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Feliciano and the Goblet of Fire: Hetalia and Harry Potter Crossover

Here’s another fan fiction I wrote years ago that crosses over Hetalia and Harry Potter (in case that wasn’t obvious); this is one of the first fan fictions I’ve ever written in fact. However, I think it’s time to put it more out there than just my post list. There are three sequels to this (in my work-in-progress file), just like how there are three books after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I did follow the plots of the movies more than the books because I don’t own the books and therefore, have less access to them for reference. I also created two characters just for minor romantic interests because I wrote this back when I didn’t support yaoi shipping and for the majority of this story, the Hetalia characters go by their human names, however, I used the names they gave themselves in HetaOni, and in HetaOni, Germany never gives himself a last name. To solve this, I gave him the last name “Doitsu” mainly so that Italy can have some leeway (when he’s in a blind panic, I doubt he’d even remember that they have to go by human names).

Arthur Kirkland has trusted Harry to solve his own problems in the Wizarding World for years now. However, with the Triwizard Tournament on the horizon, he couldn’t help the nagging feeling that his wizarding school would be in bigger danger than ever before. Despite tensions still high between the Axis and Allied forces, Arthur strikes a deal with Ludwig, not knowing that he put an innocent at risk along-side Harry.

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