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Meet My Oc: Rachel Belischimidt and Jeremy Carrino

If you’ve been following me, or if you read the last Meet My Oc installment, then you already know Justine Kirkland, renamed “Hook“, who is standing in the center of the picture (used base by reimonosashi). However, to the left of Hook is Jeremy Carrino and to the right is Rachel Belischimidt, created by RcMay. Those are the ocs I’ll be focusing on in this installment.

As far as ponysonas for the two new ocs, Jeremy is a dark red unicorn with a treasure map as a cutiemark. As for Rachel, she is a light orange pegasus with a cross swords cutiemark.

As for backstories, both of theirs are almost the exact same so I’ll spare you the time and just talk about them both at once. Jeremy is born as the son and successor to Captain Antonio Carrino and is raised to be a decisive leader while Rachel is born as the daughter and successor to Captain Gilbert Belischimidt and is raised to be a combat artist and swords strategist. Their fathers practically force them to be friends to ensure that their trio would be legendary for generations to come. Though they were born to different fathers, all three of the captains were so close that Rachel and Jeremy simply saw all three captains as guardians with equal parental authority.

To keep their skills sharp, Antonio would have Jeremy organize the responsibilities of the crew, while Gilbert would spar with Rachel, declaring that the day she can defeat him in a sword battle will be the day he decrees her ready to take his place. Unfortunately, every time the two spar, Gilbert fakes defeat and surprises Rachel with an attack while her guard is down to gloat. Jeremy never has problems with assigning chores, however, he never wants to allow other people to handle work that he has been entrusted with.

When Justine is taken captive, the two only know of her and see her at various times swabbing the deck. They don’t formally meet until after Justine loses her hand and starts going by Hook, mainly as a joke that stuck. Rachel finds instant common ground with Hook and they become quick friends while Jeremy takes a little more time to warm up to her. Often times, Rachel would go behind her father’s and the other captains’ backs and spar with Hook to keep them both sharp and defensive on sword skills. As time goes on, the captains start treating Hook like their own. While Rachel is happy for her friend, Jeremy grows envious. A girl who is an outsider is getting all the special attention simply because she is seemingly forgotten by her family and she has lost a limb while he is seemingly getting neglected and receives harsher treatment and pressure than ever before simply because he is the eldest of the three.

Jeremy would play mind games with Hook; the two butting heads quickly becomes an occurrence. Rachel is the only one who holds the two together with her supportive nature and her habit of approaching every conflict with a battle strategy and quick wit that gets her in trouble 9 times out of 10.

During the raid that leads to Francis’ demise, Jeremy loses his left leg from the knee down, however, it is Hook and Rachel who save him and get him safely out of the battle, after which, Jeremy gains a new found respect for Hook.

Shortly after Francis’ death, Antonio and Gilbert retire and pass down their fluffy feather hats to allow the world to see the new generation of the BTT fleet and what legend they will leave behind. The three gain their own contributions; Jeremy becomes the brains of the trio, Rachel becomes the muscle, and Justine becomes the heart.

Sorry about this being a short one, but that’s about it. To tie it all together in a neat little bow, Jeremy is a control freak and attention hog while Rachel is impulsive and egotistical (in the very least, I hope that was made clear…ish).

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