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Elements of Disharmony: Hetalia

Welcome to my interpretation of the Elements of Disharmony from all forms of Hetalia, including all the seasons and the movie, though I will NOT look at 2p Hetalia because that would simply be too easy. I may also reference history due to Hetalia being based on the passage of historical events, however, the characters themselves will earn their elements through their own personality traits shown in the show. To see the rules, please read the Intro. I will NOT be recycling characters from last week’s blog.

To begin, let’s look at Betrayal. America will not do much for others, even his own allies, without something in return and will pin blame on whoever is most convenient.

Next down the list in Cruelty. Romano is blunt, short-tempered, and unforgiving. If you even look at him, he will pop off on you and not apologize for any of the cruel things he’ll say or do.

I’m gonna cheat a little for Deceit. Prussia lies to himself for the sake of his own ego. he’ll sugar coat and exaggerate to make himself appear as the superior person.

For Dispair, I choose Belarus, the one person who can strike fear to the heart of even Russia, who would take this spot if it weren’t for the little yandere sister.

Greed is simply Netherlands. The phrase he lives by has been “Money makes the world go ’round” ever since he saw how much better off Belgium was in comparison to himself.

Finally, Russia is Magic because of his destructive nature. He actually reminds me of Pyro from Team Fortress, who inflicts destruction and pain joyfully, and believing that it’s socially acceptable.

So, to sum up, America is Betrayal, Romano is Cruelty, Prussia is Deceit, Belarus is Dispair, Netherlands is Greed, and Russia is Magic.

Sorry about this being so short, but I’m simply in a “short, sweet, and to the point” kind of mood. Still, do you agree? Disagree? Did I forget something? Leave your input in the comments below, and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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