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Kamisama Kiss: Where to Go From Here

Spoiler warning. This blog is going to talk about the Kamisama Kiss Manga written and illustrated by Julietta Suzuki, which is far ahead and contains much more content and story than the anime.

Now that spoilers are out of the way, Kamisama Kiss is a story about love and loss. Tomoe and Nanami fall head over heels for one another, making sacrifices and saving one another more times than I could count. However, the latest arc presented a time crunch on how much longer the love birds have with each other.

Imagine, if you will, that you are Tomoe. You just got your memories back from before your 500 years of service, you remember everything. From the point where you met Nanami posing as Yukiji in the shack, to when Nanami (again posing as Yukiji) showed you kindness and healed you after a deathly wound, to when Nanami (posing as Yukiji) promised you her hand in marriage, to when you see the REAL Yukiji die at the hand of your best friend before wandering alone and depressed because you thought that Yukiji was the one you were in love with.

Now imagine the new found hope that Tomoe had when he recognized Nanami as the Yukiji stand in. He probably was thinking “Yes! I have a chance! I’ve waited 500 years for her to fulfill that promise to be my wife and now it’ll come true!” only to find that he still needs to transform into a human.

“No problem!” I can hear you say. “He just needs to drink the evolution water and he’ll revert to a human, right?” Couldn’t be more wrong. Tomoe tries this, even ignoring Nanami’s warnings that his lifespan would shrink to 60 years maximum, which would be gone in the blink of an eye to him, and her begging for him to wait just a little longer until graduation. He makes the argument that he’s waited 500 years already (kinda reminded me of Serious Black from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban. I mean, he says “You’ve kept me waiting and waiting, saying now’s not the right time” he might as well have said “I’VE DONE MY WAITING!” …getting off topic…). After he makes his argument, he does revert back and it does reverse his evolution…into a literal fox…paws and all.

You see, yokai and humans don’t even share an evolution branch. Heck, if they did, I don’t think there would even be humans because they’d all evolve to yokai. So in short, Tomoe messed up because he didn’t pay attention in Biology class.

Oh yeah, there’s also now a chip on his shoulder because Nanami decided that was the right time to ask Tomoe what happened to Akura-oh and to confess to him that, not only is Akura-oh back with a vengeance, but she kissed the said oni. So now, Tomoe is intent on, not only returning to his normal form but also destroying Akura-oh once and for all.

“…Okay…” I hear you say again. “What about that big god, Okuninushi? or any of the gods in Izumo? they’ve gotta have enough power to help Tomoe return to his natural form at least, right?” …Well…everyone at Izumo is too focused on getting Okuninushi’s soul back to his body. That’s right. Remember that conflict back in the Tengu Arc (season 2 in the anime and volumes 9 and 10 in the manga) where the Shojobo’s soul was missing? Yeah, this is just like that but with Okuninushi instead. And the soul was stolen by none other than Yatori, the same yokai who stole the soul the first time.

However, Yatori is using Okuninushi’s soul to enter a special plane of existence where only gods can travel. He runs into Nanami on the special plane and guess what else? One of Yatori’s special powers is apparently taking abstract things and ideas, like a lifespan, and giving them independent objects that accurately represent them. He proceeds to use this power to explain why Tomoe shouldn’t become human, saying that his current lifespan as a yokai is similar to a lighthouse; strong, stable, and bright. He then makes a representative of Nanami’s lifespan; a dying candle with little wax left and he predicts that she only has 6 months left to live.

But there’s more! To get Okuninushi’s soul back, Nanami, Otohiko, Mizuki, and Mikage (yeah, he just sorta becomes a main character and acts as Nanami’s father figure, even going so far as to punish her for bad grades in school) go to the Land of the Dead in pursuit of Izanami’s help with looking for Okuninushi’s soul while Tomoe guards the entrance so that when the entrance opens again, Akura-oh wouldn’t escape. For them to gain her help, all four of them have to entertain her by playing dress-up and hide-n-seek.

Once she’s in the right mood, Izanami gives Nanami a bulb that will grow when Tomoe loves humans from the bottom of his heart. Once he eats the bloom that the bulb grows into, then Tomoe would return to normal…however…when Tomoe hears this news, he’s not in the best of moods after having a conversation with Yatori and confirming from Nanami what he said (about Nanami only having 6 months left to live), so he only heard “blah blah gave me a bulb blah blah eat the flower blah blah turn back.” So…Tomoe eats the bulb and returns to his normal form long enough for him to scold her for keeping a secret that big from him, even if it was just for a day or so. He even takes everything personal and blames Nanami for smiling like nothing was wrong until she’d leave him behind like she had to do when she posed as Yukiji. Once all his rage and grief is out in the open, Tomoe reverts back into a fox.

