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Whenever I watch a show or movie, of course, the first thing on my mind should be “If they were ponies, what pony race would they be?”. It’s sorta like a game that I made up with my brony friends when we already finished making our personal ponysonas with a fine-toothed comb.

Mine is a red unicorn with a writing talent, a paper, and pencil as a cutiemark, and sorta like Pinkie, if her hair is in a ponytail, she’s happy, if her hair is down…DON’T APROTCH HER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!…which I really do have mood swings like that. AnimeAngel’s is currently a tan pegasus with singing and drawing as her talent, a pencil drawing a treble clef as her cutiemark (she’s had a yin-yang, a halo-devilhorns, and I don’t even remember what else.) AnimeAngel also modifies her ponysona depending on her hair length and her style while I keep mine with long hair and a denim jacket.

Anyway, we did that with all of us, and even with our non-brony friends, and I even extended it to my family (my brother didn’t appreciate it). Once we ran out of friends, I started drawing ponysonas from different cartoons, live action, anime series, and movies. Examples of what I’ve thought of ponysonas for are all Disney movies, Charmed, Hetalia, Kamisama Kiss, Brothers Conflict, Full Metal Alchemist, and much more. Because of this, I think I’m going to make this a series of blogs.

Hey, do you like ponies? Of course, you do since you’re on a blog about ponies! Come to deviantart, where AnimeAngel120, one of my best friends, and the one who taught me almost everything I know about digital art, is drawing commissioned art of ponies! I’m doing the same thing! Check us out!

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