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Disney Princes and their Ponysonas

I am kinda shocked that Disney Princes aren’t talked about as much as princesses. They don’t have ponysonas from what I’ve seen, they don’t have documented ages, heck, some don’t even have proper names! I’m going to fix that here and now…not the name thing, the ponysona thing, hence the title.

If you read last week’s post, then it’s the same rules. If not, then let me quickly explain. Each pony race showcases specific traits; unicorns have more mental power with grace, pegasi are more courageous and impulsive, earth ponies are more hard working and stubborn, alicorns are GODS (not really) with a butt load of power and wisdom. I’ll analyze each prince’s traits and decide which one of the races I believe they would fit into as ponysonas. Especially since princes aren’t usually the focus of Disney flicks, I may miss a detail or two about these characters. Feel free to debate me in the comments, or tell me that I missed something that leads to the princes being something else from what I decided to put down.

First in this lineup, and the first prince to grace the Disney company, is the nameless Prince Charming from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I kinda always hated this guy because he was really weak as a character. He saw Snow White, thought she was pretty enough to be his wife, disappeared through the whole movie until the last, what? Minute? When he finally returned, did he get any more character? Nope! He just kissed Snow White, not knowing that his kiss even could save her, then, when she wakes up, he takes her from her coffin and takes her to the castle in the sky. To put simply, he was just a pretty face Gary Stew Ex Machina to save Snow White in the end. I’ll put him as a unicorn for now since he’s just a graceful pretty face.

Next is General Li Shang. Like Mulan, he was very courageous to lead an army in his father’s place. If I’m remembering correctly, he was tasked to train the new soldiers, Mulan included, while his father took the already trained soldiers to fend off the Huns. I’m sure he was under so much pressure to fill in his father’s already big shoes. Hands down, pegasus. The only singular thing conflicting with this would be Shang’s stubbornness and work ethic that might put him as an earth pony, but I’m sticking to my pegasus decision.

Next in the line is Prince Eric. Again, like his princess, Eric is a big dreamer and adventurous. I believe he would live on his ship if he could. He is also curious and courteous (…almost to the point of killing Ariel). Because he is very adventurous and go-with-the-flow, I’d say, like his princess, pegasus.

Next is another nameless Prince Charming from Cinderella. I wouldn’t DARE put him as a unicorn. He was rude and self-absorbed enough to yawn at ladies who were introducing themselves. He is also vain. He “fell in love” with Cinderella, yet never asked her for her name? He only fell in love with her beauty. I like the Prince Charming in the new live action Cinderella because at least he had charm and a brain! However, this is the original Prince Charming…earth pony because he is stubborn to keep the idea that his wife must fit a shoe. Did I mention this prince is stupid and horrible?…I should move on before I rant about this guy.

Prince Naveen. In a lot of ways, Naveen was the star of the Princess and the Frog. He’s the one who learned the biggest lesson, made the biggest change and sacrifice for his princess. Yeah, Tiana assumed a royal title, but Naveen moved to New Orleans, gave up on his dreams of travel and waited tables at Tiana’s restaurant. However, I think he should be a pegasus for his big dreams and his ability to turn his permanent chain to his wife and new restaurant into a happy situation and still say “Dreams do come true in New Orleans”.

Next in this lineup is Prince Phillip. Phillip is a dreamer and, I assume, adventurous. He may have fell in love with Arura from her beauty, but, instead of testing every other girl in the kingdom like Cinderella’s prince, Phillip allowed himself to be tested and fought off Maleficent, even when she was a raging, black and purple, fire-breathing dragon. For his courage and free spirit to defy his father from telling him who he can and cannot marry, I believe pegasus is a perfect fit.

Moving on to John Smith. Though adventurous, John was still closed minded at how much excitement and adventure he could see, and how much he could learn. I believe his exact words were “I’ve seen many New Worlds. What could be so different about this one?” Even after Pocahontas taught him the wonders of nature and that he’s not the center of the universe, he was still trapped in his ways and only believed what was right in front of him. For this, I’m saying earth pony.

Next up is the Beast (I know merchandising says his name is Adam, but I’m only going off of what was told in the movie). I’m going to make this simple. The Beast was stubborn to the point of being childish, and  needless to say, hot headed. I’m going with earth pony.

Let’s continue to Aladdin Jr…I mean Flynn Rider, AKA Eugene. This “Disney Prince” was cocky, clever, and adventurous. Everywhere he goes, he has the case of sticky hands, and he can’t go a day without the cops…sorry, “guards”…on his tail. He seems to have a need to travel, much like Naveen, though I’m not 100% sure. I think, once again, like his princess, Flynn should be a pegasus.

And last, but most definitely not least, Aladdin. This prince was always my favorite. Like Flynn, Aladdin can’t catch a break from the guards, who are always after his hands in exchange for his meals. Though he’s a big dreamer, he’s survived his whole life as a con artist. He is always “One swing ahead of the sword” and the only way he could be like that is through his wit, stealth, and grace. I’m going to say that he’s a unicorn for his quick wit and ability to turn his opponent against themselves.

In conclusion, we have 5 pegasi, 3 earth ponies, and 2 unicorns. Again, if I missed a detail or you believe differently, feel free to leave a comment that explains why you think what you think and where I made the mistake. However, we now have something to put with these princes that have had barely any attention drawn to them, despite being overshadowed “stars” alongside their princesses.

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