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Meet My Oc: Christi Phantomhive

The idea for Christi Phantomhive actually was my original Black Butler oc, but I liked my later design and put down the idea for this one. That’s before my mother told me that I wasn’t meant to be the youngest sibling. Thus, Christi Phantomhive came to be as the long-lost sister of Justine Michaelis.

Her pony form is a green pegasus with alicorn-like wings. As for a cutiemark, her’s is a blue, black, and green butterfly.

The backstory of Christi is very interesting, at least in my opinion. It definitely leads to drama and complications. She is born nameless to Sebastian and Grell, however, Sebastian never even knows about her existence because Grell gives her away and adopts her off to humans in America. Because of the Industrial Revolution in America, she is working in a factory with her mother, and because she hardly even knows her adopted parents due to them dying in factory accidents in her early life, she’s never even given a proper name.

Years later, she overhears children talking about summoning demons who grant any wish you could possibly think of. With a wish in mind, she summons a demon and Sebastian comes running. She wishes for her parents back, but that’s outside of Sebastian’s power, so instead he grants her the Phantomhive name, the first name of “Christi”, Justine as a handmaiden, and revenge for her parents’ deaths. Ciel, though isn’t pleased with the way in which Sebastian handles it, still goes along with it, greeting Christi with open arms, telling everyone that she is his long-lost sister. He gives her a scarf to cover her contract and gloves to hide her scratches and scars from her factory life, telling the public that she gets cold easily and that is why she must always wear a scarf and gloves.

Christi learns everything she needs to in order to pull off as a girl of noble birth, however, she’s holding a great secret. The factories, where her adopted parents die in, are Phantomhive product factories, making Ciel a major object of her revenge.

Soon after being taken under Ciel’s wing, Christi betroths herself to Alois in order to save the reputation of herself, Ciel, and by extension, the Phantomhive name. She knows everything is on the line for Ciel if she messes up and that the Earl’s taking a leap of faith in her; this opens a door for her to begin to feel less anger about Ciel’s factories and more sympathy and even sisterly love to him. She is prepared to do anything to protect the boy she first thought of as an object until he turned into her brother. She doesn’t enjoy Alois, in fact, she loathes the brat! However, she finds her betrothal to him necessary for the entirety of the Phantomhive name.

A few months later, Justine notices Christi knows things that she wouldn’t know as a human, such as what’s going on in the next room or what would happen in the next hour; her predictions were uncanny and true to the letter. To confirm her own suspicions, Justine spooks Christi and gaps in awe when the little Lady would grow butterfly wings and flutter them nervously. To further answer new questions, she takes her to Sebastian and Grell, demanding answers. While Sebastian claims no knowledge as to why Christi has butterfly wings, Grell admits that she is their long-lost family member.

With frustration, Sebastian and Justine both report this to Ciel and await orders. Ciel’s orders are then to carry on as though nothing happened and to Christi, to learn how to control her wings and any new powers she may or may not have.

Like Justine, Christi also has a role in Book of Circus and Book of Murder.

In Book of Circus, she follows Justine to the circus and literally falls through the roof of the tent trying to fly over. Joker is interested in her butterfly wings and requests that she auditions to join them, which she does and is given the name Butterfly with a trapeze and tightrope act. The only contributions she gives to Sebastian and Ciel is to cover for them when it’s needed. Aside from that, like Justine, she stays on the sidelines.

As for Book of Murder, Christi knows that Ciel has a plan, though she doesn’t know what exactly it is. She mainly spends the time keeping Justine in order after Sebastian’s “death” and trying to keep everyone from getting at each other’s throats and pointing fingers. Aside from that, she’s dealing with the same stir of emotions as everyone else.

Christi is definitely a roller-coaster, but let me try to summarize her like I do for all these ocs (before I forget, though, the base used for the featured picture is by koolaid bases).

Christi Phantomhive first thought of Phantomhives as something to fear by association with the factories. Then she becomes a Phantomhive, after signing a contract for a family and revenge, and everything about her hidden past is revealed. She tries to be the perfect Guard Dog in Training for the Queen, the perfect sister for Ciel, the perfect mistress and daughter for Sebastian, and the perfect mistress and sister for Justine. Half the time, no one knows if she’s being a mistress, guard dog, or family member. I suppose she’s all three at once.

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