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Elements of Harmony: Hetalia

For this installment of Elements of Harmony, I’ll be looking through the Hetalia franchise, this includes all versions such as Paint it White, Axis Powers, World Series, Beautiful World, and World Twinkle (…I can’t believe they stuck with “World Twinkle”…). For the rules, read the intro blog. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Element of Honesty for Hetalia should be England. England is honest to the point of being brutally blunt. He’s also not the best at lying, not even sarcasm really.

Next on the list, Kindness. I’m giving this to Canada. Canada puts up with a ton of crap from America alone! Not to mention, everyone mistakes him for America. I’m also using my personal experience when I visited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Next up is Laughter. I think the best for this element would be Spain. He’s never without a smile, and the one time he’s not happy and/or spreading joy, he’s warning others how to avoid tragedy. Italy is a good runner-up for this element, however, I think Spain fits better.

Now we get to Loyalty. This one is actually difficult, though I think I might give this to Japan since he’s always seen standing with Germany and Italy no matter how much he wants to be alone. Even America earns Japan’s loyalty, even though being loyal to America is very difficult.

Magic is a…really difficult one. Literally, NO ONE is interested in learning for the sake of learning in Hetalia. There’s only one moment when one character was interested in understanding and that was at the end of Paint it White when Italy draws faces on all the aliens. Because Italy is the only one to think of giving faces to the faceless aliens, he gets the element of Magic (I know it’s a stretch, but I literally can’t think of ANYONE who fits the requirements of the Element of Magic).

Lastly is Sacrifice. For this, I believe Germany is a perfect fit. Now bear with me here and think about it. What doesn’t Germany do for Italy or anyone he calls friend? Germany, not only puts up with a ton of crap for Italy’s, Prussia’s, Austria’s, etc. sake and is hard on Italy only so he can learn to defend himself (in theory) and sacrifices his time; precious, tedious hours that he’ll never get back.

So, we have England for Honesty, Canada for Kindness, Spain for Laughter, Japan for Loyalty, Italy for Magic, and Germany for Sacrifice.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave anything I could’ve missed in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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