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Chapter 17; New Friends

It was just another peaceful day at the Phantomhive manner. The birds were singing, the sun was shining golden and bright, there was not a single cloud in the bright blue sky, everything was back to normal- “WREAW!!!!!!!!!”

…Well, almost everything.

Sebastian jumped at the cry before looking over to where the sound came from. He saw none other than his daughter, now a full cat, leap out of the manner and tremble in Sebastian’s arms. “Justine, whatever is the matter?” he asked.

“D-dog.” the kitten stuttered.

To this, the demon was confused. “A dog? But Pluto hasn’t been here in nearly two years.” he stated with furrowed brows. “How can-” he was cut off by a growl as a dog three times the size of the cat in his arms came out in the light from the darkness of the manner. Her eyes glowed yellow in rage and her razor teeth were bared as she growled deeply. Every brown and black hair on her stood up on end, making her look much larger and much more frightening. Seeing the dog, Sebastian only sighed and straightened his face from any expression. “…Really?”

“I said I was sorry!” Justine cried as she backed further in her father’s chest, covering him in her cat hair, but he wouldn’t mind the fur (as long as he cleaned his clothes before he’d get too close to Ciel).

“Sorry isn’t good enough!” the dog barked. “Rip it to shreds! Burn it in hell! Never speak of it again!”

The demon held the cat in one arm as he straightened his posture. “Justine, Angel, May I ask what is going on?” When there was no reply, he looked at the kitten in his arm. “Justine, do I have to remind you that I’m your father, therefore you must do as I say?”

“…No daddy.” she sighed as she averted her green eyes.

Sebastian then turned to the furious dog in front of him. “Angel, do I need to remind you that you are a guest, already on thin ice because of what happened from the beginning of this month to only the other day, only here to have a fun time with my daughter?”

“…No Mr. Michaelis.” she sighed as she calmed a little, but didn’t change her expression of anger toward the cat.

“Now, what is going on?” he asked again before both of them started shouting explanations simultaneously, to which he clutched his head. “I’m one hell of a butler, not one hell of a multi-listener. One at a time, please.”

“Well, Angel and I were talking about our moms,”

“But then, I told her that I didn’t grow up with a mom.”

“So then, I told her that I knew who her mom is,”

“With her freaky all-knowing demon power,”

“And I told her that her mom was really an angel, literally.”

“I asked her if she was still alive, what she was like, all of that,”

“And I told her that her mom was…you remember that cross-gender angel you beat up a while ago?”

Sebastian was only more confused by the question. “…Yes…Ash and Angela, I remember them.”

“Well, then Justine told me that Angela was my mom!”

“I tried to explain to her that I don’t control what I see, I just see it!”

“Then she tried to draw me a picture with me and my parents!”

“Then she turned, then I turned, then I came out here to you!”

“…ah.” was Sebastian’s only response. “What about that made you upset?” he asked Angel, truly curious.

“If that was true, then my dad lied to me!” she answered. “He told me that my mom died when I was only a toddler!”

“Like that’s a big shocker!” Justine huffed.

“Shut up! Just because my dad’s a spider does NOT  mean that everything he tells me is a lie!”

“And I told her that Angela was turned into stone forever ago.” the cat added, turning her attention from the canine to the butler. “I also tried to explain to her that you didn’t really have a choice when you beat her and Ash.”

“True.” Sebastian stated. “I regret to tell you this, Angel, but if Justine is correct in her vision, which only a fool would doubt, your mother was the object of my master’s revenge. Master Ciel commanded me to dispose of them both, so I had no choice. You, of all demons, should know that a master’s order is absolute. Ciel orders me to jump, I must ask, ‘How high?’ It’s just how it works. Again, I am truly sorry about your mother.”

Hearing all of this, Angel returned to her human form, straightening her tail-coat as she looked down on the stone ground, unsure how to take this new information. She then reached over and scratched behind Justine’s ear soothingly, causing Sebastian to smile at the compromise. “I’m sorry for getting mad at you. I should be mad at my dad if I am at all.”

Sebastian sighed a smile as he set down the cat and she returned to her human form as well, adjusting her purple glasses and red blouse before hugging her friend. “I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you about your mom.” she apologized.

The dog demon sighed sadly. “…I guess I just thought…maybe there was a chance my dad was just mistaken and there was a possibility I could meet my mom. Just for one moment. But, hearing it now from you too, a demon that literally knows every little thing, past, present, and future, just sorta…killed that small hope.” Both the girls were saddened by the turn of events as the friends shared a tight, much-needed hug.

The next day, Justine wandered through the halls, getting distracted by the paintings she passed before she completely ran into another teenage girl. Oddly enough, she’d never met this girl as she muttered a “sorry” and straightened her light blue maid dress. Her dirty blond hair wrapped around her shoulders, slightly disheveled from the sudden impact, her blue-grey eyes stayed on the floor.

“…I’ve never seen you before.” Justine admitted, trying to look at the strange teen’s face that was pointed away from her. “What’s your name?”

“R-Rachel.” she stuttered as she fidgeted with her thumbs. “I’m shocked that you don’t recognize me, well, not really. Since my brother came back from war, I was just a shadow of him. Always with him, but never noticed.”

