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Meet My Ocs: Ella, Tiaga, and Aria

This installment of the Meet My Oc series is a little different because these all exist in separate Disney films (which I usually don’t like making ocs for a movie, to begin with) but also, these ocs are for the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. I only have a story for Aria in a sequel since no other sequel features a child of a Disney Princess. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Left to right in the featured image (bace by: juanito316ss) is Ella laying on the rock, daughter of Belle and Beast, and twin sister of Ben. The dark haired girl is Tiaga, daughter of Aladdin and Jasmine. Lastly, the mermaid is Aria, daughter of Ariel and Eric, and older sister of Melody by 3 years.

Ella’s ponysona is a light blue pegasus with a cutiemark of two golden roses and one dark blue rose for her family orientated nature. The ponysona for Tiaga is a lavender unicorn with a dove cutiemark to represent her pacifist nature and wish to travel the world beyond that of the walls of Agrabah. Lastly, Aria is a dark red pegasus with a cutiemark of a purple seashell surrounded by clouds for the simple reason that her head is always in the clouds on top of the fact that she wishes to fly like a bird.

Now for the fun part; backstories.

Being the sister of the heir to Beast’s throne, Ella is overshadowed by Ben, though she accepts that she is to support him. Still, Belle and Beast (especially Beast) are protective of her, leading her to want an escape at times due to her longing need for adventure. It’s not uncommon that she’d take a horse and run off somewhere, causing a member of her family (typically Ben or Beast) to follow her just to be sure she wouldn’t be hurt despite her being skilled with a sword. She does have a romantic interest, much to her parents’ dismay; Chip. Ella knows that he’s at least 11 years older than her and that he’s just a steward of the castle instead of a prince, but she doesn’t care. It is her dream to be like Belle in every way she can, to fall in love with someone who needs love (also, has no one considered the age difference between Belle and Beast? In the movie, Beast is turning 21 while Belle is 17! Ever heard of jailbait?).

As for Tiaga, Jasmine promised herself that she wouldn’t make the mistake of having her child’s life be lived for her. Therefore, she not only allows Tiaga to go out in the village and wander the streets, but she encourages Aladdin to teach her everything he could about the real world. Tiaga becomes a quick-witted, skillful, charismatic bargainer. She can convince almost anyone that most of her ideas are fault proof, though they’re usually very faulted. Even the Genie falls prey to her pretty words. Still, she longs to wander beyond the village and even the desert. Like Jasmine before her, she wishes to see the world.

Lastly, Aria. Being born a mermaid, Ariel and Eric are forced to allow her to be raised in Atlantica with her six aunts and grandfather Triton. She still ends up in Eric’s palace for special occasions, such as birthdays and celebrations. However, after Melody is born, Aria is forced to act crippled when attending celebrations and the like; using a wheelchair and a blanket or long dress to cover her fins. She also, on occasion, would attempt to fly which always end in failure when she’d crash into a rock and end up beached. When she does end up beached, Ariel and Eric are typically either the ones to find her or she’s just brought to their attention by a citizen. Once she is discovered, she’s usually taken to a guest room in the castle until dark so she can spend some time with Melody and her parents (with her fins hidden of course). Once Aria is old enough, and she’s been trying to fly for quite some time, Eric gives her a jacket, telling her, “I’m not sure about flying, but the winds get cold for a sailor. I’m sure it only gets colder the higher you get. I don’t need you catching a cold, especially since you’re always wet.”

(Warning: spoilers for Disney’s the Little Mermaid 2; Return to the Sea) In the sequel, Aria keeps her distance from Melody due to Ariel’s decree to keep Melody away from the sea altogether. However, as I said before, she still returns for special celebrations. She attends Melody’s 12th birthday ball, though she doesn’t dance (obviously).

When Melody runs away, Aria leaves it to Ariel to talk to her. When it’s obvious to her that Ariel’s talk fails and she sees Melody running away along with Sebastian, she jumps out of her window to get to her quicker, landing in the grass. There’s no way Aria could hide her fins after Melody sees her and tries to help her out. Because of this, Aria has no choice but to explain what she could, which is that she’s a mermaid and lives in the ocean. Melody is only more curious to figure things out, so Aria requests her to stay there while she gets “someone who can explain better”. The second Aria is out of sight in the water to get their grandfather, Melody takes the boat and goes out to sea while Sebastian informs Ariel what’s going on.

Aria constantly finds and loses Melody; as soon as she finds and tries to talk to Melody, she’d tell her to stay put while she’d get Ariel and their grandfather, which is when Melody would swim away and be lost yet again. Finally, in the climactic battle with Morgana, Aria is trapped with Melody in the underwater cave. Once Melody’s time as a mermaid expires, Aria gives her air to keep her alive until they’re saved by Tip and Dash. The remainder of the film continues the same way with Melody saving the day, returning the trident back to King Triton, Morgana is encased in ice, the wall around Ariel’s and Eric’s castle is destroyed, and humans and merpeople continue in harmony once again (however, Aria remains a mermaid living with the King).

Finally, Ella, Tiaga, and Aria have minor roles in Disney’s Descendants.

Ella stands by Ben, though not without question. She does question his instant trust to children who’ve been raised by villains, but she agrees that they deserve a chance to learn. To her, it’s more opportunity for a dynamic, even edgy, group of friends.

Tiaga is weary around the VKs, especially Jay, but fascinated at the same time. She’d be drawn to him, curious about him in general as Son of Jafar.

Aria, knowing what it’s like to be outcasted, herself being a mermaid trapped in a wheelchair, identifies with the VKs, even developing a crush on Carlos. She even goes so far as to go out of her way to befriend all four of them.

All three of them stand by Ben’s decision and the VKs, even after Family Day.

Wanna see Ella’s parents in their prime? Check out Beauty and the Beast on Amazon! Or maybe you wanna see Aria’s parents in their own happily ever after? Grab the Little Mermaid and the Little Mermaid 2, both on Amazon as well! Tiaga’s no exception, her parent’s triumph is on Amazon in the form of Aladdin! Lastly, Ella’s brother’s troubles in the movie Descendants is also on Amazon.

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