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My Thoughts of Little Ponies

I’m sure you’ve all seen “Best Pony” lists from bronies all over the community, and they’re all different. This is my own opinion, so if my number 1 is your number 6 or if my number 2 is your number 1 and so forth, then don’t hate me. Everyone’s opinion is different, and that’s what I love most about this community, however, my opinion is still something I wanna talk about.

I could include background ponies, such as Vinal Scratch, Derpy, Cranky Doodle, etc. but I don’t want us to be here forever, so I will only talk about the ponies who actually have character development. If I don’t talk about a pony, either they weren’t given enough development, I simply don’t have anything new to say, or I don’t like nor dislike them; the character is just there. (Spike is not included because even the writers can’t decide whether they like him or not).

Let’s start with, in my opinion, the WORST pony in all of Equestria, Rarity. Oh, my GOD! I HATE this unicorn! She has broken her element more times than I can count! Everyone says that Rainbow Dash has broken her element of Loyalty so many times, but here’s the thing. It’s natural for someone to be conflicted to have to choose between their lifelong dreams and their friends or family. If she was breaking her element, then it wouldn’t be a conflict and she’d go the selfish route without a second thought. Rarity doesn’t bat an eye before she gets greedy!

There are two times, and two times ONLY when I can say that she is legitly being generous, and that’s in the second episode when she gave her tail to the sea monster (I think his name is Stephan, but I’m not sure), and the second time is when she’s singing Art of the Dress. Both those times, she is giving without expecting something in return. However, she doesn’t do this again, at least not from what I’ve noticed. She’s manipulated and thought only of herself one too many times. In Secret of My Excess, tricking Spike out of his fire ruby that was his birthday gift is a new low which she can NOT climb back out of. To me, that was her point of no return, making her worst pony to me…however, in recent episodes, I’ve started to respect her ambition and drive to be an entrepreneur.

Working up the ladder, Queen Chrysalis. I’m in that crowd that says that, though she didn’t get much screen time, Queen Chrysalis is one of the most, if not THE most, dangerous threats in My Little Pony as a whole. She’s also the most selfless. While Nightmare Moon ascended to villainy by her own narcissism and jealousy of Celestia, Discord became a villain to take over Equestria for his own amusement, and Tierek attempted to take over Equestria out of revenge for his time in Tartarus, Queen Chrysalis attempted to take over Equestria to provide food for her subjects and to be sure that they’ll be well nourished and be able to survive. I would love the staff of My Little Pony to bring her back, and judging by the last few seconds of the season 6 premier, I think we haven’t seen the last of her yet, and I can’t wait!

Continuing up, the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I love these three because they are adorable and they remind me of myself when I was a kid. However, they don’t have much personality apart from each other, even more so now that they all three have the same cutie mark. The discovery of their cutie marks could’ve been three separate episodes, or they could’ve had the cutie marks for the talents that they’ve shown through the whole series; singing for Sweetiebelle, scooter or mechanics for Scootaloo, and architecture or potions for Applebloom. Now, I’m not sure that they’ll have any originality separate from one another, and I REALLY hope I’m wrong about this.

Now we move into the characters that I love most; Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.

First, let us talk about Rainbow Dash. She has broken her element of Loyalty, but her element breaking is from her conflict between her dreams of being a Wonderbolt and her friends. For example, in Rainbow Falls, she had the option to either fly and compete with her heroes or with her friends. She was very conflicted, and felt guilty for it, but she attempted to play it both ways until she found out that Spitfire lied about Sorin’s condition. That knowledge helped her decide who deserved her loyalty.

Let’s go a little further back to an earlier episode. In Return to Harmony part 1, Discord corrupted the mane six. To corrupt Applejack, he showed her a possible outcome, saying that it was an absolute truth so that she’d believe that lies are easier to take than the hard truth. For Pinkie Pie, he made her trip in a mud puddle and made her believe that everyone laughs at her, not with her. When he corrupted Rarity, all he had to do was show her a diamond, no further effort, and she corrupted herself (big reason why I hate her…but moving on). For Fluttershy, Discord attempted to make her think that she was a hindrance to the group…however, she remained unphased and he used force to corrupt her.

For each of the mane six, Discord convinced them to go against their element of harmony (or attempted to in Fluttershy’s case). For Rainbow Dash, however, he used a different, and more direct approach. When Discord first tries to corrupt the element of Loyalty, he shows her the town she was born and raised in, Cloudsdale, and it was being destroyed in the vision he showed her. Though it’s unknown if this vision was true when he showed it or not, he plays with her deep-rooted loyalty. Sit back and truly think for a second. If someone told you that the town that you were born and/or raised in (and probably still houses your parents) was in danger, and you had to decide in an instant if you would help the town or stay and help your friends with what might start to seem like a fools errand, which will you chose? You’d chose the town, right? Just like how Discord was completely unable to talk Fluttershy into being cruel and had to be blunt and quite literally punch her into cruelty, Discord used Rainbow Dash’s loyalty against her instead of making her come to a false realization that ‘her friends would throw her under the bus so why shouldn’t she’ type of corruption.

Lastly, I’m going to talk about Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie at the same time, because I like them for similar reasons. The first reason being that neither of them broke their element, even once…well, Fluttershy broke her’s twice, first time was when she took Iron Will’s lessons a bit too far, then when she told Discord that they weren’t friends (Seriously. Those three little words are the most cruel things you could say, and they cut deep!) however, with Iron Will, she simply took the lessons too far and when she realized that she became a monster because of it, she snapped out of it and took her experience to heart, and with Discord, she was pushed to her limit and exploded, feeling taken advantage of.

Moving on! Fluttershy has always been kind and gentle, however lately being passive-aggressive, and Pinkie Pie has always been able to lighten any mood and has full control over the other ponies, and the audience’s, hearts (remember Pinkie’s Lament? Tell me your heart didn’t break when she sang “I put away my party cannon, I deflated all my balloons”).

Literally, every time I see Pinkie Pie, I tell myself, “This is going to be a good one with lots of laughs!” …and imagine the deadness in my brain when I saw all those Pinkie Rarity episodes in season 6 when every time I see Rarity, I tell myself, “…seriously? It’s going to be a lesson about greed or how materialism doesn’t equal happiness, isn’t it?” But I digress.

For the reasons that these two have stayed the most true to their elements, and that they are both a lot of fun to watch, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are tied for best pony in all of Equestria.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Tell me who you think is the best or worst pony and why in the comments below.

By the way, I’ll talk about Discord, but he’s such a compelling character, that he deserves his own full blog.

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