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Meet My Ocs: Jeremy Spears, Paul, and Rachel

Ok, you all know Justine Michaelis and Angel Faustus, and you might recall Jeremy Spears, Paul, and Rachel from Friends For Life. Here’s an official introduction to all three.

In the picture, Paul is the boy in the top corner dressed in the black Undertaker robes. Next to him, in the dress shirt, purple vest, and black glasses is Jeremy Spears. Lastly, the girl next to Angel in the purple maid dress is Rachel (I already credited the base in the introduction for Friends For Life, but I’ll do it again just in case; base by: yami tori44).

Jeremy Spears is the older half brother to Justine Michaelis and Christi Phantomhive and the only son to Grell, and only child to William. His character is actually inspired by my…ice-thin relationship with my own brother. His ponysona is a black pegasus with alicorn wings with a cutiemark of a double-bladed axe.

Like his father, Jeremy hates the whole idea of demons. He is also narcissistic and under the impression that Grim Reapers are superior due to being the only necessities to the human race and the rest of the world. Ever since hearing that his mother had a child with a demon, he’s looked down on, not only Grell, but also his half sister. Similar to Salazar Slytherin from the Harry Potter franchise, Jeremy is a strong believer that a half-breed cannot be as efficient a Grim Reaper as a pure reaper. However, during the events of Friends For Life, he learns to accept that his parents are still family to his demonic half sister. As for Christi, he simply avoids her to stay away from the confusion and drama of her situation; she isn’t even aware of his existence. Even if she would be, she would deny his role as her brother so Ciel could keep that title.

Paul is the only son of Undertaker and Elizabeth’s handmaiden, Paula, however, he lives with his father because of his dream to follow Undertaker’s footsteps. His character was originally inspired by how similarly a friend of mine’s personality lines up with Undertaker’s character. His ponysona is a silver pegasus with a machete crossed with a sickle as a cutiemark.

Paul is the only Grim Reaper who has brown eyes instead of lime green, as well as the only one without a need for glasses. Because of these differences, all the other Grim Reapers believe he’s human. However, he is determined to show that he is more than human, so he enrolled in the Grim Reaper Academy and always kept his strength and agility at its prime. In his spare time, he works as his father’s assistant. Because of his many hours upon hours spent alone and working, he doesn’t go out of his way to meet new people.

Lastly, Rachel is the younger sister of Bardroy. I’m not sure where her inspiration came from, however, if I had to guess, then I’d say it would be RcMay’s nurturing nature and fierce determination to stand by her friend’s sides. Her ponysona is a lavender pegasus with a machine gun cutiemark.

Rachel lived her whole life as a shadow to her brother. After years of trying to stand on her own feet, she grows discouraged and begins to accept that Bard would be her only friend, so he becomes the only one to pay her any mind. To the rest of the world, she is invisible. When Bard is called to war, he knows that he must leave Rachel’s side, and might not return, so he teaches her ins and outs to various firearms so she could protect herself. Naturally, her firearms fill the hole in her heart after Bard leaves for war; she becomes obsessed with her guns, wanting to always practice and perfect her abilities with the guns. One day, Bard comes back home saying that there’s a job offer for them both over-seas (for those who don’t know or are too reliant on Black Butler English dub, Bardroy is American; in the manga, he talks as though he’s not a native to UK). Rachel is skeptical but becomes an assistant maid and uses her own knowledge and experience with firearms which she gained from Bardroy’s teachings and her many hours devoted to her practice.

So, to sum it all up, Jeremy is proud and narrow-minded. Paul is hard working and ambitious. Rachel is a shy shadow of her brother and a weapon master-mind. And now, all of the Black Butler ocs I either created or had a big part in helping have been officially introduced. Any questions? Leave a comment and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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