To this, the demon reaper furrowed her brows, poking through this girl’s past. She and her older brother were orphaned at a young age. In order to survive at the time, they got themselves familiar with weaponry, which Rachel not only fell in love with but grew obsessed with. After her brother left for the war, he returned home with a job offer in London England. They made the trip overseas and were accepted into the Phantomhive family. Though Rachel remained shy, accepting the job as an assistant maid (much like how Justine was an assistant butler), her brother bloomed happily and became the cook the whole manner knew and loved as Bardroy, the cook who can’t cook.

The assistant butler tilted her head at what she saw in this teen’s past before she smiled. “Well, Rachel, things are going to turn out for the better for you, you’ll see.” It was true; she glimpsed into the future and saw Rachel much happier in a crowd of friends that laughed with her in her ray of company. It was then when she had an idea. “Why not you come with me.” she stated. “I want to show you something.”

“O-okay.” The maid stuttered as the female butler guided her out to the woods.

“Just follow me, and don’t stray from the path.” Rachel nodded as Justine led her in.

Just as instructed, Rachel stayed at Justine’s side (maybe a little too close) throughout the whole hike. They soon made it to a small wooden cabin. They got inside and saw Angel sitting on the bench with a bored expression, just staring in the glowing ashes where once a fire that danced the chill away. “Hey Justine,” she called thoughtfully. “why do we still even use this clubhouse?” she asked curiously. “It’s not like it’s still a secret that we’re friends.”

“It’s the only place my dad can get to that your dad can’t.” the reaper answered. “Just in case, you know? I, for one, do NOT want to relive last month!”

Angel looked back at her with a growing smile. “You were stuck in cat form for, like, three weeks. Plus being with Druitt!”

Justine cringed. “…Please…don’t mention that perv again.”

As the demon laughed at her friend’s discomfort, she looked over at the human that came with her in interest and curiosity. “Who’s this?”

“Oh!” The reaper almost forgot about Rachel, her being so quiet and timid. “Angel, this is Rachel. I just met her and thought you guys would like to meet.”

After a while of Angel and Justine getting to know Rachel better, Justine jumped out of her skin when she looked at her watch and saw that they’ve been talking for hours. “I’m sorry, I have to go.” she stated hastily as she rushed out the door. “My mom will be at the manner to get me literally any minute.”

“It’s okay, I understand.” Angel stated as she stood. “I should get back to my dad too; make sure he’s not planning something we’re all going to pay for later.”

As the two of them chuckled a little at the memories, Rachel looked at them in confusion. “What are you two laughing about?”

“It’s a long story.” Angel huffed.

“I’ll tell you later.” Justine promised as she left the cabin, Rachel following close behind.

When they returned to the manner, Grell waited by the gate, his chariot just behind him. As Justine approached him, she quickly hugged Sebastian goodbye. “Hey mom.” she stated.

“Hey Tinie,” he greeted with her old nickname. “You ready to go?”

“Just about.” she answered in a chipper tone as she gave her father one last goodbye nod and strolled to the open arms of her mother.

The reaper smiled. “Great, there’s actually someone I want you to meet.” Justine looked confused as her mom guided her to the carriage and opened the door for her to get inside. Already sitting on the other side of the door was a young man with longish wavy brown hair, big, black, square glasses, and green eyes, wearing the reapers uniformed suit, the only difference being the purple vest. It took her a few moments, but she soon realized that this was the same boy she saw in class half a year before. The double bladed ax leaning on the seat gave that away in flying colors. “Tinie, sweetie, meet your big brother, Jeremy.” At the words ‘big brother’, both the teens snapped stiff and whipped their heads to Grell with wide eyes. All her power of foresight and Justine never saw that coming. “Jeremy, this is your little sister, Justine.”

“What?!” both teens shouted in exclamation as they both shouted things at random, overlapping each other. Grell simply sat her down inside and shut the door, taking the reins of the horse with a sigh.

Later that day, Angel decided she’d visit Undertaker. Ever since Justine introduced her to him, she’d always love to visit that cool and creepily awesome morgue. “Undertaker,” she called as she looked around in the creepy room filled with coffins. Looking closer, she noticed that a few coffins stood upright. “I know you’re in here.” she called as she opened the coffin doors. “I’m not going to fall for this prank again!”

She soon reached one that had a teen boy with long, dark brown, nearly black hair. The boy had his long bangs cover his eyes, much like Undertaker’s, but swept to the left side. His dark gray robe went down to his ankles and the long sleeves covered his hands. The robe was so dark, the only way Angel could tell that this boy had a body at all in the dim light was the white sash that stretched from his shoulder to his waist across his torso.

Cautiously, she reached in and poked the alleged corps; she thought she saw it breathe. The moment the finger made contact with him, he shot his arms straight and made groaning sounds.

The demon screamed in fright and swooped to the wall with the strength in her newly discovered wings. The scream was interrupted by a hearty laugh from a cracked, dry voice. She looked over with dilated golden brown eyes to see Undertaker walking in as the source of the laughter. “Now Paul, is that any way to treat a lady?” he asked. “I thought I taught you better.”

Paul laughed as he climbed out of the box, looking up at Undertaker. “Sorry dad.” he chuckled.

Angel straightened and gazed at the teen. “…’dad’?” she repeated. “You’re Undertaker’s son?”

“That’s right!” the teen boy answered with a grin, a dark brown eye glowing under his hair before he squeezed the demon close. “Now, we’re going to be great friends!”

The dog demon bit her lip and cringed a little. “…meh…”

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