Here’s where my predictions come in.

First, with Nanami’s lifespan. One of two things is going to happen. One, she dies after six months and everyone mourns her loss and Tomoe falls into depression and the story ends with flowers all over Nanami’s school desk. Two, Okuninushi is revived and makes Nanami a full god or maybe even a yokai instead of just a human stand in for Mikage and gives her eternal/extended life, curing whatever caused her to lose her life.

If I’m being honest, the story-telling part of me feels like it’ll be the first option, but the other half of me wishes it’s the second option and they live Happily Ever After.

Second, with Tomoe’s form. Again, I can see it as one of two ways. One, he threw away his chances of ever being his normal self again (due to his sour mood at the time and impatience) and he’ll be trapped in his fox form forever. Two, he returns to his normal form when he performs actions purely for love for the human race and he must continue to perform actions and love humans until the bulb blooms inside his stomach (sorta like how in the anime Nyan Koi, the guy has to help 100 cats to prevent becoming a cat himself, but in this case, Tomoe has to love humans to return to his original form).

Again, I sorta like both these outcomes for different reasons. I like the first one because Tomoe would learn the hard way that patience and love are important for you to get what you want in life (though he should’ve learned that when he drank the evolution water without studying his own evolution line). I also like the first option because it drives home the fact of Karma. The main reason why I like the second option though is because it allows Tomoe to get another chance, and it’ll lead to a more satisfying Happily Ever After.

Third, with Tomoe; human life vs yokai life. I can see one of three ways instead of just two for this to be concluded. The first option is the option I stated earlier, that Tomoe remains as a yokai while Okuninushi turns Nanami into a being of a longer lifespan than human and Tomoe and Nanami live happily ever after, potentially with Tomoe teaching Nanami how to use/control new powers she may or may not have. The second option is that Tomoe turns into a human somehow, whether it be through Okuninushi’s power or some other means that haven’t been introduced yet, and Nanami and Tomoe enjoy their last six months together before Nanami dies and Tomoe eventually dies and they’re together with their happily ever after in heaven. Finally, the third option that I can forsee is that Tomoe doesn’t turn into a human, Nanami dies and Tomoe falls into depression, wishing to die before he finally does. I could also see a fourth scenario that branches off the third one, but it would be a lot like Gugure Kokkuri-san; where Nanami dies and Tomoe swears to protect her reincarnations so they’d still be together forever.

…I’m being honest…thinking about all these potential options make me want to cry. With the first option, Nanami will watch her human friends die one by one…all three of them. With the second option, they both die and Tomoe is alone as a human for some time before he could join her (I wouldn’t doubt that he’d commit suicide directly after Nanami’s death just so he wouldn’t wait any longer). With the third and fourth options, Tomoe is still a yokai and in one case, he dies with the same thought process that he had after Yukiji dies; that even if he died, he’d never see her again. Meanwhile, in the other scenario, he’s always in search of which body Nanami’s soul is reincarnated into.

As for future arcs, the only aspect I feel confident in predicting (or more of what I want to see) is a return of Nanami’s birth father. I mean, think about it. Her father literally just left because of debt trouble before the story even started. If he hears that his daughter is best friends with the rich, famous pop star, Kurama and that she’s living in a shrine with servants that do her bidding, the first thing that man will do is show up on the Mikage Shrine doorstep and ask for money, maybe even hide the fact that he needs money by saying he wants to get to know her again and know if she made friends yet and who exactly those friends are.

But what do you guys think? This blog was written before volume 23 is even available (in English), so if any of these scenarios come true, then I AM AWESOME! If not, then eh. It was all in good fun. Before I end this, please tell me in the comments below, am I the only one interested in what Julietta Suzuki can come up with for a return of Mr. Mamozono? If you think Nanami’s father would make a return as well, what do you think the scenario would be? Again, leave your thoughts in the comments and replies, and have a beautiful rest of your day~!

If you would like the pleasure of reading all the books yourself, they’re all available on Amazon (but for simplicity sake, I’ll leave links to the latest three, you can find the rest from suggestion products). Come and get volume 22volume 23, or you can get the most recent volume 24 (was released after this blog posted).

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