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Chapter 7; Druitt to Spider

Justine looked at Claude, though he looked like a blob of bland colors without her glasses, through teary eyes as he ungagged her. “M-my…gla…” she stated weakly.

“What was that?” the spider demon asked, placing the gag down so it was out of the way as he leaned toward her.

With Claude’s ear just a breath away from her lips, she croaked dryly, “My glasses…Where are my glasses?”

Claude understood and continued to remove the fabrics from her form, using the gag to wipe off drool she gained in her time there, her mouth trapped in slight agape. “I’m not sure where your glasses are.” he answered as he turned quickly into a spider and crawled in the locks.

After hours of tweaking and twiddling, Claude got the shackles unlocked and exited the keyholes. As he returned human, he picked up the girl on the ground, too weak, bruised, and cut to move on her own, and debated in his mind on what he should do.

Should I return her to her family? That’s what I’d hope from Sebastian if the tables were turned. he wondered. But then there’s the subject that my master’s orders were to make Sebastian Michaelis suffer. he took into consideration. So, should I take the girl and run? Lock her up in the Trancy manner? What if Angel found out I did that? She’d never trust me again.

With a sigh, he took his hand and waved it over the girl, forcing her to turn into a small black cat. Once she was a cat, he pushed her inside his large coat pocket and used his arm to hide the large lump the girl’s form left. Once Justine was secure in his coat, he rushed out of the basement and left the large Druitt manner.

When he returned to the Trancy manner in a haste, he quickly handed Justine off to the triplets with a quick, “Make sure this cat doesn’t leave. Lock her in one of the rooms or something.” and he left just as suddenly as he returned, not even giving the young Trancy boy enough time to catch his attention. With amazing speeds, he made it to the river only minutes after Druitt and Angel arrived.

The blonde Viscount looked around dramatically and overly animated. “Do you see your father anywhere?” he asked.

Angel looked around and sighed. “No, I don’t… Just give him a few moments, he’ll come.”

“Angel!” a voice called out by the bridge only moments later. When the two looked, they saw Claude quickly come over and hug his daughter. “I’m so glad you came here, just like we agreed.”

“Yes dad.” she stated before glancing to Aleister and giving him a little curtsy. “Thank you for guiding me.”

“Yes,” Claude thanked, bowing his head slightly. “Thank you for helping my daughter. I will be happy to do whatever I can to repay my debt.”

Aleister grinned down at the girl. “…All I ask is to know this little butterfly’s name.”

“Angel Blanc Faustus.” she introduced herself fully before looking back up at him with a worry in her eyes. “I apologize if I had misled you into believing I was without a man in my life, but my heart belongs to another.”

To this, Aleister held his head in over animated despair. “NOOOOOOOO!!!” he cried before picking himself up with a smile. “No worries, because when this other man breaks your heart, I shall be there to stitch it together once again!”

.   .   .

Sebastian and Ciel entered the Phantomhive estate empty handed. “What happened?” Finnie asked, concern coating his young, usually happy voice as he opened the door for them with a hand protected by his gardening gloves and followed them to the large, dark wooden staircase where Meyrin was collecting the brush and polish as she stood and made her own way down the steps. Her attention was also seized by the master’s and butler’s return. “Did you find her?”

Ciel shot a glare at the blonde teen gardener, making the servant widen his round, turquoise eyes in fear. Maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask… the gardener thought to himself before the master took in a deep breath, letting it out in quickly paced words that were each accented with an edge of growing irritation. “Sebastian is still a hot mess, we come back completely empty handed, and you think we found her?”

The teen cringed before scratching the back of his head under the straw hat that was stringed around his neck. “…Just a question…”

The butler looked down at his pocket watch and widened his eyes. “Oh, my, look at how late it’s gotten.” he stated blandly as he returned the watch to his coat pocket. “It’s time for bed, young master.”

