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Meet My Ocs

When making an oc for a pre-existing universe, such as a tv show, book, movie, etc. then most people fall into two categories or methods. One of the two is a self-insert where a person will literally copy-paste themselves into the show and name that a character. The other method is to make a completely new character with their own individuality, strengths, weaknesses, and back story and insert that into the universe that they want to make a character for. I, personally, am a mix of the two methods. I take a fraction of my own personality or self-history and build a character from that. Sometimes I give the character their own name (Masako Kirigaya, Ming Lee, Kira Aidou), but only if my own name doesn’t match the context (Justine Vargas, Justine Michaelis, Captain Justine Kirkland).

For example, Justine Sutcliff Michaelis, who you all more likely than not know from my story, Friends For Life, was inspired by a time in my own life when I felt as though I had to live a double life and be two-faced. That is why she is half demon and half grim reaper. She is Sebastian’s daughter because, during that time, one of the people I had to be two-faced with was a very controlling man, and I could see Sebastian as the type to be a controlling father, and for Grell…I don’t really support any other ship for Sebastian than Grell, so it made sense in my head. Justine Michaelis is also suspicious, skeptical and finds trust difficult to just give, like how in Friends for Life, she wasn’t an open book with Angel at first. She also does a lot of dirty work through the back and is very secretive, which is why she is a cat demon instead of a crow like Sebastian. She also shows these traits in the story, like how she never told Sebastian about her friendship, and she never told Angel that she was part demon until much later. There are more hints later in the story that leads to these traits, but that would be spoilers.

Justine Sutcliff Michaelis is an example of a character I made based on a large, and traumatic time in my life, but I also make characters based on my personality traits.

An example of this would be Masako Kirigaya, my Host Club oc. Masako was based on my love for creativity and desire to use that to make other’s smile; naturally, that would be an oc for Ouran Highschool Host Club. Masako is unique in my oc pool for the reason that she isn’t blood-related, or for any reason family-bound, to any of the hosts. Whereas almost all of my ocs are sisters or daughters to main characters of whatever universe I set the oc for, Masako Kirigaya is just as much family to the hosts as Tamaki and Kyoya are mommy and daddy. This oc was meant to be the first (openly) female host in the club; a special branch for hosting the male students of Ouran. In the club, she has the title as “the Creative Type”.

I’m not alone in this way of making ocs. Two of my  best friends also make ocs this way, and we all three have our ocs have some relationship, whether it be sisters or best friends. For example, Angel Blanc Faustus is the Black Butler oc to AnimeAngel120; one of my best friends. Angel Faustus represents her loyalty, which is why she’s a dog demon, and her loneliness and her need for parental attention, which explains why her relationship with Claude balances on a thin thread (in the first half of the story at least).

You know what? Since all of my ocs have taken up such a large part of my life, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give each character their own blog to go in full depth of their personality, the pony versions of these characters, and even how and why they came to be. Then, if I get any questions for the ocs in the comments below the blogs, I’ll start a QnA for all my, and my friends, characters, sorta like how there’s a bunch of “Ask a Character” pages on Deviantart, I’ll try and do something similar to that.

(P.S. the picture was drawn by AnimeAngel120. Also, the majority of the pictures for this series, if not all, are my drawings using bases. If I can remember the owner of the base, I’ll give them a shoutout, but my memory sucks 🙁 If I use a picture, you are the maker of the base, and I get your name wrong or I don’t mention you at all, please don’t hate me and just tell me how to credit you in the comments below, after which I will edit the post and add a credit to you with the name that you tell me to use. Please keep in mind, credits to the base will be included in wherever I talk about the picture, so it could be in the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or in the end.)

Like the featured image? Come to deviantart, where AnimeAngel120, one of my best friends, the one who drew the featured image for me, and the one who taught me almost everything I know about digital art, is drawing commissioned art of ponies! I’m doing the same thing! Check us out!

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