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Chapter 2; The Goblet of Fire

“Your attention please!” an old man shouted after everyone was sorted. “For all you first years, I am Professor Dumbledore, Head Master of Hogwarts. I am pleased to inform you that Hogwarts won’t only be your home this year, but also home to other schools. There is a reason we gathered schools from all over Europe, but more of that later.” Feliciano was confused as to why he brought up the subject only to dismiss it. “For now, please join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of the Bobaton’s French Academy of Magic, and their head mistress, Madam Maxiem.”

Everyone looked at the entrance as a formation of girls entered, prancing their way to the front. “Germany would more than welcome those girls.” Feli mumbled to himself, low enough so no one would hear him.

“Now I introduce our friends from the north in the Proud school of Dermstrang, and their head master, Egal Carcaroff.”

A scary group of men came in, blurring walking sticks, and blowing fire dragons that caused Feli to cower behind his cat. “Think they can show me that trick?” Ludwig asked Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

“I doubt it.” Ron stated across the table. “That’s super advanced magic.” Ludwig slumped in disappointment, then jumped when lightning jolted in the large room. In a flash of light, Feliciano was burying his face under Ludwig’s cloak, and an odd man walked out putting his wand away.

“Did that guy over there fix the li-Feliciano?” Ludwig turned his attention to his shaking cloak, lifting it from Feliciano’s head. “How did you get here so quickly?”

“You know how fast I can run when I’m scared.” he stated.

Lovino face palmed. “It’s a wonder how I’m related to you.” he grumbled as he grabbed Feli by his hood and dragged him back to his table.

“That’s Mad-Eye Moody.” Ron answered Ludwig’s first question.

“Alistair Moody?” Hermione asked. “The aura?”

“Aura?” Ludwig asked.

“Dark wizard capturer.” the ginger answered again. “I heard that he got mad after he lost his eye and leg in a duel, forced to retire.” They eyed the man who fit his name perfectly. His face was on a locked scowl, and his mechanical handicapped eye made him look somehow more…mentally challenged than he probably did before the accident…if it even was.

“I am happy to announce,” Dumbledore continued. “that Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event, the Triwizard Tournament.” From this, whispers erupted from the students. “This is to challenge one student from three schools to compete in three extremely dangerous tasks.”

“Wicked.” Twin gingers smiled and stated in unison.

“The students will be decided by this object.” The students watched as Dumbledore uncovered an old fashioned, large goblet that burst into blue flame. “The Goblet of Fire,” he started. “is what sets a student to sign up for this competition. Eternal glory awaits the winner of the tournament. Remember, if chosen, you stand alone. Trust me when I say, these tasks are not for the faint-hearted. Those of you who wish to take the risk, write your name on a parchment, and cast it into the flame before this hour next Tuesday night. Bear in mind, once you sign up, there’s no turning back. As of this moment, the Triwizard Tournament has begun.”

After the meal, Ludwig, Lovino, and Feliciano went to a secluded room. “We should tell Arthur about this, it could be the danger here that he was going on about.” Ludwig suggested.

“I still vote that this was a stupid idea, and we should go home.” Lovino complained.

“You mean about the goblet?” Feliciano asked the German as he nodded.

“Whatever!” Lovi stormed away. “I’m going to find those other kids and find out where my bed is!”

Ludwig looked at a clock. “Well, it is getting late, and we could have classes tomorrow.” he stated. “You go off to bed, I’ll send Gilbert to Arthur.”

“You sure?” he asked as the blond nodded. “Buona Notte!” he called as he raced through the halls, following some Ravenclaws.

Ludwig took a paper, quill, and ink, sat in the library, and wrote a report. “Arthur, You were right, there is something dangerous going on here. Something called the Triwizard Tournament. For the few hours that I’ve been acquainted with Harry Potter, it seems that he thinks nothing dangerous can happen to him here. But when Dumbledore described the tasks, it seems that no contestant would have a safety guarantee even if he wanted. He decides the champions next Tuesday, and I don’t know if Harry has the nerve to sign up for it or not. I don’t think Lovino would be much help either, is it too late to send him back? Ludwig.” He rolled up the paper, stuck it in Gilbert’s beak, and sent him out the window. As the owl flew out of sight, Ludwig caught up with the rest of Gryffindors to find the dorms, and go to bed.

The next morning, Ludwig, Lovino, and Feliciano found Hermione studying near the Goblet of Fire. Oddly, the goblet had a levitating circle around it. “What’s that?” Lovi asked.

“I’m looking it up right now…” she answered half mindedly, scanning the book in her lap until she snapped straight, and pointed to a spot on the page. “An age line.” she stated. “It says here that only if a person has the correct age group can he or she cross the line without risk.”

“What age do you think that line is set to?” Feli asked.

“If the age line is there in the first place, around the entire perimeter of the goblet, it’s obviously older than a first year’s age.” Ludwig pointed out. “If I were Dumbledore, I would put an age line set to eighteen at least for signing up for something this dangerous.” he explained as he turned back to Hermione. “Is there some way to tell what the age limit is?” he asked, knowing he shouldn’t, but still, curiosity over powered him.

“Judging from these notes, and the rings on the age line, I’d say seventeen.” she stated. “Well, see you three around, I should get to class.”

Ludwig eyed the goblet. He was over twenty only a few days before, maybe… He slid his foot over the line, and was immediately blasted across the room with an electric shock. Feliciano raced to his aid as Lovino didn’t seem fazed. “I guess now we know that not even magic knows our true age.” he grimaced.

“You idiota potato lover!” Lovi scolded. “In case you forgot, we aren’t even in PUBERTY YET!”

“How about you yell a little louder,” Ludwig scolded right back. “I don’t think Alfred heard you!”

As the two continued to butt heads, Feliciano coward under the bench. They finally stopped when young adults entered the room with signed parchments, and they left, not planning on returning to that room.

Soon, Gilbert came back with a letter from Arthur. Ludwig opened it and read, “Ludwig, Feliciano, and Lovino, Though Harry wouldn’t willingly sign up for the tournament, he has a lot of enemies, some might be at the school, who would enter him without a second glance, despite rules Dumbledore most likely put on the subject. All I could tell you is to keep him, or anyone who looks out of place, away from the goblet, and yes. It is too late to send Lovino back. Arthur.”

They didn’t see the goblet again until the next Tuesday at the decision ceremony. The three schools gathered again in the Great Hall. Dumbledore gazed at all the students, then the goblet. The flame turned red, then spewed out a parchment. “Dermstrang Champion, Victor Crum!” he announced as Victor walked to the front with his head high. The fire again changed to red and deposited another parchment. “Champion for Bobaton’s, Flure Delaquore!” Flure smiled rosily, and shook Dumbledore’s hand firmly, joining Victor in confidence. The fire illuminated red once more and threw out another parchment. “Hogwarts Champion, Cedric Digory!” Cedric let out a sigh of relief, earning multiple pats on the back as he joined Flure and Victor.

“We now have our three champions, in the end, only one will go down in history.” Behind the professor, a covered object was placed on a table. “Only one will hoist this vessel of victory, the Triwizard Cup!” cheers exploded from everyone in the hall except one man.

A pail man with black hair, eyes, and clothing who is only recognized as Professor Snape, eyed the goblet curiously as it emitted red a fourth time. Dumbledore looked back and caught the two parchments roughly thrown out of the flame. He read them both aloud in horror, and anger. “Harry Potter, and Feliciano Vargas.”

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