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Meet My Oc: Masako Kirigaya

Here’s another oc that I mentioned in the introduction blog to start this whole series, but this is a formal introduction to Masako Kirigaya. I made her name when I looked up the meaning of my real name and Masako was the closest Japanese version in meaning. Originally, that was a name for another oc, however, I decided it would be better to name that oc Natsumi and give the name Masako to this one. As for her last name, I heard it in an anime and, at the time, I couldn’t remember which one. Now I know that I heard it from Sword Art Online clips, but the name stuck to my oc; I didn’t want to change it.

Her pony form is a light pink unicorn, the same pink as the word font in the featured picture (base by baselicious d35hief) and a black musical measure with notes and a treble cleft as a cutiemark.

There’s also a reason behind the fact that she wears the boy’s uniform despite her parent’s wishes. She claims that it’s because yellow isn’t her color, however, the real reason is because the guy’s uniforms are slick and easy to move in while the girl’s uniforms are…not. She’s not much of a tomboy, but she knows when wearing a boy’s wardrobe is necessary or better fits her, and when a girl’s wardrobe can do the same.

I glossed over the reason I made her, but here it is in full with her backstory. Masako Kirigaya was inspired by my need to make people happy. I personally cannot STAND to be in a room where people are unhappy or just being dull or neutral and quiet. She was also inspired by the fact that music is my number 1 passion before I started getting good at writing and drawing, branching out to this blog and multiple hobbies. I was in my school choir from 6th grade until senior year of high school, and before that, my parents keep on telling me that I was singing before I could talk. Heck, I even sang the Star Spangled Banner when my mom, brother and I went out to Denny’s for dinner after 9/11 happened; I just stood up and sang before sitting back down to continue eating my grilled cheese sandwich. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Let’s get back to Masako. Even though I personally am not a music composer, I made Masako channel my musical passion with all the musical hobbies I’ve ever wanted, from piano playing to guitar strumming to music writing to singing, if it’s musical, she can do it. If she can’t, she can learn quickly, like, within days. However, to not make her a Mary Sue, I left out my writing and drawing abilities and made her’s amateur at best.

Speaking of her writing and artistic abilities, she also has an interesting relationship with her parents. I made her dad a big named author and her mom a famous artist and illustrator for the main reason that her family needs to be rich so she can even be in Ouran Academy. I didn’t want her to be a commoner because commoners come to Ouran only once in a blue moon, and Ouran already had its commoner, Haruhi. The other reason why her parents are authors and artists is because she has the pressure to aspire to that even though she lacks the passion and skill for writing and art. Her passion is music and entertainment, however, her parents think that’s a job not even commoners could do. To them, “The rich and common folk are entertained, the lower society entertains.” They are indifferent to her outstanding musical ability and want her to reflect them because they believe that’s how you’re successful and remain rich.

With troubles at home, Masako turns to the host club as a means to be herself. However, because Haruhi is already in that club, Tamaki is reluctant to let her join. To change his mind, she strikes a deal with him. If he would allow her to join and allow boys to come as guests regularly, then she would fill the role as the Creative Type, perform her musical talents in the club, and follow all club rules without question, including following them on vacations and participating in cosplay. Still reluctant, Tamaki and Kyoya talked it over and agreed that someone musically inclined and willing to do pretty much anything would be a good asset to have in the club, so they both agreed to the terms. Also, Tamaki thought that Masako could be the “girlfriend” that Haruhi needs, to which she fulfills almost instantly after discovering the Secret Success to the Natural Type…basically, she put two and two together and figured out that Haruhi was a girl.

As time passes and she grows closer to the hosts, she learns three things. One, any and all cosplay themes Tamaki chooses only has questionably appropriate female costumes. Two, the male guests liked Masako’s cosplay more than her creativity and music. Three, that she developed a crush on Kaoru (she had a crush on Tamaki at the same time but it was very painfully obviously clear to her that Haruhi was the one for Tamaki, so she banished that crush and let the other one bloom). Time and time again, male guests are kicked out for lewd behavior towards Masako and all the hosts keep an eye on her and Haruhi, even more-so than before.

Hikaru gets jealous of how much more attention Kaoru gives to Masako, but he gets over it and even teases them about it less like a narcissistic jerk and more like a real brother.

Kaoru had a crush on Masako but he was conflicted and fearful of rejection so their mutual crush took a while to reach the surface; months later, they both fess up and start dating. He’s also protective and hunts down all the male guests who act inappropriately, finding some horrid way to humiliate them as pay-back.

Kyoya is only interested in Masako for her musical talent and he tricks her (not really since she is never fooled by his attempts to make it secret) into writing songs so he could make and sell CDs for a little more money in the club’s treasury.

Tamaki is simply protective of her as the “second daughter” in the host family and bans any and all male guests who are lewd with her (she hardly gets the same guests more than once). He also likes to play the piano with her when they get the chance.

Mori gives Masako immediate help when she’s in a tight spot. For example, if she’s cornered by a bunch of horny guys, he rushes in and would yank her out if he has to.

Honey keeps her company and he’d share his cake. Often times, he’d move from his table to hers so she’d relax a bit on sweets.

As for Haruhi, she and Masako just have girl’s talk when there are no guests. Haruhi also gives her advice on being a host even when you’re uncomfortable about it.

To sum it all up, Masako Kirigaya is a very musically inclined teenager who loves entertaining, which causes strain at home. She finds a new home in the Host Club and had to bargain to get herself in, and later becomes a Damsel in Distress from all the guys she entertains and also provides a new means to club funds. Even with all the hardships, the deep-rooted friends (family), along with her new-found boyfriend, made it all worth it.

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