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Elements of Harmony: Disney

For this installment of Elements of Harmony, I’ll be looking at all Disney characters, even side-kicks and yes, even villains are a possibility, as long as they were featured in a Disney film. For the rules, please read the intro blog. I can wait.

Ready? Good.

Honesty. The Disney element of Honesty I think should go to Iago from Disney’s Aladdin. Every time he’s on screen, he’s the one to point out the exact situation, usually very bluntly and impatiently, to his companion, Jafar. He is also the one to assess the situation and make a logical solution (granted, it is very questionable logic).

Kindness. A proper bearer for Disney’s element of Kindness is…a difficult decision. All the princesses, princes, and even side-kicks showcase kindness. However, I believe Snow White from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is the best suit for Kindness. Despite having her own head on bounty just for the crime of being prettier than the queen, when faced with the possibility that there could be seven orphans living in a cottage, Snow’s first instinct is to care for the cottage and any supposed motherless children living there. Even after it’s revealed that it’s seven dwarves instead of seven orphans, she still fills the role of a motherly figure for the dwarves, which includes a firm hand when needed.

Laughter. Hands down, this must go to everyone’s favorite blue best friend, the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin. Do I even need to justify this one? Genie constantly goes out of his way and used his magic to not only fulfill all Aladdin’s wishes and act as his wingman but also have fun with it. An honorable mention is Timon from Disney’s Lion King, however, his attempts to lighten the mood was a 50/50 hit-or-miss; half the time just making the atmosphere heavier. Still, he’s a runner-up.

Loyalty. Another difficult one, but I think this should go to Quasimodo from Disney’s Hunchback and Notre Dame. Though Quasimodo is cowardice and suffers from anxiety, but that makes it all the more meaningful when he defies everything he’s brainwashed into thinking to help Esmerelda escape from Notre Dame, assists to hide Phoebus from Frollo so he could heal from his arrow shot (even after Quasi’s heart was ripped to pieces), and rescued Esmerelda from being burnt at the stake. No matter what happened or what would happen to him, he stood with Esmerelda though all hell and high water. However, Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is, believe it or not, an honorable mention. Think about it, he’s a jerk, yes, but his worst crime is narcissism. Aside from that, he honestly thought he was protecting the love of his life and the village he calls home. Heck, he actually wouldn’t have been a bad husband for Belle, but that’s for another day.

Magic. I bet all of you think Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast; however, I think a better fit is Ariel from Disney’s the Little Mermaid fits better. Unlike Belle, Ariel is interested in the world and learning about how the surface world works and how it’s different from her own while Belle is only concerned with the world of her books and going on adventures. She doesn’t want to see the world, she wants to experience a story. Ariel also acts toward satisfying her curiosity of humans and the way of the surface.

Sacrifice. This is what I award for Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Without knowing that she would get her wish come true, Belle gives up her freedom and her whole life as she knows it. When she promised herself in the place of her older, weaker, and ill father, she expected to be given the same treatment that she found her father in; locked in a cold cell in a tall tower. Just because she was treated nicely and was the love interest of the master of the castle doesn’t mean that she gave a great sacrifice to save another. Her father also is a runner-up for this element, because after he was forced to leave her in the castle, he still went back to rescue her (granted he wanted assistance from the town’s hero, Gaston, but was rejected).

Role call! Honesty; Iago! Kindness; Snow White! Laughter; Genie! Loyalty; Quasimodo! Magic; Ariel! Sacrifice; Belle!

Do you agree? Disagree? Should I have considered someone else? Who would you have put for the elements? Meet me next week when I go over Disney’s bearers for the elements of Disharmony. Tell me your thoughts and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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