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Chapter 19; Heaven Breaks Loose

In an open field in the middle of the night, Grell, William, and Undertaker all three met, all with similar letters in hand. “Alright, Grell.” Will sighed as he adjusted his glasses. “What is it you wanted?”

“Why do you assume it’s me who wants something?” the red reaper asked, pulling out his own letter with crossed arms and leaning on one foot. “It says right here that Undertaker had something he didn’t want to say in writing!”

“Something’s not right.” the silver haired reaper stated, tapping his chin with his long black fingernail. “I got a letter that said the same thing, but about you, William.”

Gradually, they heard a song play and faint words to it. It started to get louder and louder until the words were crystal clear.

“Build it up in cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Build it up in cotton and cloth~
My fair lady.”

The three turned in alarm, but it was too late. The voice repeated the line and their limbs got flimsy. Seconds later, they were nothing more than cotton stuffed in cloth.

At the break of dawn, Sebastian was simply trimming the gardens, the perfect time to trim plants was right after a rain storm after all. It wasn’t long before a very faint tune played behind him. He passed it off as nothing and continued his work.

As he continued to go through his morning, the tune grew steadily louder until he was with Bard in the kitchen; “helping” cook breakfast (“helping” meaning “completely replacing the burned food for edible food”), when he heard the full tune.

“Build it up in cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Build it up in cotton and cloth~
My fair lady.”

Bard, being human, started to feel the effects almost instantly, bringing Sebastian to alarm as he saw the cook plush doll beside him. He tried to escape the sounds of the tune, but with one more repeat, he was just a doll on the floor.

Bringing morning tea and breakfast to Alois, Claude first noticed the tune. As he continued down the hall and up the stairs, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was watching him. Soon, he started to hear words form from the tune.

“Build it up in cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Build it up in cotton and cloth~
My fair lady.”

In an attempt to escape, Claude quickly turned into a spider, dropping his tray of tea and breakfast foods, and ran as far and fast as he could as the music only grew louder and seemed to follow him in the walls.

The spider ran all the way down the hall, into a room, and quickly returned to his human form before slamming the door shut. He made a small sigh of relief until a woman in a white dress with a veil of purple over the white feathery design of the cloth caught his attention, her large, feathery, white wings slightly folded, framing her. “A-Angela?…I-is it really you?”


Claude couldn’t believe his eyes. He rubbed them again to be sure they weren’t playing tricks on him. “You have no idea how much I’ve needed you!”


The spider demon tilted his head in confusion. “What’s going on? Are you feeling alright?”


Angela stood and approached the demon she once loved. “…Understand, Angel must be cleansed. It won’t be pleasant for her, but it is very much necessary.” The angel took in a deep breath. “…Which is why you must not be a part of her life anymore.”

Claude’s heart raced, beating against his skin, as the tune played outside the door and the song was sung once more.

“Build it up in cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Cotton and cloth~
Build it up in cotton and cloth~
My fair lady.”

This last time being what broke him; Claude fell to the ground, completely limp and boneless.

That morning, Paul yawned and stretched, poking his messy dark head of hair out of the covers as he sluggishly climbed out of the coffin (Undertaker’s son sleeps in a coffin. I guess he was too cheap for beds) and stumbled across the shop. He got to the bucket of clean water and washed his face, essentially gaining wide-awake status.

When he passed by a large coffin, big enough for a couple, he knocked on the lid. “Okay dad!” he called. “It’s morning!” As no response was made, the teen opened the coffin himself to find it completely empty. There wasn’t any sign that Undertaker even touched the coffin.

Though Paul looked confused at first, after a second, he slumped his shoulders and straightened his face. “Sure.” he mumbled, pretending that his father could hear him. “Go off with all of your full reaper friends, and leave me to do your job! Don’t worry about me, I don’t mind.” he stated sarcastically as he started the normal routine on his own.

At the Phantomhive manner, Rachel groggily crawled out of her bed, popping and stretching whatever needed it before splashing her face with the ice water.

Once her face was dry, and she was dressed, she started down the hall alertly, going in the kitchen and instantly getting things from the cabinets by the door. “Hey, Bard, what’s for breakfast?”

When she tripped on his flamethrower, she growled. “And what is this doing in here! How many times have I told you that a flamethrower is a weapon deserving of-” She was cut off when she looked around and saw that it was completely empty.

