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Ouran Highschool Host Club: Yandere Host

When people think Ouran Highschool Host Club, they may think “oh, Tamaki is an idiot with a heart of gold!” or “oh, Kyoya is such a gold digger!” or “oh, Honey is so cute but deadly!”. I can go on and on about all these characters. I want to focus on one, and how he’s really a controlling, egotistical, possibly abusive stalker; the one host out of all who has the most potential of being a yandere. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than (drum roll please) Tamaki Suoh.

DON’T CLICK AWAY TO THAT CAT VIDEO ON YOUR OTHER TAB! There’s not a lot of evidence, but, much like the evidence that Sebastian and Claude were best friends once upon a time, there’s evidence that Tamaki either is (or can later become) a yandere.

First off, what is a yandere? Well, a yandere is a person who seems to be normal, cute, or in some way physically attractive, but isn’t above manipulation, stalking, and even killing to reach their goal; usually, the main goal is a love interest. People who are yandere are also commonly bipolar, sadist, or psychotic.

Throughout the majority of the show, Tamaki is just stalking Haruhi.

In episode 10, he even goes along with Haruhi’s father when they play “the Stalking Game”. When all the hosts do get to the supermarket, Tamaki is the only one who is purely interested in Haruhi while all the other hosts are looking around and “educating themselves on commoner’s lifestyle”. Even though Tamaki knows just as little about commoner’s living as the rest of the hosts, he isn’t even slightly interested in the supermarket itself.

In episode 23, Tamaki literally shuts down at the thought that Haruhi might have an interest in another boy other than himself. He actively tries and fails, to separate her from the other boy and sabotage any type of relationship that could happen.

In both episodes, 20 and 24, flashbacks were revealed that Tamaki was still stalker-ish to Kyoya and the twins, trying to control how they spent their time. Even if the change was for the better, the method was still a form of control. In Kyoya’s case, Tamaki kept Kyoya away from his books to give him tours of Japan and later roped him into managing a host club. As for the twins, he stalked them for days to play the “Which One is Hikaru Game”. Even though he never succeeded in telling the difference, he still stalked them and manipulated them from being the introverts they were into being, not only extroverts but entertainers. Though he manipulated Honey and Mori, the manipulation was only to go against popular expectations and to follow their own desires, giving them a sort of stalk-holm-syndrome-type manipulation. It’s not exactly stalk-holm syndrome, but it seems to be similar.

Again, it’s not much, but that’s all the evidence that I could find. He hasn’t harmed anyone quite yet, but he has sabotaged relationships, manipulated other people to his own agenda, and, of course, stalked his friends and main love interest. If he continues down this path, then he will be a yandere soon enough.

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