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Elements of Harmony & Disharmony

Now, I’ve seen a TON of interpretations of who alternate element bearers could be if there was no Mane Six. This is going to be a bit different. In this series, I will assign the elements of, not only harmony but disharmony as well, to characters of different shows, video games, and movies. I might do one blog for My Little Pony, but it will be for alternate ponies other than the Mane Six.

For each element, there will be specific criteria that the character must meet for each element and only one element per character. The character must fulfill the criteria for their element in their cannon behavior; all headcanons and ocs will be null and void. For example, Claude from Black Butler doesn’t get the element of Loyalty because he is loyal to Angela in my personal ship-headcanon. Also, characters who are two-in-one characters (for example, Ash and Angela from Black Butler, Italy and fem!Italy from Hetalia or the like) will count as separate characters to avoid confusion.

To meet the criteria for the element of Magic for harmony, I’m using the same definition that Fire Brand used, which is the element of Magic is a need to understand the world and themselves. As for Disharmony Magic, it should be the exact opposite. The bearer for Disharmony Magic should have a disregard for the world and probably find joy in inflicting damage.

There is one element I’m changing, and that is the element of Generosity. This is because generosity is a very materialistic term, and it implies that the bearer must have things to give to make others happy. Therefore, I’m changing it to the element of Sacrifice, which is similar but expands to more than materials. For the element of Sacrifice to be fulfilled, the bearer must be willing to give the shirt off their back if someone else needs it; the major point is that they must be willing to handle a loss so another wouldn’t have to. On the opposing side, the bearer for the element of Greed must be, for lack of better term, greedy. They must have a unquenchable need for more than what they have.

As for Loyalty, the bearer must be willing to stand by their friends and/or companions no matter what, even if it meant standing in jail together. They must stand by their companions unconditionally. Turning to the element of Betrayal, the bearer must be willing to leave and throw their companions under the bus at the drop of the hat. These bearers could have someone’s life in their hands or are untrusted by everyone else.

Kindness is more than just “nice”, but is also very similar to generosity or sacrifice, but is more active than materialistic. To be kind is to put other’s needs ahead of those of the bearer. The bearer must be willing to break their own arm if it meant their companions wouldn’t be hurt. On the other hand, the bearer of Cruelty must put themselves above all others. Cruel people might be cowardice behind a tough facade or overly controlling.

Honesty is often confused with Loyalty but is still different. To fulfill the element of Honesty is to be trustworthy and to have the ability to face the truth no matter how hard a truth it may be, may that be admitting that a relationship must end or possibly even admitting that the bearer themselves need help. As for the element of Deceit, the bearer would be untrustworthy and, similar to Betrayal, would change their story on the drop of a hat.

Lastly, the element of Laughter. Again, I’m taking Fire Brand’s interpretation of this element and saying the bearer should be able to lift a heavy mood. The bearer must be able to move their companions on an emotional level, whether that be to ease fear or just bring smiles to their faces. On the flip side, the element bearer for Dispair should be able to bring down the mood. They must, again, move their companions emotionally, though instead of positively, the element of Dispair should strike fear or make eyes water.

These rules will carry through this whole series of blogs. If the rules change for the specific blog, I will state it in the specific blog. See you next blog and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

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