the bed, cleaned off her face, removed her jewelry and shoes, and let her long hair down. He watched as the golden brown locks curled around the pillow, and draped on the mattress. “I think…I might be falling in love with you…” he stated as he kissed her head and pulled her blankets up to her chin. All he wanted to do was watch her sleep.

Lovino simply walked Sallin back to the dungeons. “I had loads of fun tonight Vargas.”

“I didn’t think I could laugh so hard!” he chuckled.

Sallin smiled before she said the password and morphed into the darkness, her green eyes the last thing Lovino saw before the portrait closed. He could’ve sworn he heard her say, “See you ’round Lovino.”

Feliciano walked Lili back to the Ravenclaw common room. “I had a great time Feli.” Lili whispered shyly.

“I did too Lili,” Feli stated. “you seem a little tired though,”

“I wanted to stay up.” she protested. “If this was all I could do to help you with this dangerous tournament, then I wanted this night to last forever.” Her green eyes started to droop.

The Italian wasn’t very tired while Lili swayed exhaustedly by the time she had her night clothes on. Feli had to catch her when she let herself get so tired, she fell asleep standing in the middle of the room. He helped her to the couch step by step, took the ribbon out of her hair, and tucked the blanket around her sleeping form.

He looked around to see that the room was empty before he smiled and sighed, “Good night Lichtenstein.”

“Good night Italy.”

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