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Meet My Oc: Justine Sutcliff Michaelis

Justine Sutcliff Michaelis was inspired by a very dark and traumatic time in my life when I felt as though I had to be two-faced and go behind backs to achieve my goals. Her pony version is a red unicorn with a long horn (like an alicorn without the wings) and her cutiemark is a dark red cat with a white paper (though I think I’m going to change it from a paper to a magnifying glass because of her power of prediction).

Family wise, Justine Michaelis has two parents, Sebastian and Grell. Though she doesn’t really have any family on Sebastian’s side, she has a half brother on Grell’s side, and considers the other reapers as family. For example, Ronald is like an older brother to her, William and Undertaker are like uncles to her, and so forth. She also has a younger sister who is also the daughter of Sebastian and Grell, though that relationship is a lot more complicated than that. Because of Justine’s relationship with her parents and her parents’ relationship with one another, she alternates weeks between each parent so she can learn how to be a demon butler and how to be a grim reaper, preparing for either to be her life path.

As for relationships, she only truly confides in her best friend, Angel Faustus. She also considers the other servants as friends, though she does have a love interest; Finnian. Even though she doesn’t completely tell details, she still keeps the rest of the servants informed in what’s really happening. Only Finnian knows in detail who and what she and Sebastian are.

Speaking of which, she has special powers too. She can tell everything about a person just from a name or face from her mother’s (Grell’s) side. She also has the ability to see future events, however, those visions very in how clear and detailed they are, and she can transform into a cat.

Because Black Butler has 2 ova series titled Book of Circus and Book of Murder, I might as well just say Justine Michaelis’ role in said series’. In Book of Circus, she sneaks away from home to try and solve the case herself due to not feeling appreciated for her efforts and being overshadowed by Sebastian. She ends up joining the circus (design as featured image. Base owned by angelicbases) with the stage name, Cat, and the act as solo trapeze and air acrobatics. However, she doesn’t contribute much once Sebastian and Ciel join the circus due to being grounded by Sebastian the moment he found her, so the original Book of Circus continues with slight differences.

As for Book of Murder, Justine Michaelis was just an emotional train wreck and was just as much in the dark as the rest of the guest and servants, even more so when Sebastian “died”. Still, she gave more contribution and was very suspicious of everyone, especially when “Jeremy” suspiciously showed up after the death of Sebastian. She followed Jeremy, never letting him out of her sight, and only getting more suspicious when he disappeared, even if it was for minutes at a time. Even after the murder was solved, she was still unsatisfied but paid her suspicion no heed since Ciel seemed convinced, after which she cried in her room until Sebastian’s funeral, where she cried all day, most of which being tears of sadness and the last few moments of tears were of happiness.

To wrap it all up, Justine Sutcliff Michaelis is the daughter of Sebastian and Grell, has a romantic interest in Finnian, and is very distrusting, suspicious, secretive, and in the shadow of her father’s show-off awesomeness.

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