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Chapter 18; Prison Break

Justine scowled out the window as the lightning flashed and Jeremy glared at his new long lost sister. They’ve only known each other for a day, but they only gave each other glares when they weren’t trying to add each other to their mother’s list. “What are you doing?” the brother huffed rudely, breaking the silence.

“I hate rain.” Justine growled quickly and simply in response. “With rain comes water. With water comes misery.”

To this, the brother chuckled humorlessly before returning to glare at whatever was unfortunate enough to catch his attention. “If you were a cat, maybe.” The demon girl whipped her head around and hissed at him, revealing the razor sharp fangs in her teeth as the black, pointed cat ears popped up and folded back threateningly. A long, thin tail snaked out from under her sweater. Her eyes glowed pink with her slit pupils seemingly cutting her eyes in half. Jeremy just looked at her blankly. “…My sister’s a demon…” he concluded expressionlessly as he took in a deep breath and looked around the room with the same irritated boredom as before. “…Great.”

Justine chuckled humorlessly. “The only reason I have to deal with you at all is because mom’s a whore.”

“She is not!” Jeremy shouted in full anger.

To this, the girl only laughed and glanced back at him with her demonic eyes. “You don’t even understand that mom is a man!” she shot back. “HE is a gay, transvestite, man whore!”

“If mom is a man,” Jeremy huffed in anger. “then how could we have been born?!”

“You ask me like I’m supposed to know!” Justine shouted. “I’m supposed to be younger! How should I know how we were born?”

“Well, mom told me that you know everything!”

“Reapers are exceptions!” she reasoned angrily as she redirected her attention back to the window. “I only know about humans, some demons, and some angels. Reapers are blanks in my book because reapers don’t die; they technically are already dead. I only know about the LIVING!”

“That means I’m more powerful than you, and you can’t poke your nose in my business! Reapers really are the master race.”

The fight continued as a lightning bolt shot across town. The exact place of the electric current strike was on a specific statue on a bridge over the bay. It hit directly on the highest tip of the statue, causing it to start to crack. As more lightning flashed and thunder clapped, the crack grew larger until it started to chip off. Piece by piece, the stone crumbled, freeing the majestic, silvery white wings of the prisoner.

Angel looked up at the bright lightning and dark thunder clouds that served as its contrast. She backed away a little from the window as the thunder boomed and the lightning flashed until she bumped into someone she recognized instantly as her father; the white-gloved hands that rested on her shoulders to steady her gave him away. Also, her father was the only one who understood her fears inside and out, from her fear of spiders to her fear of thunderstorms.

The dog demon had always feared thunderstorms ever since her first thunderstorm when she was just a baby, she was and left alone to see the shadows of the clawing branches through her window and the lightning flashes turning her happy dolls into possessed skeletons. To Claude, this was simply routine as he hugged her and shushed her. “It’s alright.” he soothed. “It’s just a storm. It will pass, and you’ll be fine when it does.”

Despite the calming words, each clap made her shiver in her shoes and clutch him tighter as she cried in his chest. With every tense jump from the teen, the father would only tighten his hug. “I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you.” he promised.

As the teen clutched her father, more lightning struck the silver winged statue, chipping off more to free his head of white wavy hair. His purple eyes looked down on London and turned his attention to his present state. When the prisoner tried to move his arms or legs, they wouldn’t budge. “It’s just fine.” he sighed to someone unknown to anyone watching him from afar. “We’ll be freed soon enough.”

Rachel just stared out the window as she sat in the chair that was moved from the small, simple desk to the portal to the outside world, daydreaming as the rain dropped on the window and dribbled down the glass, making the lush, colorful garden look like a watercolor masterpiece painting. As her mind wandered, there was a knock on her door. “Yeah?” she sighed, not taking her eyes off the view of the storm as the door squeaked open.

“Rach?” a deep voice called. She turned, recognizing the voice as none other than her big brother, Bardroy. “Just thought you’d want some company.”

The teen smiled as Bard plopped on her bed before she sat with him on the mattress. “I take it you’re bored?”

“Out of my mind.” the cook answered as he pulled out a match and lit it.

The moment the small flame was visible, Rachel blew it out. “I thought you were getting out of that habit! I’m shocked that you still need one in your mouth!”

“Oh, come on!” he complained. “If I can’t smoke, what can I do?”

“Talk.” she answered.

“I’m not playing Weapon Guess again!” he stated sternly. “Last time we played that, my hair didn’t even start to grow back for at least another month!”

Rachel could only giggle at the memory as another lightning bolt hit the statue’s back, allowing his torso to chip free, the gray stone breaking away to show the white tail coat and purple dress shirt. A white scarf was fluffed up at his neck, tucked in his black vest and white coat. The white-haired man smiled as he stretched his black gloved hands, his knuckles popping after being unused and frozen as they were for so long. “Perfect.” he smiled, looking himself over with his royal purple eyes. “Don’t worry Angela. Almost complete.”

Paul huffed in exhaustion as he moved corps after corps before a bell rang, signaling that someone was entering. “Hello?” the woman called.

The teen slumped when he saw the familiar long brown hair and brown eyes belonging to the human woman by the name of Paula. Over her shoulders was a light brown coat to protect her from the rain as she slipped off her black gloves and her brown and maroon hat from atop her head. The clicking of her heels echoed through the shop “Mom!” the teen complained. “Don’t mess with me while I’m working! I could be working on a reap right now!”

