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HetaOni Review

It has been about 3-4 years since I first saw a gameplay of HetaOni, one of the most popular Hetalia fan games made. Warning, spoilers. If you want to play or watch gameplay of HetaOni and are sensitive to spoilers, leave now.

If you don’t know about HetaOni, then one, why are you reading this? and two, let me summarize it for you. The main ten characters in Hetalia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia, France, England, America, Canada, Russia and China, all decide to have a dare-devil, spooky night of frightful fun in a mansion at the top of a mountain. However, long story short, everyone dies…over and over and over and over and over again.

First…few times I watched Let’s Play: HetaOni videos, I cried my eyes out. More recently, I don’t cry but it still makes me sad. However, I’m going to try and remember my thoughts from my very first viewing. In my first experience with this game, I didn’t know what to think about it. The game itself takes a while to pick up and start the story rolling. However, once I saw Italy acting outside his normal, carefree self, I was skeptical and had two separate thoughts. Either one, the developer didn’t know Italy and his character, or two, Italy is very important to the story and the out-of-character behavior was a hint as to how the story would end. Seeing as how the game developer knew about little Hetalia details like the Marriage Registration and Belarus’s obsession over Russia, then I doubted the first option was the real case, to which I was right.

I think I cried my hardest when the game revealed that Italy was acting odd because he’s seen all his friends die several times over and the mental image took its toll. I still remember the exact order of everyone dying and how Italy begged them all to stay alive. And because of his friends’ sacrifice and his fast feet, he escaped and found a way to turn back time by making a deal with the monster. I was crying too much to notice what was even going on and what Italy was proposing, but watching it so many times to the point that I can’t shed a tear over it anymore, I now understand what happened. To put simply, Italy had to turn back time every time the monster failed to kill him instead of his friends. He used the fact that he’s the weakest of the group, yet he still beat the monster in their little game of tag every time.

They never said exactly how many times Italy rewound time before the time loop where the game itself starts, but it was so much time, years worth of memories that eventually made Italy’s brain explode and gave him amnesia. I admit, I still kinda cry when Italy asks who Germany is.

However, the monster apparently succeeded in killing Italy and sparing the rest of the group in a time loop that Italy himself can’t remember. Pretty much, from the point where Germany, Italy, and America all see the second time loop themselves, the story does lose focus and goes all over the place. There’s a side story about America keeping England from using magic, and another side story where Romano and Spain gather pretty much the rest of the world to save them before entering themselves to help them more directly than just moral support, and yet another side story about…I don’t even remember…something about Russia keeping secrets of his own and Canada trying to talk him out of it. The story goes everywhere.

All in all, it’s a game I expected to be screaming in terror at, but got a slow beginning, major tear jerker mid-section, and crazy, all over the place end. It doesn’t even really have an end because the developer of the game quit and a fan took up the project and tried to continue the story in a sequel that just makes things more confusing. Even literary adaptations of this game follow the game line by line, but have a rushed ending just to stop the craziness.

What did you think of HetaOni? Is it your favorite? Do you think I missed, or forgot, something that deserves to be talked about? Let me know in the comments and have a beautiful rest of your day.

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