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Chapter 8; Cats Can’t Talk

The next morning, at the Trancy manner, Claude passed by Angel’s bedroom door. To his surprise, he heard his daughter’s laughter despite the depressing state she was in the night before. Curious, he opened the door and froze stiff and flat as a board in shock at the sight. He saw Angel in her dog form playing with the cat that he commanded the triplets to lock away. When the teen saw her father, she smiled wide and ran up to hug him, shedding the fur and gelling into her human form as she zoomed across the room. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” she screamed, squeezing Claude’s arms and torso tightly.

The shocked butler decided to allow the girl to do the talking, and he was glad he did. “I knew you weren’t a bad guy! Even though we couldn’t find Justine, you got me a pet cat instead to help with the loneliness! It’s not the best, but at least you tried! Thanks for thinking of me!”

The spider demon smiled upon hearing this and pulled his hands out of Angel’s grip to hug her back. “Only the best for my little puppy.” he stated. “What are you going to name her?”

Angel thought for a second before she beamed a smile. “Luna!” Luna meowed with a little shake and the dog demon smiled. “I think she likes it~!” The cat sat on the desk and curled her tail around her legs, giving another meow as she licked her paw and rubbed her head with the small, furry leg.

All Claude could do was smile. “Well, I can see that you and…Luna…have some very important…uhh…owner-pet bonding to do. I’ll leave you to it then.” he stated as he left, closing the door behind him.

Angel smiled and turned back to her new cat. “Now, are you hungry?” The cat sunk her head as her stomach made a little growl and the teen just laughed. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” And with that, she picked up the cat and carried her down to the kitchen in search for a bowl and something Luna can eat.

After a while, the triplets came in the room and just stared at her in confusion. The girl turned around and called, “Hey! Thompson, Timber, Canterbury, you guys know where the-?” she was cut off as Thompson handed her a bowl, Timber gave her a can of tuna, and Canterbury passed her a bowl of water, all three silent in their actions. She smiled and put the bowls down on the counter. “Thanks, guys.” The triplets nodded in acknowledgment before walking away.

When Luna tried to sniff the can, Angel re-secured her grip on her. Using her one free hand, she opened the tuna can and dumped it in the food bowl before mashing the food with a fork.

Seeing the cat start to get impatient and anxious, the teen took the food bowl in her hand and placed the water bowl to balance on her elbow before walking cautiously back to her room. Once there, she shut the door, freed the cat, and placed the bowls in the far corner of the room.

.   .   .

Once Luna was fed and rested from her cat nap, Angel started to play with her again before she heard something hit her window. She sat up in slight shock as she stood from the door and made her way to the glass. Looking out, she smiled when she saw the familiar blond hair of her new boyfriend, who she recently started dating not long after meeting face to face.

“Ronald!” she called after opening the window. Hearing the name, Luna perked up and peeked her head out beside her owner, looking down. “What are you doing here? You know my dad doesn’t like surprise visits, especially here at the young master’s house!” Mindlessly, she looked at the glass window and saw the small cracks, causing her to look back down at the reaper. “And you know my dad doesn’t like anything going wrong with the manner! How am I supposed to explain these cracks?!”

Ronald looked over beside the dog and chuckled. “Your new cat doesn’t seem to mind.” he joked as the said cat made loud meows and even tried to jump out the window before Angel caught her and pulled her back inside, causing Ronald’s chuckle to grow into huffs of laughter.

After Luna was behind Angel with no chance of escape out the window, the teen looked back down at the reaper. “So, my shift ended a while ago, maybe you’d like to go out and about with me, see how much trouble we can cause.” Ronald called up.

Angel leaned off the golden windowsill and sighed. “I’d love to, but my curfew’s 5 o’clock on weekdays, and it’s already 6:30! Or did you forget that today was Thursday, A.K.A, a day that my dad will need me at any given moment?”

“What teenager hasn’t gone out after curfew before?” Ronald argued. “You’re a demon of illusion for crying out loud!”

The demon looked back at the cat and sighed out the window. “I need to take care of this new cat.”

“The cat can come with us!” the young man called up quickly. “No worries. It’ll be fun!”

Angel looked back at Luna before biting her lip and nodding, snatching the cat and leaving the room, leaving behind the illusion that she and her cat were sleeping in the bed. With a big smile, and the black cat in her grip, Angel leaped out the window, landing gently in the man’s arms, and she and Ronald ran off together in the woods.

After they knew that Claude wasn’t after them, they slowed their running to an easy stroll, during which, Ronald eyed the cat curiously. Angel took notice and gazed at him oddly, a smile on her face from the rush of rebellion she felt. “…What?” she asked.

“…I know this sounds crazy,” the reaper stated before biting his lip. “…but…I think I’ve seen that cat before.” Hearing this, the demon laughed as the cat perked her pointed ears and continuously tried to leap out of Angel’s arms and to Ronald, shrieking many alarmed meows at him. “What’s even crazier…” the reaper continued. “I feel like she’s trying to tell me something.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Angel chuckled, bumping Ronald with her shoulder due to her arms being full of Luna. “Cats can’t talk.”

That still didn’t put the reaper’s mind at ease. “…You’re a demon of illusion.” he stated. “Can’t you give that cat a voice so she can talk or something?” he asked.