Paula looked around in thought. “I don’t see your father.” she noted. “You don’t work on reaps without him.”

“That will change one of these days.” he huffed at the woman. “I was never meant to be a human! I will be a reaper as soon as I graduate!” Sure I’m an oddball in the Reaper Facility, he thought with crossed arms. but that doesn’t stop dad! He doesn’t need glasses either…I don’t think…and who ever said that I had to have pure lime green eyes to be a reaper?

The mother reached out and pulled the teen close to her big breasted chest, suffocating him in a tight hug. “Oh! My baby boy is growing up too fast!”

“Mom! What are you doing! Let me go!”

As Paula cried and Paul struggled to be free of her grip, a final flash of lightning landed on the statue’s legs, freeing them both with a little chipping. “Wonderful.” The now freed prisoner smiled devilishly as he spread his wings and took off in the stormy clouds. “Now to return to cleanliness.” he stated. “To start, we must take revenge on those reapers for taking our souls that needed to be cleansed, as well as Sebastian for freezing us in time in a statue. Don’t you agree, Angela?”

“There is another we must have revenge on.” the woman he referred to added as the angel flashed his face and figure between male and female depending on which one of his personalities spoke. At the moment, it was female. “As you are well aware, Ash, my daughter has been in the care of Claude Faustus for over 1,600 years. He is raising her to be unclean, unnecessary, and unwanted.”

“Why not we stop her before she falls from cleanliness?” Ash asked, returning to his male form before the woman had more to say.

“Angel is still my daughter; therefore, she can still be cleansed.” the woman reasoned. “Claude, on the other hand, must be punished for guiding her down that path. Once he’s out of the way, I can be a true mother to her and guide her to the light, despite the growing darkness inside her. And just like how every child needs a mother, every girl needs a father.”

“You would like me to replace Claude in her life?”

Angela nodded. “Angel needs to see a good role model, exactly what she must expect from a man.” The female angel looked around before smiling. “I know exactly how we are to do this.” She flew Ash’s body down to a tower in the middle of the woods and started searching.

.   .   .

Jeremy and Justine’s fight accelerated quickly when the maroon scissors and red ax were pulled out and swung around at each other.

Grell came in the room smiling with sweets in a tray. “I thought you two kids might want to bond over cookies~!” he stated with a smile before he ducked at the swinging ax that split the wall behind him, staying in the hole it made. “What is going on?!” he shouted angrily.

“(S)He started it!” The teens were quick to blame each other.

The reaper in red pinched the bridge of his nose, causing his red glasses to move up slightly to make room for the index finger and thumb. “…Jeremy, maybe it’s best if you go spend the week with your dad.” he stated. “I’m not good with this fighting kids thing.”

Jeremy marched up to him and yanked his ax out of the wall. “Fine.” he growled through gritted teeth as he jerked the door open and slammed it shut behind him.

Justine crossed her arms. “Good riddance.” she hissed.

Grell just looked at her blankly. “…put those fangs away.” he commanded.

She sucked in her fangs and her ears and tail shrank until they weren’t visible anymore. She took a long blink as the pink glow in her eyes faded to her normal blue hued green eyes and the pupils grew wider and rounder. The demon huffed. “Happy?”

Meanwhile, in the woods, Ash, and Angela smiled when they found the large puppet they were looking for. They finally separated their bodies to avoid confusing themselves and each other, and for more hands to help with the task they had. The female angel took the puppet in her arms and carried him over to a side table. “Let’s get to work.” she stated as they put the stuffing that fell out back into the hole and started stitching.

As the angels sewed their project together, the storm raged on mercilessly. Angel turned into her dog form and hid under a table as the thunder clapped and lightning flashed. Claude knelt beside the table, looking under the cloth that hid her from the hall. “Come on Angel, it’s only a storm.”

The dog only whined, finding nothing better to say, causing the spider demon to slump his shoulders and shut his eyes in irritation. “Honestly, what is it about storms that get dogs so frightened?” The Shepard cried and covered her eyes with her big paws when a loud, shocking clap of thunder rang through the manner and echoed through the walls.

Watching her in such distress, Claude physically crawled under the table and lifted the dog’s head and front paws onto his lap. “If you won’t go out there,” he sighed, stroking her thick, soft fur comfortingly. “then I will come in here.” The dog seemed to have calmed down at the feel of his touch as she lazily licked his hand and laid her head, now finding the sound of the distant rumble soothing on her nerves.

While Angel steadily fell asleep on the floor, little did anyone know that the angels finally finished stitching up the puppet and he was already starting to return to life. His colorful, lean body raised from the table, straight and stiff as a ruler. The short hair atop his head was a fiery orange ginger, not touching the bright, deep blue jacket over his shoulders that covered his bright red shirt. His slanted, small purple eyes seemed unreal and emotionless, but still hypnotizing.  “Ash. Angela.” he greeted as he tipped his bright blue hat decorated with red cherries jerkily. “And then, I thought to myself, it’s nice to see you again.”

The angels both smiled at their handy work as they stood tall and regal. “Welcome back Drocell.”


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