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Meet My Ocs: Tokyo, Louisiana, Venice, Naples, and Paris

Ok, there are A LOT of ocs in this introduction blog, but I wanted to introduce all the Hetalia ocs all at once (Note, even though these are the official ocs of myself and my friends, we still have some really good stories of scrapped ocs). In the featured image, the girl holding food is Tokyo, inspired by RcMay’s love for Japanese culture and anime also by the fact that, in real life, she is coddled by her family. The girl watching her is Louisiana, inspired by AnimeAngel120’s tech smarts (and frankly red-neck way of thinking in various situations). Behind her is Venice (she wasn’t really inspired by anything or anyone IRL). Across from Louisiana is Naples, inspired by my own friendly yet skeptical outlook on life and others, and behind her is Paris, inspired by my brother’s flamboyancy (base for featured image by: aqua999-d4gqm47).

As far as ponysonas go, Tokyo is a white earth pony with a trail of cherry blossoms as a cutiemark for her love of culture. Louisiana is a  dark blue pegasus with either an artificial satellite or the NASA logo as a cutiemark for her mastery of technology and love of astronomy. Venice is a baby blue pegasus and a blank flank (she’s only a kid, younger than Sealand). Naples is a tomato red unicorn with bullet and paintbrush cutiemark for her love of drawing and painting along with her courage and willingness to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Lastly, Paris is a bright red (like France’s pants) unicorn with either a glass of wine cutiemark for his alcoholism or a bee hidden behind a rose for his sugarcoating nature.

Now to the fun part, the back stories (more of just a summary of their day-to-day lives and how they interact with the rest of the world)~!

Tokyo is the younger sister of Japan. The best way to think about their relationship is Marlin and Nemo from Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Japan coddles her and doesn’t allow her to be out of his sight. So, growing up, Tokyo has been sheltered from the world and hasn’t been allowed to be a large part of any war, despite her claims that she can hold her own. However, in day-to-day life, Tokyo spends all her time reading and drawing manga, playing video games, and watching anime. She became friends with everyone who visit her and Japan, like the Axis Powers, America, and his sister, Louisiana. Tokyo also gained a crush on Spain for his bubbly, friendly personality. She is often watched after by China and Russia; she’s one of the few who’s not afraid of Russia.

Louisiana is the younger sister of America and shares in his lay-back, tom-boy, heroic personality. She assisted in the founding of NASA because of her love and interest in space. However, when she’s not blasting monkies to Mars, she’s visiting with her friends, which is the rest of the world (except Russia; she’s very afraid of him, though it’s not like America would even let her be friends with him because of the Cold War, Red Scare, Space Race, etc.). She also has a large crush on France for his princely, romantic nature (also AnimeAngel120 herself gets squeamish and blushes at the French language or French accent…which happens to be my personal best accent to pull off).

Venice is the daughter of Italy, niece of Romano, and younger cousin of Naples, who is Romano’s daughter. Because Venice is still so young, she took no part in any war, however, she looks up to Naples, who basically took the reigns of every war she could from the Italy brothers because of her courage and her level head. Despite having a level head, Naples can’t handle being a Prisoner of War, though not in the same way as her father and uncle. Cuff Naples, and you will die. If restrained or imprisoned, Naples will snap and transform into a complete yandere and kill everyone and everything in her path until she either returns home or is within eye-shot of her family.

Still, Venice admires Naples and wishes to be just like her when she’s older, however, for now, the younger cousin is still trapped at Italy’s side; Italy’s fear that she inherited his fear and weakness keeps him from allowing Venice to test her own limits. Despite this, the cousins are still friendly enough to be at least acquainted with the whole world, friends with all the major powers, best friends with all the Axis members, and, in Naples case, romantically involved with Prussia for his blunt outlook and bad-boy feel. However, Naples doesn’t like, nor trust Canada due to (in her perspective) his uncanny ability to shape-shift into America, and become invisible (I know Canada doesn’t really do that, but Naples believes that to be the only explanation as to why he can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and why he randomly appears and disappears like a ghost).

Lastly, Paris is France’s younger brother. With his empathetic nature, Paris is best as a medical assistant in times of war, though it brakes his heart, so he’d drown himself in wine to mend it. Though he doesn’t appreciate liars, he, himself bends the truth to best fit his own gain, for example, he’ll be in denial that there are people suffering, even more so if he’s the cause of such distress.

All these ocs have a part to play in HetaOni, however, I’ll have to make this a two-parter because this blog is already really long (I guess that’s what happens when trying to introduce 5 characters all at once, oh well). See you next week for part 2, and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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