To this, the dog demon scratched her chin in thought as the cat looked up at her with pleading blue-green eyes. “…I’ve never tried to give animals voices like that…have them speak their thoughts…” After some more thought, she shrugged uncertainly. “…I don’t know…”

Ronald smiled down at her and gave her a side hug as they simply continued their stroll. “No worries, it’s probably nothing.” At those words, the cat slumped in defeat, completely giving up on whatever she was trying to do.

As the afternoon transformed into late night, Angel couldn’t help but notice Luna’s depressed state. “Luna?” she called softly, shaking the still cat a little. “You alright?”

“What’s wrong?” Ronald asked, looking down at the unmoving cat aside from the steady, deep rise and fall of the cat’s abdomen and occasional blink of her large blue hued green eyes.

The dog demon shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe she’s tired.” she concluded, beginning to leave. “I guess I should be getting home.”

He nodded as he took her hand into his own with a kind smile. “I’ll take you home then.” With a smile from both of them, they began to stroll through the woods, back to the manner.

When they arrived at the estate, Angel quickly defused the illusion she left and got ready for bed. Just before she blew out the candles, she gazed at Luna, still depressingly lying on the bed curled in a little ball. She hadn’t made any noticeable motions or noises since they discussed and dismissed the idea of using powers to allow her to talk.

The demon consistently thought about what she and Ronald discussed, but she didn’t have much faith in her ability; at least not enough to try letting animals talk. If she was really curious about the cat’s thoughts, she’d ask her father to turn her human so she can speak for herself. She knew he could do that…it was just a question of would he.

Her mind was set. Next time she’d see Claude, she’d ask him to turn her little Luna into a human. She was so curious about the cat’s thoughts that she was already practicing her best puppy pout she’d ever pulled on him.

A good puppy pout would get her what she wanted from him; a great puppy pout would get her what he wouldn’t want to give.

.   .   .

The next morning, she followed through with her plans on asking Claude. She looked up at him while she helped spread the tablecloth that was newly ironed. “…Dad,” she called. When he looked up at her, she continued. “…I was wondering if…you see, Luna…” Now, Claude completely stopped what he was doing and stood straight, looking directly at her with slightly widened eyes and furrowed brows. Seeing this, Angel blurted out, “CanyoumakeLunaahuman?”

The spider demon raised his black brows before adjusting his glasses and regaining his bland composure. “…Sugar into Salt, English into Purrs, Fingers into Paws. You want me to turn your feline friend human?”

The girl nodded, slightly confused by her father’s choice of words in his phrase. “Why’d you use the saying like that?” she asked.

“To emphasize the transformation between the two species.” he stated as though it were obvious.

Angel thought for a second as she replayed the line in her head. “…but then…wouldn’t it be the other way around?” she asked. “’Purrs into English’? ‘Paws into Fingers’?”

Claude simply looked at her before he nodded with a small smile. “In this case, yes. How silly of me to get it mixed.”

The dog demon sighed, distracted by her own thoughts. “…Yeah, it’s not like you to mix up your own line.” She thought harder on the subject before she continued her chores. She’d never heard him get his subjects mixed up like that. As annoying, vague, and confusing as his riddles were, she knew that much. The only option was that he didn’t mix it up by accident, but the reason he mixed it up was still unknown to her, but the only way to know for sure was to get in Luna’s head. Because she was brought to her through Claude, she might understand what he knows.

She expelled that from her mind only seconds after it entered. “Don’t be crazy Angel.” she scolded herself in a harsh whisper as she assisted the triplets in the garden. “Cats can’t talk, and they don’t understand what’s going on. No amount of my powers can change that.”

“Are you talking about the cat that Claude requested be locked in your room a while back?” Timber asked, startling the dog demon.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed in surprise before she looked at the purple haired man dumbfounded. “Timber? You can talk?!”

“We’ve been talking the whole time!” Thompson exclaimed, jumping down from a tree. “What? Did you think we were mute or something?”

Angel just stood there before the purple haired, red eyed duo on the luscious, grassy ground dumbfounded. “…Well…yeah.” she answered, hoping she wouldn’t offend them. “You guys never talked to anybody! You always kept to yourselves!”
“Yeah, but today the master ordered us to talk loud enough to be heard by more than just ourselves.” Canterbury sighed, twirling in the air from another tree branch and landing on the grass in his polished, brown shoes.

Angel looked at them with wide eyes before she shook her head and turned to the first triplet that spoke. “What did you say about Luna?”

“So, Luna is that cat’s name?” he asked, clutching his chin in thought and arching a brow. “In all honesty, Claude just ordered us to lock her away; it was our own idea to put her in your room.”

“We thought you could use the extra company since there was a fifty-fifty chance that you’d return needing some comfort.” Thompson stated with a small smile.

“He didn’t tell us anything about the cat, just that we weren’t to let it leave.” Canterbury added.

The dog demon scratched her chin. “I guess then I need to make the illusion of her thoughts…” she concluded as she left, turning to one of the triplets. “Thanks for the help Thompson!”

“I’m Timber!”

Angel didn’t pay attention as she ran up to her room and woke the sleeping cat on her windowsill. With a smile, she picked up the cat and brushed her hand over her throat. “Now then,” she stated as she concentrated of the red dust that circled Luna and contracted to where her voice would be. “…Let’s see what my father is hiding from me.”

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