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Kamisama Kiss Vs. Gugure Kokkuri-san

I should start with a spoiler alert! If you hadn’t seen either of these two anime series and plan to, LEAVE NOW or read on at your OWN RISK!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk a little history. Kamisama Kiss and Gugure Kokkuri-san are two different anime series with their own different situations and their own stories. They both even are written by two different authors, Kamisama Kiss written by Julietta Suzuki, and Gugure Kokkuri-san written by Midori Endo. Kamisama Kiss adaptation into anime came first, airing on October 1, 2012, while Gugure Kokkuri-san waited another two years for an adaptation, airing on October 6, 2014. As far as English goes, Funamation bought the rights to dub the Kamisama Kiss episodes almost instantly, while Gugure Kokkuri-san has yet to be dubbed, or even cast for English dubbing (however, it has been translated with subtitles).

Now, let’s look at how these characters look. For the sake of time, I’m only going to look at the characters who act as each other’s counterpart from each show; Tomoe and Kokkuri.

In Kamisama Kiss, Tomoe, Nanami’s main love interest, has white hair and white fox ears and a white tail. Though the hair is normally cut to neck length, it magically grows out to be as long as his abdomen and then some in various circumstances. His eye color changed a lot as the development of Kamisama Kiss progressed; his final eye color presented in the anime adaptation is medium lavender or purple. However, Julietta Suzuki to this day hasn’t decided, and still cycles Tomoe through gold, red, blue, and purple eyes for the covers of her books. Tomoe also normally wears traditional kimono robes ranging from white to navy colors.

As for Tomoe’s counterpart in Gugure Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri himself has a very similar design as Tomoe. He has long white hair and white fox ears, however, his fox tail is orange instead of white. His eye color is golden, just like Tomoe’s original eye color, and Kokkuri also typically wears white and blue kimono robes.

Moving on to how the two stories begin.

When Kamisama Kiss starts its first episode, you can tell almost off the bat that it’s a comedy with how the narrator describes and lays out the situation. Once Nanami, the main character, goes to the shrine, the episode attempts to have a horror or supernatural feeling with the atmosphere. However the animation of the characters reactions all still strongly suggest comedy and the rest of the show remains comedic throughout with supernatural aspects and dramatic sub-genre. There isn’t a moment where the audience feels horror from the second you press play.

When Gugure Kokkuri-san begins its own first episode, everything points to it being a supernatural horror. The narrator talks about how it’s bad if you ever summon Kokkuri-san alone, being haunted and cursed by Kokkuri for the rest of your life, as it reveals Kohina, the main character, summoning Kokkuri without anyone there to summon him with her; she’s all alone. However, this horror feeling only lasts a few minutes. Once Kokkuri reveals himself, Kohina denies that he’s there and asks “Kokkuri-san, who is that man at my door?”; at this point, the show abandons any horror previously presented.

The only thing left (that I can think of) are various plot points.

In Kamisama Kiss, Tomoe reluctantly watches over Nanami due to being locked in a contract unwillingly, and it’s not until he witnesses how far she is willing to go for him when he chooses her above all else, contract or no. He goes to extraordinary lengths to protect and care for Nanami, keeping her from trouble as she learns her duties of being a deity with all the struggles of being a teenage girl. He even goes so far as to enroll into her high school so he could protect her around the clock instead of just when she’s at home. Also, later on in the books, he is willing to shorten his own life span from centuries to 60 years max so he could say he died with his love by his side, which I personally think is the sweetest thing in the world. <3

In Gugure Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri is not at all tied to Kohina. Unlike Tomoe, there is no contract between Kokkuri and Kohina. Kokkuri simply adopts her in a sense. On the drop of a hat, he decides that he’ll cook all her meals, clean her house, and protect and guide her through life. He even enrolls in her elementary school for the singular purpose of securing that she’ll have a friend in class. It’s only revealed at the very end of the last episode why he decided to care for Kohina. The logic behind the decision ss that Kohina is his true love reincarnated; someone who he promised to look out for and care for forever.

To sum it all up, we’ve got one of the many cases of possible long lost brothers with one wanting to follow in the other’s footsteps.

“One of many?” you ask? Why yes, there are many characters scattered through anime all across the board who share similar designs, colors, mannerisms, and thought processes that lead toward the possibility for them to be related.

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