Normally right about now, Bard would be yelling at Sebastian about cooking being an art with a burned afro and the whole kitchen charred, and the butler would be coming in the kitchen simply for the master’s cup of tea and breakfast. Rachel looked around. There was no sign of the cook or butler. “Hey, Rachel,” she stated in her best Bardroy impression. “Do you mind filling in for me while Sebastian and I go somewhere?”

“Sure bro.” she returned to her own voice. “I’d be happy to fill in for you.” She then slumped as she started with cleaning the kitchen.

Back in the Reaper World of limbo, Justine stirred awake as the sun hit her eyes and the phone exploded. Instantly, she was worried as she jumped from the bed. She should’ve been at the Reaper Facility an hour ago. She hurriedly ran from her room and took the phone. “Mom! What is wrong with you?! Can’t you hear the phone?!” she shouted quickly before putting the phone to her ear. “Hello?”

“Justine!” the panicked voice of Ronald shouted.

The demon reaper slumped. “Ronald, I don’t have time to hear about yours and Angel’s date last night.”

“No!” he shouted. “That’s not it. It’s the new recruits! They’re going wild! I gotta talk to your mom!”

“Why couldn’t Uncle Will take care of it?”

“Will’s not here!” he shouted in urgency. “I SO need a raise for this!”

Justine was shocked. Sure, every reaper wants to be off work, but it’s not like Will, of all reapers, to just ditch altogether. “Are you sure my mom’s not there?” she asked.

“Even if he was here, I couldn’t notice!” Ronald shouted over the commotion. “There’s too much craziness going on to notice anyone!”

“Okay.” The half-breed thought for a second. “Look around again, try to get things back in order. When this is all over, I’ll personally pay you the overtime.”

“Alright. Thanks.” And he hung up as Justine rubbed her left hand. As much as things were going wild in the reaper world, something wasn’t right at the manner either.

She hurried to the Phantomhive Estate as quick as she could. When Meyrin answered the door, she knew something was wrong. “What’s going on?” she asked urgently, pushing past the maid and rushing up the steps, the crimson haired woman following her.

“It’s already super late in the morning, and Sebastian hasn’t been seen at all!” she answered as Justine hurried down the upstairs hall and to the master’s bedroom. Sure enough, Ciel was still sleeping soundly with the thick curtains keeping the room cool and dark.

Justine took in a deep breath as she turned to the maid. “Quickly, get me a cup of tea just like my father makes it.” Meyrin nodded as the teen walked in and pulled the curtains open, allowing the sunlight to pour in. The cat demon gulped a little before sighing as pleasantly as possible, “Good morning, young master.”

Ciel rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked over from the grand white and navy master bed in slight confusion. “…Justine?” he asked, sleep still in his groggy voice. “Where’s Sebastian?”

“It seems my father is away at the moment.” she answered swiftly. “Until he returns, I am to take his place. I apologize for the lack of breakfast at the moment. Because of the un-expectancy of my father’s disappearance, I’m simply making this up as I go, to be honest. However, Meyrin is working on the tea as we speak, my Lord.”

With a sigh, the young master nodded. “What time is it?” he asked calmly.

She quickly checked her pocket watch and answered, “15 past 10.”

Instead of freaking out like any other human when he heard the time, the boy Earl only nodded. “If I’m still asleep when it’s this late, then you are right. Something is unexpectedly wrong.”

In the Spears home in the world of limbo, Jeremy stretched like a cat before he got ready for the day. He expected William to already be at the facility by now, so he didn’t worry when he found he was home alone. When he got to the facility, however, it was utter chaos. He weaved through the crowd of wild recruits until he found a familiar face. “Ronald!” he shouted. “What’s going on? Where are my parents?”

“I don’t know, Jer!” he shouted in response. “I was just on the phone with Justine, and she told me to try and find them!”

The teen reaper furrowed his brows. “That’s your problem!” he huffed. “You trusted a cat!” With that, he already started herding the recruits.

As the sun continued to climb in the blue sky over the Trancy manner, Angel stretched her back out when she was met with the sunlight pouring in her room through the opened window. What shocked her was that Claude was nowhere to be found. Normally, it’s him waking her up. She brushed it off and got washed and dressed.

As she looked around, she started feeling more and more uneasy as she walked through the halls and never saw her father. She peeked in the master’s bedroom and saw Alois still asleep, whereas Claude would’ve woke him up by now. She thought for a second before sliding out of the room. The dog demon decided to let the blonde master sleep just a little longer, maybe an hour or so.

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