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I don’t want this blog site to get too deep in political conflicts, so this will probably be a really short blog compared to the rest. However, this is something I feel as though I have to say.

For a long while now, I’ve been seeing #BlackLivesMatter everywhere and another black person getting shot. Recently, there was a shooting in Dallas and a lot of policemen were shot, some killed. After that, I started seeing #BlueLivesMatter for the officers who are targetted because they are officers.

You know what? I’m sick of hearing more about this! Who cares about races, career, gender, color, whatever can separate people? Why is there even a #BlackLivesMatter or a #BlueLivesMatter? And why is it separating it all to where, if you supported one hashtag, you were unsupportive of the other? What ever happened to #LivesMatter? Does the fact that someone born as different races make the said different race not human? Or heck, not a conscious, sentient being with emotions and life?

I understand why racism started. People hundreds of years ago, who were surrounded by their own race, were convinced that other races which they’ve never seen before weren’t even the same species. However, that was hundreds of years ago and earlier. Seriously! Grow up!

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