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Aladdin: Sultan Evaluation

First, let me say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween…then again, I love all the holidays from today til about Valentine’s day. Still, happy Halloween anyway (if you’re reading this on the day of posting).

Now to business. I recently watched Disney’s Aladdin and some things didn’t add up about the sultan. It’s not a long list, but it’s something I want off my chest.

In the beginning of the movie, Jafar says that he’ll find a suitor for Jasmine using the sultan’s ring. The thing that doesn’t add up to me is that it was never made clear whether or not the sultan knows that Jafar is a sorcerer at this point in the movie. If he truly doesn’t know that Jafar had some form of magical ability, then he might’ve been more questioning and curious at the very request for his ring instead of just putting up a weak argument that it’s been in the family for years, sounding like he knows he’ll never get his ring back.

Also, later in the movie, when it is revealed that Jafar is manipulating the sultan with his snake walking stick, the sultan is only angry. Again, if the sultan truly doesn’t know that Jafar had magic from the beginning, then he’d be more questioning and curious as to how he’d been manipulated.

The other thing about the sultan that drives me crazy is that he has the power to change the law the whole time, as shown at the end when he changes the law purely because he and Jasmine are saved by Aladdin, even though the biggest plot point is that the law says that only a prince can marry a princess, he literally says “Am I sultan or am I sultan? From now on, the princess may marry whoever she deems worthy”. Even though through the entire movie, Jasmine continues to try and convince her father that she will get married when she finds the right man at the right time, the sultan says no because the law says she must marry a prince before her next birthday.

Now, here’s a better way the sultan could’ve handled that. Instead of doing the very action that he should’ve done in the beginning, he could’ve adopted Aladdin, making him a prince by adoption and making him eligible for Jasmine to marry. Something else he could’ve done, which might’ve been better, is to give Aladdin a piece of land to govern for a while. He’d be a prince of a true land, and he’d have displayed an ability to care for a kingdom. That way, if he totally failed, the sultan and Jasmine could help him learn, making him a better option for the future Sultan of Agrabah.

What do you guys think? Did the sultan know that there was more to Jafar than what met the eye? Was that a contributing factor to Jafar being the royal adviser? Should the sultan have given Aladdin a true, legal place of government authority before allowing him to marry into royalty; a completely new world from the one he was raised in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Have a frightful rest of your day~!

Wanna see if I missed any points on Aladdin’s new Father-in-Law? No better place than the source! Go ahead and grab a DVD of Aladdin yourself from Amazon. Maybe you can catch something there that I couldn’t.

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