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Claude’s Childhood

Okay, this blog is sorta like a Meet My Oc blog, but…different. This is also a follow-up to my Claude and Sebastian Childhood Friends theory while incorporating the ClaudexAngela ship and someone else’s oc’s mother; Cordelia Faustus. It would greatly behoove you to read Black Butler: Sebastion and Claude Theory if you haven’t already because I will be supporting every point that I can (Why I think Claude is shy, Sebastian’s a scrawny kid, Angela’s attracted to Claude, etc.) but I already proved all I could on the Sebastian and Claude Childhood Friends theory in the separate blog. Don’t worry, I can wait.

Before I forget, the picture is Angela, Claude, Sebastian, and Cordelia all as young teenagers (used base by deadtreachery bases).

Done? Good. Now, to put simply, this is my headcanon of how Claude’s childhood possibly went, taking all this into consideration along with how Claude, Sebastian, and Angela all act in the cannon show. I’ll prove what I can, but there will be A LOT of liberties here since I’m adding an oc in the mix. After all, keep in mind that this is all in the name of fun.

I believe that Claude is a naturally born spider demon with his older sister, Cordelia. Cordelia is a kind-hearted spider demon who has a reputation as the Demon with an Angel’s Grace. This is in part that Claude and Cordelia grew up on their own, so rather than a brother-sister relationship, they grew a bond closer to that of mother and son, which leads to Cordelia coddling Claude and allowing him to not need to stand on his own or even be able to stand with other demons. Because he is such a push-over as a child, his self-confidence becomes non-existent and he gains social anxieties and grows shy of strangers.

How I came to this conclusion is the fact that in the show, Claude is quiet, introverted, and reserved. He never expresses his thoughts or emotions and doesn’t part-take in social gatherings, for example, the costume ball; he only attended to talk to Alois when he was done with his talk with Sebastian. When he does express emotions, he doesn’t know what’s a socially acceptable way to express whatever emotion he has, so he comes off as either bipolar or someone from dysfunctional early years of development.

Fast forward to when Claude is fast approaching his pre-teens and Cordelia is in her tweens. Sebastian stumbles on Cordelia’s web, but he’s so scrawny and small (a few years younger than Claude) that she decides to adopt him rather than eat him.

Sebastian is a small child because, in the show, he has a short temper and is very expressive of every thought he has. His ability to over-express and animate himself (even for anime standards) might be from trying to further demand his presence as a child or maybe from being picked on for being skinny or small (…I’m literally comparing Sebastian to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist). He is also visually smaller and thinner than Claude.

As expected, Sebastian and Claude are shy and avoid one another for a while before they warm up to each other and see one another as true brothers. Sebastian also may or may not have developed a one-sided puppy-love crush on Cordelia, which Claude teases him about, slowly drifting out of his shell.

Another time skip to early teen years. Claude starts to sign contracts to help Cordelia feed the household (which includes Sebastian). While on a contract, Claude saw Angela being whipped. He stalks her for a while before he finally gathers the courage to talk to her. After some small talk, they hit it off and start dating. At the first date, they both admit that they were both stalking one another a while before their formal introduction. Angela is initially attracted to Claude’s shyness, then decides that, if they don’t end up in a romantic relationship, then they could still be friends and they both wouldn’t need to be alone.

Cordelia, Claude, Sebastian, and Angela all become closely knit best friends and they only get closer until their mid-teens.

Cordelia constantly hears Angela go on and on about Ash. Getting the wrong idea, she tries to convince Claude that she’s cheating on him. He begins to believe that Cordelia’s just looking for an excuse to get Angela out of the group, despite her claims that she has no problems with Angela and only wanted to know who Ash is, which starts to crumble their relationship. Blind-sighted, he also accuses her of being pathetic for having a doll, Drocell, as a boyfriend, and they’d go back and forth, crumbling their relationship more and more with every insult they’d throw. When she won’t stop trying to investigate Angela, Claude left her with Sebastian and Angela in a bitter goodbye, leaving Cordelia with her own suspicions and paranoia.

Some time passes and Sebastian becomes more extroverted and hyperactive while Claude becomes strong but still silent, but things were tense in the group, to say the least. Sebastian pushes Claude to get Cordelia back while Claude pushes that Cordelia is dead to him. Sebastian doesn’t like that Claude pushed his sister’s concern so lightly, so he takes it upon himself to bring Cordelia back. Of course, Claude is still bitter and recklessly and selfishly kicked Sebastian to the curb without even hearing what either Sebastian or Cordelia could possibly have to say.

Lastly, Claude and Angela stay together for years and get serious with their relationship. They soon have a child, but Angela is forced to abandon their child for reasons Claude couldn’t understand, but he does what he could to raise the child he had with Angela, who he names Angel, as well as he could.

It’s not until Claude gets news that Angela is Sebastian’s target by contract when he begins to update himself with the rest of his childhood circle of friends.

Sebastian got together with Grell and had two daughters, Justine and Christi.

Angela was turned to stone by Sebastian. That news alone is enough to make Sebastian Claude’s framed target by contract.

Cordelia died from unknown causes after having a daughter named Enke with Drocell.

…As an author side note, I do NOT own Enke. She was created by one of my readers from, omgsogood. I’ll make a Meet My Oc about her IF I can get permission from omgsogood because, unlike AnimeAngel120 and RcMay, she and I aren’t close friends. We’re barely acquaintances. However, when I heard that she made an oc who’s Claude’s niece, I HAD to know more and I fell in LOVE with everything about Cordelia; from the very idea of her to what kind of character she is (or was since she’s dead).

Wanna see these characters true, cannon interactions (except Cordelia because, not only is she an oc, but she’s also dead before the events of the first season) and see the long past friendship and current bitterness that I see? Get the DVDs for Black Butler season 1, season 2, Book of Circus, and even Book of Murder! They’re all on Amazon and will deliver right to your door in only a few days, so why not?

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