When Sebastian tried to go up the steps, Ciel took off his eye patch to reveal the glowing purple pentagram on his eye. “No!” he shouted. “Sebastian, you are still an unfit nervous wreck! Leave this manner and don’t return until your daughter is returned to safety!” The demon looked at him in shock before the boy Earl shouted, “That’s an order!”

Sebastian took in a deep breath and bowed low at the foot of the staircase. “Yes, my Lord.” he stated before he stood tall and strolled out the door, closing the room off from himself once he was on the other side.

Ciel continued up the stairs to attempt to get ready for bed on his own. “Meyrin!” he called as he passed the maid. “Until Sebastian returns, you are to take his job.”

“M-me?” she asked, her voice trembling as she rushed to follow the master with tense arms. “B-but I have no idea what his job even means, I sure don’t! I don’t know what to do!”

The master shrugged as he continued up the stairs nonchalantly. “All you do is wake me up, get me ready for the day, serve me breakfast, bring me tea and snacks, protect me when I go out, serve dinner, and get me ready for bed. You also must do everything I order without question, but that isn’t any different from a normal day for you.”

Meyrin gave him a look of fear as sweat droplets shot out of her pores at bullet speed, drenching her crimson hairline with the salty fluid. “…That sounds really easy, and Sebastian makes it look easy, but he does it so perfectly! It’d be hard for me to compare to that!” she turned to look down at the entrance hall where she last saw the blonde teen. “Finnie, would you-?” she cut herself off when she saw the trail of irritated dust that led straight to the slowly closing front doors that eased to a stop that left the doors cracked, allowing the bright, silver moonlight to stream in the room in a thin strip. The singular strip of light felt to the maid as a blinding spotlight that she couldn’t escape from, no matter how hard she tried. “…Finnie?”

“SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBAAAAAASTIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!” came a childish, highly pitched scream before the butler nearly fell over when the caller crashed into him.

Sebastian looked over and raised a brow at the turquoise eyes that looked up at him. “…Finnian? What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I came to help look for Justine!” he called happily as his garden gloved hands readjusted his bright red barrettes in his golden bangs.

Hearing this, the tired butler clutched his head as he shut his blood red eyes and sighed deeply mixed with his groan of agitation. “Oh…right…you and her have been dating for-”

“Over a year!” Finnie finished with a smile as he walked backward energetically in front of the butler. Great. Sebastian thought. I now have to be responsible for a human teenager. “Ever since Pluto scared her and you were busy serving the master his tea! Of course, I understand that you couldn’t leave the master’s side, you and him having a supernatural demonic contract.” The crow stopped walking and looked at him with skeptical red eyes and an arched, thin, black brow before the gardener raised his hands in defense, wrinkling his plain, tan, long sleeves from the sudden action of surrender. “She already told me about demons and reapers and angels and all that, so you don’t have to keep those kinds of secrets from me since you’re a demon…you are a demon, right?”

Sebastian averted his eyes and continued to walk in silence as the human smiled and rushed to catch up to him. “You ARE a demon! I knew it! Well, partly because Justine already told me that you’re a demon, but then she told me that her mom was Grell, Isn’t Grell a guy? I mean, how is that possible? So, can you fly? Justine told me you can fly! Oh! And she told me that you also have super speed and strength! She even told me that one time when you and the master went on that train, you stopped that train with your bare hand, and saved the whole train from a bomb that was set to go off when the train stopped! Oh! And she told me about how, at the same time, you saved the master and a little boy from being kidnapped! Three crises at once! Wow! Is there anything you can’t do? She also told me about this other time…”

.   .   .

As Claude walked with Angel through the door to the golden and red mansion, the teen only climbed the stairs sluggishly to her room with she head down, her arms heavily swinging at her sides as she effort fully lifted her hand to reach the rail. “…Dad, I’m just going to go to bed.” she grumbled, hardly above a whisper, not bothering to turn her head to face him.

