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Meet My Ocs: Saki and Midori Hinata

Saki and Midori Hinata, two ocs made to be the biological children of Rintarou Hinata and older sisters of Ema, are the ocs created by myself and AnimeAngel120. Saki is inspired by AnimeAngel’s extreme introverted-ness and competitive gamer personality and Midori is inspired by my love for nature and even welcome for adventure. In the featured image (base by: breezeinuzuka-d31fd5l), Midori is the girl dressed in the green hoodie, purple tank top, and black hair in pigtails, and Saki is the girl dressed in the blue and black shirt and brown hair.

The ponysonas for this duo are both earth ponies, however, Saki is light blue with a video game console/controller cutiemark, and Midori is lavender with a horizon and path cutiemark.

Let’s start with the older of the two, Saki. Saki is a young woman with a timid, shy, introverted nature, her only escape being her video games and sketchbook. As soon as she graduated, she kept to herself in her room with her means to escape until her father remarries. Much to her dismay, she moves in with the Asahina brothers. The only ones who can get her to open her door are Ema, Midori, and various brothers including Masaomi, Kaname, Hikaru, Tsubaki, Louis, Futto, and Wataru depending on who she’s on good or bad terms with at the time. However, she is a kid person, so the only brother who she remains on good terms with unconditionally is Wataru, so, if he’s involved, she will be in a better mood and/or comply with anything he requests of her. Otherwise, she spends her days attempting to beat Ema’s high scores in various video games and refusing to accept that her young sister is better.

Now on to Midori. Unlike her sister, Midori is an early bird who loves being outside with nature. Midori is a voice for Saki, and in some cases, she’s her shield, while in others, she’s her nemeses. When not tormenting or protecting Saki, Midori keeps secrets of her own. While Saki has her video games, Midori has her anime; she has been a fan of Tsubaki and Azusa long before she even hears of her father’s remarriage. It is the twins who make her life long dream of being voice actor like the Identical Duo. After her idols become her step-brothers, she sees it as fate and studies how they spend their time, takes their scripts regularly to, not only see what anime titles she should watch for, but also to practice. However, Midori doesn’t want to admit to any of the brothers that the twins inspire her life-long dream, and she refuses to accept that taking the scripts of her idols is considered obsessive or an annoyance to her idols. If she found out that she’s an annoyance to anyone, most importantly, Masaomi, Ukyo, Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume, Iori, or Wataru, she’d lock herself away; those are the brothers whose opinions are most important in her mind.

For the OVA specials, Saki goes on the ski trip, being talked into it by Midori, who becomes suddenly sick and unable to go. Unable to ski with Midori, and unable to cancel, she still makes the most of it and skis with Kaname before deciding the outside in winter snow isn’t for her and hanging out with Hikaru and Masaomi instead.

Midori makes “Just to be Nice” chocolate with Saki on Valentine’s day for all the brothers, but, when the brothers’ backs are all turned on her, she makes a “Main Squeeze” chocolate for Ukyo. However, she is too embarrassed to give it to him in the open. Ukyo does receive the “Main Squeeze” chocolate; the only way Midori could deliver the chocolate and save her face from turning into a tomato is to leave the chocolate at his bedroom door and basically Ding-Dong-Ditch. On the chocolate, she only writes “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ukyo” (she never put her name on it, or give any indication that it’s from her other than a green box and purple ribbon).

 To be short, sweet, and to the point, Saki is an insecure, competitive artist, and Midori is an outgoing, meddling day-dreamer.

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