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Brothers Conflict and their Ponysonas

Anyone familiar with Brothers Conflict knows that this probably has one of the biggest cast for an anime that’s just a slice of life or reverse harem. This gives me plenty of potential to “ponify” this perfect piece! Now, I’m going to go down from oldest brother to the youngest, then Chii or Ema…whatever you wanna call her (I’ll call her Chii for this blog). Warning, there will be spoilers.

Starting with the oldest, Masaomi, the first born and doctor. Masaomi is a very supportive character. He is the Big Brother we all dream of having. Though he’s a bit of a workaholic, as in if he’s not at home, he’s at work, he just takes on the “dad” role. The way that he talks to the other brothers is very much like how my dad talks to me. Heck, he’s even got a “Dad’s Voice” when Wataru, or any brother (but primarily Wataru), start to get out of hand. For his supportive nature, I think he should be an earth pony with a lollipop cutiemark.

Next down the line is the second son and lawyer of the bunch, Ukyo. Like Masaomi, Ukyo took on a parental position, probably from having so many brothers and lack of actual parents, I could see why the first two sons would be parent figures for their brothers. However, like how Masaomi is like the working, supportive dad, Ukyo is more like the stay at home mom. Like Masaomi has a “Dad’s Voice” Ukyo has a bit of “Mama’s Voice” going with Kaname primarily. He might be a lawyer, but we always see him in the kitchen, and he even starts to feel awkward when Chii comes in and starts helping in the kitchen and becomes the go-to person for plan updates when that was Ukyo’s job. He also looks after all the brothers and keeps them all in check, but he’s also a supporter and even kinda stubborn that his job is his and shouldn’t be anyone else’s. For that reason, I think earth pony with a cutiemark of a book or a frying pan fits him nicely as well.

Son number three is Kaname, the free-spirited monk. Unlike the two brothers before him, Kaname isn’t a supportive brother, at least not in the same way. He doesn’t keep the other brothers in check, he only sometimes substitutes for guardian when a younger brother has the Parent Teacher Conference, but I think all the older brothers that graduated high school and college take turns playing that role, and he’s not even grounded and stable himself. Because of that, I can see him as a pegasus with a cutiemark of the moon and/or stars.

Number four is a little bit trickier. Though Hikaru is a trap and dresses as a “lady of the night”, I can see him as a pegasus or unicorn. He’s free spirited and unpredictable like Kaname, but he also has a quicker wit and can read the mood better and faster. I think it would be better is he was a unicorn, though. Just for his wit and the fact that he just has a spell cast on all the family members to show up during drama or embarrassing moments (in that balcony scene at the end of episode 12, where did he come from?! He just teleported there behind Chii!) him being a unicorn would make more sense…though I’m coming up blank for a cutiemark.

Brother number five, also the first of the trio of triplets, Tsubaki, is one of the teasers. Tsubaki, unlike his reserved twin brother, is very open and confident in everything he does. Because of that, I believe pegasus with a cutiemark of Azusa is the best fit for him, if not then a cutiemark of a voice studio microphone.

Tsubaki’s identical twin brother, Azusa, is the exact opposite. Unlike Tsubaki, Azusa is very reserved, square, and straight forward. He only exits his comfort zone when Tsubaki insists or when his acting demands of it. I would say pegasus because he is the identical twin of Tsubaki who’s a pegasus, however, I believe his personality is more like a unicorn mainly from his flexibility and creativity, and his cutiemark should be a set of headphones (if Tsubaki’s cutiemark is the mic set).

The fraternal triplet to the identical twins, Natsume, is even more square and straight than Azusa. He’s much more steady and grounded than his twin brothers. Not to mention, he’s a workaholic, hiding his want and need to spend time with Chii on the holidays behind the fact that his game developing company is in high business, which wouldn’t make sense. The game STORES would be in high business, but the game developers wouldn’t because they just produce the games, not sell the individual copies to the public. Anyway, off topic! I believe that Natsume is an earth pony with maybe an inclining line-chart as a cutiemark for his groundedness and stubborn workaholic-ness.

Lois is the…oddest of the bunch. He’s the one who stands out most, but at the same time, blends in with the crowd. He has a very “Philosopher” way of viewing the world and is pretty soft spoken. Because he stands out and puts so much thought in everything he says and does, I’ll say unicorn with a comb cutiemark.

I admit, Subaru is probably my least favorite brother. He has an unhealthy obsession with basketball, and, because he loves Chii, he expects her to drop everything and follow him to the ends of the basketball world! Basketball and everything that comes with it (strength, team effort, etc.), is the only thing to his character so I’m going to say earth pony with a cutiemark of a, you guessed it, basketball.

Iori is another difficult one, though not for the same reason as Hikaru. As opposed to number four, Iori just blends into the background. He kinda reminds me of Canada from Hetalia. Even when he was introduced, I said, “Hello Canada, you’re in the wrong show”. To keep it simple, and because I think Canada is a unicorn, I’m going to say Iori is a unicorn too, but while a stack of flapjacks would be Canada’s cutiemark, maybe a cutiemark of a Forget-Me-Not flower would better fit Iori.

Now to the tsundere. Yusuke Is the punk type. He doesn’t admit that he has feelings and puts up a tough facade for his friends and Chii. He’s also a bit of a daredevil. He really reminds me of Rainbow Dash, and for that reason, I’m placing Yusuke as a pegasus with a cutiemark of a pie since he’s always got food on the brain, and he has a hard crust and soft heart.

Next up is Fuuto. Fuuto is very possessive of Chii and anything he wants. Though he has big dreams, he works hard to the bone to achieve them. For that reason, I would say earth pony, though his consistent mocking and harassing Chii, I think, would suggest pegasus. However, I’ll stick with my first instinct and say earth pony with a video camera, or a spotlight cutiemark.

Lastly, we have Wataru…all this kid has going for him is that he’s the kid. He’s rambunctious, arrogant, and adorable! He kind of reminds me of Aang in that he hadn’t seen  or been around a girl until Chii came and lived with them, so he confuses a feeling of motherly love with romantic love. He’s letting his dreams get the better of him, and Chii is unknowingly supporting his dream that, if she took him seriously, wouldn’t come to be. Because of his big dreams, and his rambunctious nature, I’ll say he’s a pegasus, maybe a blank flank, but I can’t think of a good cutiemark because he is a kid and he doesn’t have any stand-out traits.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Chii’s an earth pony.

Let me explain. Chii is very supportive and steps right into the motherly role that was filled by Ukyo. She is kind and isn’t afraid to smack the brothers with their own words. She also stubbornly holds onto the thought that they’re being nice to her and saying that they all love her because they’re family, even though they’re confessing that they want her to bare their children. Because of her stubborn look on the brothers and her supportive nature to her family and friends, she is an earth pony with a cutiemark of several hearts.

I hope you enjoyed my view of what the brothers of Brothers Conflict would be as ponies. If you disagree, leave a comment and tell me what you think and what I could’ve missed. Otherwise, have a beautiful rest of your day.

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