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Meet My Oc: Angel Blanc Faustus

Since I’ve already touched on this, allow me to formally introduce you to Angel Blanc Faustus, the Black Butler oc created by AnimeAngel120. Her pony version is a purple pegasus with large, alicorn-like wings. Her cutiemark is a golden halo with red devil horns.

As I mentioned, this oc was inspired by AnimeAngel’s loyalty and a need for parental attention, however, the decision for Angel Faustus’ parents was…an interesting story that started as a joke.

Warning, this is a major spoiler for the story Friends For Life. You have been warned. All the people worried about spoilers gone now? We ready? …Good.

I remember this like it was yesterday, though it was about three years ago. AnimeAngel just made the oc the night before, she had a good base for her appearance, personality, and backstory, but fine details weren’t established and were still up in the air. She knew that she wanted Angel to be Claude’s daughter and Ronald’s girlfriend, but, because of her name, I jokingly said, “Hey, what if Angela were the mother?” Knowing fully well that Angela was crazy, she hissed at me and it was just an inside joke for a few days. The entire subject between me and AnimeAngel was actually very similar to how Justine Michaelis and Angel Faustus talk about the subject in chapters 17 and 21. Finally, over Christmas break, I drew a picture of Angel Faustus, Claude Faustus, and Angela Blanc, and AnimeAngel admitted that it looked good and, if handled with care, can be pulled off. Now, I ship Claude and Angela like CRAZY! (If you follow me on Deviantart, then you’ll already know this, and if you follow AnimeAngel120 on Deviantart and look at her earlier ponysonas, where do you think the halo and devil horns cutiemark came from?) So, to sum up, what started as a joke and running gag turned into a ship that hit hard and stuck tight…to me.

Anyway, Angel is rebellious and, similar to Justine, isn’t quick to trust, however, her family is the one and only exception, in which case, the trust she puts in her family is completely dependent on their most recent encounter. Example, if Claude lies, she won’t trust him until he does something, anything, to get in her good graces again; once that happens, say, for example, he baked a pie with her and made it fun, she will forget the lie even happened. She is also curious, however shy. Her curiosity sometimes does overwrite her shyness and distrust, like how she approached Justine in chapter 1 of Friends for Life, however, her shyness usually keeps her from interacting with anyone outside her comfort zone (which strangely consist of hellish demons and grim reapers…who’d ‘a thunk?). As said before, she is fiercely loyal, however, she has to think long and hard where her loyalty lies and what actions will prove that, as shown in chapter 10 of Friends For Life.

Aside from Justine and the other servants of the Trancy manor, she has no other friends who she feels comfortable with due to her shyness, though she is still trusting in whoever earned Justine’s trust since that in itself is no easy task. She also has Ronald as a boyfriend and she volunteers as Undertaker’s assistant (though it’s only for the laughs that come with him). As said earlier, her parents are Claude and Angela, however, she has no siblings, so she has no other family (as far as she knows. There is someone who made an oc to be Claude’s niece, daughter of Claude’s sister, but we’re not talking about her right now, and even if we were, I don’t think it’s my place). Her supernatural abilities include flying from her mother’s side, creating illusions from dust and transformation into a dog.

Though she doesn’t have a role in Book of Murder, AnimeAngel gave Angel Faustus a role in Book of Circus when she saw a fan-poster of Claude in Book of Circus (or a character that looked just like Claude). In (the alternate) Book of Circus, she and Claude join the circus with the same letter from the queen. The reason why Alois isn’t there is because he simply didn’t want to. Anyway, Claude and Angel go to the circus, they audition, and join under the names of Pup and Gold (picture of Angel AKA”Pup” as featured image. Base owned by colibri3) with a fire act, then get a head start on the investigation. Angel even informs Sebastian and Ciel about their findings. Aside from that, they don’t do too much.

AnimeAngel also decided that, at the end of Black Butler season 2, she and Justine watch their fathers brawl to the death, and after it is all said and done, Angel drags Claude back home to her mother. From that point on, Angel continuously creates illusions of Claude, playing pretend that he was still alive and that they are one big happy family, but that just makes her ending all the more heart churning.

To sum, it all up, Angel Faustus is half angel half demon, she is extremely loyal, though sometimes has trouble deciding where her loyalties lie, she’s more of a closed book and shy, and her ending is the most heartbreaking.

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