The butler nodded in understanding before walking away to leave her alone, allowing her to drag herself down the upstairs hall and to the room she claimed as her own. Angel sighed as she opened the door to her room and closed it again with no strength left in her motions. She tiredly walked over to her bed and plopped on the mattress in exhaustion, not caring to change from the fancy purple and black dress, or the long braid in her hair and purple flower keeping her braid together. What caught her off guard was the shriek of surprise from just above her head.

Confused, she looked up in quick and sudden movements and saw a small, short-haired black cat with a reddish shine to her coat in the candle light. Her fur stood on end, and she looked like a complete mess, coated in mud, soaked to the bone, as well as frazzled. She started to bare her sharp teeth at the teen before she just looked at her with large, widening blue-green eyes, slowly relaxing her lips and flattening her back.

The golden brown eyes collided to with the blue hued green orbs of the feline. After a moment, the cat went crazy, leaping around the room and screeching a series of unidentifiable meows. Angel simply stared dumbfounded and beyond confused. She wasn’t sure why there was a cat in her room. What she could think of was that her dad requested the cat to be in her room to cheer her up with a Justine replacement; Sebastian told her that her missing friend was known as a cat demon after all.

Angel picked up the cat and just gazed at her as she squirmed and desperately resisted. “…Where did you come from?” she asked to no one in particular. It just made next to no sense. If dad had requested her, she wondered. where did he find the time to contact the triplets and Hannah to tell then that the plan was a failure? She tilted her head in thought before shrugging. At least he’s trying. she concluded, taking a deep breath and sniffing the flailing feline, resulting in her choking herself in the repulsive scent. “First thing’s first…you need a bath.” She could only chuckle as the cat froze as she widened her eyes in horror and dropped herself in the dog’s hands. As Angel made her way to the bathroom with a little more happiness and energy than she had earlier, the cat shrank and tried desperately to get away from the water just like any cat would in the same situation.

.   .   .

Sebastian gazed at his watch in disbelief, trying desperately to hold himself together with paperclips, spit, and duct tape. …Seven…hours… It was true. Finnie talked of nothing but his knowledge of the supernatural and his thoughts on his knowledge for seven hours straight.

“…and, she told me that one time, you-”

“FINNIAN!” Sebastian exploded, shocking the gardener from the rash, uncharacteristic action and causing both of them to stop walking through the dense trees that looked like hands in the late night shadows. “Can you PLEASE stop! I’m already on edge with what’s going on, and you not shutting up is NOT helping!”

The small blonde cringed in fright before hugging himself in sorrow, rubbing his arm and shrugging his shoulders in an attempt to hide his face, apparently forgetting about the hat that hung behind his back on his neck. “…Sorry.” he muttered. “…I was just trying to lighten the mood, so that when we find her, we can be more focused and sane.” The butler straightened, only gazing at his companion in surprise as the human continued. “I’m also trying to get everything straight so that, if we DO need to face something supernatural, I won’t be helpless.”

Hearing this, the crow demon sighed. “…Yes…” he mumbled, earning a confused look from Finnie. “…Yes, I can fly, yes, I do have super strength, yes, I do have super speed, yes, Grell is male, no, I do not understand how it was possible we had a daughter, yes, Grell is a Grim Reaper, no, until recently, there hasn’t been a challenge I can’t complete, yes, all demons have special powers, no, Justine does not have an active power instead she can see the future and knows everything about everyone when given a name, her only active power, if you’d even call it that, is transforming into a cat, yes, that’s why there is always a cat at the manner despite the master’s cat allergy, yes, Claude Faustus is a demon, yes he has the power to change everything with just the swipe of his hand, and he has spider webs and can transform into a spider species of his choice, and yes, his daughter is one as well, though I don’t know what her powers are. Any more questions for your human mind?”

Finnie thought for a moment before he asked, “…Will Justine be okay?”

Sebastian averted his eyes and stared at nothing in silence before he sighed. “…That’s what worries me…I don’t know…”

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