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Hetalia and their Ponysonas

Okay, to start off, let me just say that I won’t be going over EVERY Hetalia character since there’s at least one for every country in Hetalia. So, to save everyone’s time, I’ll only be listing the main 12; Germany, Italy, Romano, Spain, Prussia, Canada, France, England, America, Japan, China, and Russia. I will ponify these characters in that order. I would give a spoiler warning, but we’re talking about Hetalia here, World History and Social Studies classes are spoilers for this show. Instead of a spoiler warning, I’ll give this. I will be basing a lot of my conclusions on stereotypes as well as characteristics from the show since Hetalia itself is based on stereotypes.

At the top of this list is the Stoic Germany. Germany is very strong and silent when he’s content, big and loud when he’s angry, and red as a tomato when he’s embarrassed or just in the presence of an adorable Italy. Because of his stoic and down-to-earth personality, I’d say Germany is an earth pony. I don’t really know what his cutiemark would be, though; maybe a gun of some kind for his militaristic way of thinking, or perhaps even sweets because he’s really a sweet teddy bear under his stoic front.

Next is Italy. Italy is sweet, accepting, and…hyper. For lack of a better term, Italy is hyper and childish; so much so, I wouldn’t doubt that he suffers from some hyperactive disorder. Because of his ADHD, I’m going to say that he’s a pegasus. As for his cutiemark, probably either a white flag for his fear caused passiveness, or perhaps a plate of pasta for his flexibility and out-there ideas.

Now for Romano. Romano is the exact opposite of Italy; he’s asocial, hot-head, and a potty-mouth. However, he’s also a wimp and more fearful than his brother. Romano isn’t brave or even hyper enough for him to be a pegasus, and he’s not strong or even really stubborn enough to be an earth pony (debatably). I personally easily see Romano as a unicorn, though I can’t really explain why. For his cutiemark, either a tomato with his heavy association with tomatoes or possibly even a time-bomb for his short temper.

Next, Spain. Spain is a lot like Italy with optimism and a smile that can just lift you out of any sour mood you could find yourself in. I think it’s no contest, nor surprise, that Spain is a pegasus. I think his cutiemark should be either a basket of tomatoes for his bountiful nature, or a gardening hat for, not only his love for being outside and outgoing, but also for his need to protect (yeah, if you really think about it, he’s very protective over Italy and especially Romano).

Prussia is a punk, plain and simple. He’s narcissistic, over-powering, and over all that one kid in school that was a jerk to everyone; very Gaston-ish now that I think about it, without the muscles, though. He is stubborn, though. If you divert from his train of thought or ideas, then you’re wrong. Prussia refuses to accept any other way aside from his own. For this reason, I think he’s an earth pony like his brother. However, like his brother, I haven’t the slightest clue what Prussia’s cutiemark should be; not even ideas for suggestions come to mind.

Next on the list is Canada, the invisible one. Canada isn’t given much screen time, so all that’s really known about him is that he’s shy, invisible, and an all around a “nice guy”. Like Romano, I can’t really explain it, but I think Canada would be a unicorn with a cutiemark of a maple leaf. First off, because literally EVERYTHING in Canada has some association with maple and they take pride in having “real maple syrup”. Secondly, because maple syrup is very sweet, and there are “American” versions of maple syrup; it symbolizes the fact that Canada is mistaken as America literally ALL THE TIME.

France is prissy and feminine, as well as proud and graceful. Though he lacks inteligence, he’s just a pretty face with a big head of pride. Unicorn is a good fit for him. The cutiemark for France could be a rose for his Princely Pretty Face, or that symbol used for the French Musketeers (I don’t know what those are called) for his French Pride.

Like France, England is very prideful, on top of which, he’s already magical as a normal human. No contest, unicorn is best fit for England with a hot cup of tea for his sophistication and need to appear proper, as well as his hot head.

America, like Prussia, is a punk. He’s proud, arrogant, heroic, blunt, and short-sighted. It’s pretty easy to see that America is a pegasus from just his inflated ego and his need to act first. You could make the argument that because of his strength, he’d fit as an earth pony, but he’s not down-to-earth enough to be an earth pony. The cutiemark for America would be a golden shooting star for his need to stand out, as well as his American Pride.

Japan is connected to nature and very down-to-earth and rational. Again, no contest; Japan is an earth pony. As for the cutiemark, his would most likely be a cherry blossom or cherry blossom branch for his calm demeanor and, if you really think about it, fragility.

China isn’t as easy. He’s proud, disconnected from the world and the other characters, and blunt/stubborn. If he doesn’t like something, he won’t do it and will be more than happy to say why. His passiveness towards others could put him as a pegasus, but his pride and stubbornness could put him as an earth pony. I think I’d put him as an earth pony with a firework cutiemark for not only the fact that fireworks were a Chinese invention (if I remember my History class correctly) but also for his blunt personality.

Lastly, but DEFINATLY not least, Russia. Russia is big, stubborn, and strong. If you defy him, you get a pipe to the head. I think Russia is easily a BIG earth pony, like bigger than Big Mac, with a pipe cutiemark.

I hope you liked my view on the countries of the world as ponies, if you disagree then leave your alterations in the comments and tell me what you think I could’ve done better. Thank you and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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