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Disney Princesses and their Ponysonas

Whenever I see a ponysona, a My Little Pony version, of a Disney Princess, I can’t help but cringe. Each and every one is an alicorn, however, none of them even earned their rights to the title. I know this kinda contradicts what I said in my “My Little Pony: Princess Flurry Heart” blog, but this is something I’ve been wanting to say for years.

Each and every pony race expresses set personality traits. Earth ponies are the strong, stubborn, and most in tune with the land and nature in general. Pegasi are the courageous, boastful, and most energetic. Unicorns are the graceful, sophisticated, and most intellectual. Alicorns are straight up power and wisdom. However limited, they are the most powerful of all the races. That’s why, in Equestria, the alicorns are the princesses. Please note: these traits are just what I have personally gathered from the Mane 6 and secondary characters on My Little Pony.

Not all Disney Princesses in the lineup showcase the power and wisdom of an alicorn, and most of them married into their princess title. Looking at the lineup, let’s see a quick description of each princess and what I think their ponysona races would be from left to right.

First, there’s Rapunzel. In the movie Tangled, she was very energized with big dreams, her head in the clouds. That’s why I think she’d be a pegasus…however, her living in a tall tower with only that small room for 18 years, and the long hair might be a bit of a handicap to flying. Still, I say pegasus.

Next up is the princess who started it all, Snow White. Though I haven’t seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in years, I only remember Snow White as being meek and unable to fend for herself. However, she is never in a shot without at least one woodland creature in the picture as well. Because of this, I’d say earth pony.

I know you’re all saying “But wait! Snow White was BORN a princess! She should be an alicorn!” to which I’d direct you back to the top of the blog. Not all Disney Princesses have any power or wisdom to show! Not even the ones born princesses. Princess Flurry Heart was different because she DID show a lot of power, though not wisdom because she lacks experience. Even when the Crystal Ponies heard that she was an alicorn, they were wrapped around that little baby’s hooves, and not to mention the extream magical power displayed. She had the power to be an alicorn. Snow White does not.

Next is Jasmine. Through most of the movie Aladdin, she was stubborn, which eventually got her what she wanted. However, she was a very free spirit and had big dreams to see the world. For that reason, I put Princess Jasmine as a pegasus.

Up next is Princess Anna. Most of her character throughout Frozen was quirky, fun, and fancy-free. All she wanted to do was hang out with her sister, and she also had big dreams of finding love and romance. She also showed a lot of courage (may it be also stupidity to put a stranger in charge) when she named Hans in charge of Arrendelle and set off to find Elsa in the mountains on her own. For those reasons, I place her as a pegasus.

Next we have Mulan, possibly the best in the whole lineup, and definitely one of the best. As opposed to all the other princesses in the lineup, she wasn’t born a princess, nor did she marry into royalty. She’s the only one in the lineup who is only there because of her courage and heroism (though I still think that Esmerelda should be there too for her courage and kindness). I think it’s obvious she’s a pegasus.

Now we dive straight to Arura AKA Briar Rose. Through all of Sleeping Beauty, all she did was sing and walk around until she fell asleep into the most picture perfect frame anyone could guess. In the beginning of the movie, Maleficent said she’d “grow in grace and beauty”, and that’s all she grew into…because of this, I say a unicorn would be the best fit.

Now on to Cinderella. Like Snow White, Cinderella was never in a frame without some animal present (until she goes to the ball). However, I’m a little tied between earth pony and unicorn. Though she’s always talking to her mouse and bird friends, she also does everything with the highest grace she could muster. However, I think I’m going to say she’s an earth pony because of her animal friends and work ethic…however it may still be up in the air…

Continuing on to the only queen, and the oldest in the lineup, Elsa. Everything Elsa did in her movie was very stiff, square, and sophisticated until she broke down when she thought her magic hurt or even killed innocent people. For that, and the fact that she already has her ice magic, I’ll say Queen Elsa is a unicorn.

Next in the lineup, we have the only Pixar Princess, Merida. I always say Merida as a 3d animated Princess Jasmine. She’s stubborn, she doesn’t want to be forced into marriage, and she has big dreams of travel and fighting. What else is there to say? Well, in the actual movie Brave, she didn’t really do much. She messed up, turned her mother into a bear, then cowered in fear when her mother started acting like an actual bear. The mother, who used grace and sophistication to solve problems, had to learn to use quick wit and brute strength, and Merida vice versa. So, I would actually place her under earth pony status.

Next is Tiana. Through the Princess and the Frog, Tiana has been stubbornly, almost religiously, a hard worker. Even after she married Naveen, the first thing she did was buy her building and repair it. Because of her stubborn work ethic, I’d say she’s an earth pony.

Next up is Pocahontas. Like Cinderella, Pocahontas is harder to pin as one race. She has the free spirit and courage of a pegasus, she’s in tune with nature and stubborn like an earth pony, and even has the wisdom and power of an alicorn. I’m going to leave it open and up in the air because I flat out don’t know.

Next in line is Belle. Like Arura, Belle is full of grace and beauty. Unlike Arura, Belle proved to be intellectual. Though she’s also a free spirit and brave like a pegasus, she shows more traits to be a unicorn. Therefore, Belle is a unicorn.

Finally, last in line is Ariel. I’m not going to say “Ariel’s a merpony because she was born a mermaid” because that would be too easy and not fair to you readers. Ariel is rebellious, a free spirit, stubborn, courageous, and curious. She has traits of an earth pony, unicorn, and pegasus. However, because more of the traits are a pegasus traits, I’ll say she’s a pegasus.

To wrap it all up with a pretty bow on top, we have 5 pegasi, 3 earth ponies, 3 unicorns, and 2 unknown with only 1 of the 2 having the potential to be an alicorn. Making ponysonas isn’t as easy as “That character is royalty! They must be an alicorn!”. You have to look deeper than that. Are they powerful enough? Are they wise enough? Those questions, in my most humble opinion, are the ones you should be asking before you stamp any character with an alicorn status.

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