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Meet My Oc: Justine and Angel Kirkland

As opposed to all the ocs by myself and my friends that are based on our current personality traits, Justine and Angel Kirkland are based on personality traits AnimeAngel120 and I had in our childhood, like, when we were in elementary school. Justine Kirkland is based on my curiosity and rebel nature that I had as a small child while Angel Kirkland is based on AnimeAngel120’s inferiority and goody-two-shoes need to do everything she’s told with little to no question.

The ponysona for Justine Kirkland is a light, baby blue unicorn with a dagger or a hook as a cutiemark. For Angel Kirkland’s ponysona, she’s a light green earth pony with a sword or a ship as a cutiemark.

Now for the fun part, their back story, which might be one of the most interesting of all the ocs that I show in this series. Justine and Angel are sisters only a year apart (Angel is the older) that were abandoned in an ally way as infants. They were found by a drunk Captain Arthur Kirkland, his heart was melted and he adopted them. However, to keep up appearances, he kept them hidden from the rest of the crew for their early childhood. Only his cabin boy, Alfred, knew them and did most of the raising since Arthur was gone being a captain. Angel stayed with the familiar until told otherwise while Justine tried time and time again to leave the room, though the door was always locked. Finally, Arthur figured out that the Captain’s Quarters isn’t enough room anymore for his adopted daughters, so he gives them free reign through the ship. On Angel’s 10th birthday, which Arthur proclaimed as the day he found them, she was given a sword and an emerald necklace. The next year, on Justine’s 10th birthday, she was given a dagger and a sapphire ring. They practiced every day until Captains Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio raid the ship.

Now, things get either really fun or really depressing depending on how you look at it. Unsure what to do, Angel and Justine, who were only 10 and 11 at the time, scattered and hid. When Angel hid under the bed, Justine tried to follow but was pushed back out by her sister. Instead of the bed, the younger sister jumped in the closet and shut the door. Francis loots the Captain’s Quarters and finds Justine in the closet, taking her hostage and telling Arthur that she will return to him if the two captains meet in 6 months and make a trade, a special ring and pendant in exchange for Justine. Unfortunately, the special ring is the one on Justine’s right ring finger and completely unnoticed by the captains, so Arthur never met Francis because he couldn’t find the ring and didn’t know how to face Francis.

Here’s where the story splits.

Consumed with guilt, Angel took her sword and carved out her left eye. Alfred was the only one who knew and quickly hid her eye from everyone with an eyepatch and telling everyone that she wanted to be more of a pirate. She carried the guilt of pushing Justine out from under the bed and being indirectly responsible for her sister’s capture with her for years. Still, Alfred carried her through day by day; gave her reasons to wake up in the morning, to at least pretend that she was happy again. When Arthur tells her that Justine’s ring was found, she had a mix of hope that her sister was still out there and might not be far and anger on how the ring was discovered on the child-size disembodied right hand of her sister.

As for Justine, she was treated as the prisoner she was by the trio of captains, however, that didn’t stop her from making friends with Ludwig, Matthew, Feliciano, and Lovino along with Captain Gilbert’s and Antonio’s children. While playing with her new-found friends, she stumbles across a treasure chest of sorts and reaches in for the treasure, unknowing that the ship is slowly sinking and that everyone is evacuating the ship to the other two. Lovino came back for her and found her hand stuck in the chest and the water rising fast. To save her life, Lovino chopped off her right hand that was stuck and carried her off the ship and to safety. Francis installed a hook to replace her hand, and she was finally told what treasure Arthur would need to buy her back; she tells them that the ring she had and was now lost was part of the treasure, after which she lost all hope of returning home to her family and dropped her name, only answering to Hook. For the next seven years, the three captains father her until Francis’ deathbed where he passes his title of Captain to her to continue the three captain’s plans to make their friendship last for all the generations to come despite Francis not having any true biological lineage. For a whole year, she was Captain Hook, Roamer of the Seven Seas.

Angel and Justine do meet again eight years after they separated. Arthur raids the trio of ships intending to get Justine back but they are shocked to see that Justine transformed into Hook and is so comfortable that she’s able to speak French, Spanish, German and Italian fairly fluently. Angel’s guilt remains while Justine gets a wave of rage, still sore about that one night eight years prior, as shown by the featured picture (base by rainfall bases).

In conclusion, Angel Kirkland is emo and Justine Kirkland is a rage filled rebel.

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