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Chapter 4; Busted

Once Bardroy made it back to the manner, he didn’t hesitate to tell Sebastian everything he heard. The butler took in a deep breath before he responded to Bard’s update. “How long did you say she’s been sneaking out?” he asked.

“I’ve been seeing her go in the forest for a few months now.” Bardroy answered. “I’m not sure how long she’s known her friend.”

“And you’re SURE you heard the name of the other girl’s father correctly?”

Bard nodded. “Yup, Claude Faustus, the Trancy butler.”

Sebastian sneered in disgust before he stormed out of the manner, huffing out a quick, “Take care of the master while I’m gone.” before disappearing into the woods.

It wasn’t long at all before Sebastian made it to the Trancy Estate and knocked on the door. When the large door opened to reveal the golden eyes and wavy black hair that could only belong to Claude Faustus himself, Sebastian couldn’t help himself from raising his hand and punching him smack in the face with all his strength before he had the chance to say, “How may I help you this afternoon?”

“You and your little MUTT better stay AWAY from my kitten.” Sebastian growled.

“I assure you, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Claude stated, taking off his now crooked glasses and fiddling with them in his gloved hands.

“Bardroy told me everything.” he stated. “He followed a path which only humans and the creators of the path can follow. He saw your daughter poisoning my daughter’s mind.”

“Accuse me all you’d like,” the Trancy butler sighed, placing his glasses on his face again. “It still doesn’t change the fact that I have no knowledge of these meetings. All I can promise you is that I’ll talk to my daughter about it; explain to her who is good company and who is not.” At Sebastian’s silence, Claude continued. “Sugar into Salt, Secrets into Common Knowledge, Blindness into Sight. That’s what makes a Trancy Butler.”

Sebastian sighed heavily before looking at him. “A father can say what he likes, but at the end of the day, we are simply our children’s guides. As much as we’d like to call them puppies and kittens, they are truly most like spiders; the harder you try to separate them from something the more they tend to cling to it. It still does not mean we won’t guide them away from each other.”

“This is a historic day.” Claude smiled slightly. “Something we both agree on that fully benefits us both.”

Just before Sebastian left, he turned to Claude. “Sorry about punching you, it was very uncivilized of me.” he stated with a deceptively sweet smile. “Some ice should sooth it nicely.” With that, he descended in the forest to return to his own manner.

Claude just gazed over the gardens that separated the manner from the mass of trees as he slipped the white glove from his black-nailed hand and lightly touched his bruised face. Seeing Angel come out of the forest and drag herself over the lush green grass, the father pulled the glove back on his hand, stretching his fingers to get them comfortable in the cloth as the daughter lugged herself past the grand threshold, hanging her arms and head down in front of her. “Hey dad.” she groaned, dragging her feet past him and up the stairs.

“Angel!” Claude called, still standing high and slightly intimidating. “We need to talk.”

“Dad, it was a long hike to get here, and-”

“I know about Sebastian’s daughter.” Just like that, Angel’s eyes shot wide open and she gazed into the golden eyes she’s seen throughout her life. “I know you’ve been conversing with her, becoming close to her, gaining her trust.”

“…How?” the teen asked in a low, serious tone as she furrowed her brows.

“Does it matter how I know?” he asked right back. “I know she’s been telling you her secrets, her father’s weakness’, secrets of great value which she trusts to few others.”

Angel looked baffled. “No!” she exclaimed. “She never told me anything like that; she hasn’t even started talking about her dad until earlier today! Even if she did, I wouldn’t tell you! Not now, not EVER! Why do you always have to be so cruel?!” With that said, she marched up the steps.

“Angel!” Claude snapped before the teen had enough running on her two sore feet and shifted into her Shepard form, bolting down the hall, essentially out running her father. When she made it to her room, she shifted back into her human form and slammed the door shut. Claude made it to her bedroom door just in time to hear the clicking of locks.

.   .   .

Sebastian made it back to the Phantomhive manner in time to see Justine helping Meyrin polish the rail on the stairs. The maid of the estate wore a navy blue dress with a white, frilly apron and a white bonnet on top of her head that attempted to tame her wild, crimson pigtails that crazily and messily framed her large, round glasses, which oddly always find themselves in a glare that hid her true eye color.

Without warning, the butler snatched Justine’s arm in a death grip and dragged her down the steps with many yelps of pain and protest against the action. “Ow! Dad! What’s going on?!” she shouted in confusion.

“You want to know what’s going on?” he asked through gritted teeth before throwing Justine to the wall roughly. “You’ve been talking to Claude’s daughter.”


“You’ve been going behind my back, telling her everything!”

“No, I haven’t!”

“Well, you’re NEVER going to see that mutt again!” Justine was silent in shock from Sebastian’s rash, conclusion jumping words. “Anyone associated with the Trancy’s are bad friends to have. You’d be better off with no friends at all.”

“…What?” Justine asked, still too shocked and baffled to say much else. “Just because I have one ‘bad friend’, you think I should give up on having friends at all?”

“Not just one bad friend.” the father explained furiously. “Your mother told me you’ve been slipping behind in Reaper Training classes. I might not approve of you being a Grim Reaper, but still. Slacking is slacking.”

“Dad, I-”

“You are not to leave my sight, William’s, Undertaker’s, or your mother’s, until further notice.”

“DAD!” she whined, but she knew it was too late. The damage was already done. For the first time in 600 years, she was grounded for something as innocent as having a friend.

When Sebastian said that his daughter would be under supervision at all times, he wasn’t joking. He spread it to Grell, William, and even Undertaker that Justine was grounded.

Every time she even reached in her pocket in class, William would snatch her wrist with his tree cutter only to find that she would only be pulling out a pencil. If she even touched a door in the Undertaker’s, even if it was a door to a coffin, Undertaker would ask her where she was going. The moment she’d even walk away from Sebastian, he’d follow her, even despite his master’s protests against it. As soon as she’d leave Grell’s line of sight, he’d throw his chainsaw to land directly in front of her, blocking her path.

All in all, Justine was living in hell.

Angel, on the other hand, was living a completely different hell.

She had to lock herself in her room day and night to avoid being questioned by Claude on how Michaelis’ worked. Despite her efforts to avoid being questioned, Claude still came to the door, bribing her to come out and talk about her friend in exchange for fresh air, a young, knocked out soul with no more desires (mostly because it was usually a baby orphan who didn’t live long enough to HAVE desires), and/or clean water. Though she was able to go with hardly any food, water, and no play time, her room was causing her to go crazy from boredom and loneliness.

After Hannah heard that Claude found out about everything, she pleaded innocent to Angel, claiming she never told him, she had nothing to gain. Of course, the teen never believed her and just sat in her room day in and day out. Still, she knew she couldn’t wait everything out for the rest of her eternal life.

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