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Prologue; Early Years

The young girl, only 6 years old in appearance, climbed happily into her bed and snuggled under the soft, brightly colored covers. Her long, wavy brown hair scattered the pillow like a river delta leading to the ocean as her large, round golden brown eyes shined in the bright candle light illuminating from her father’s hand. Setting the light on the side table, the black haired, golden eyed man by the name of Claude Faustus tucked the covers around the girl’s small frame. “Warm enough, Angel?” he asked.

Angel nodded and with a giggle looked up at him. With a spark of curiosity from a young, wandering mind she asked, “Daddy, what was mommy like?”

Claude widened his eyes slightly in shock of the sudden question before he sighed and turned away in  a weak attempt to hide his discomfort. Turning back to the girl patiently waiting for an answer, slightly folded, small, pointed puppy ears popped on her head as she sat up, her eyes growing wide and shining in the light as her bottom lip pouted out and even began to tremble. He tries to stay in his human form around his daughter, due to her arachnophobia, but he felt himself start to grow small as two pairs of pointed legs started to show at his sides. He couldn’t help it; he just slips into his spider form when his heart melts like it does when he sees her famous, mastered puppy pout (kind of ironic, Claude was known as a spider demon throughout the underworld, and his only daughter was deathly afraid of spiders).

Quickly pulling himself together, back to his human form, he sighed and gave her a slight smile. “Your mother was…” Claude was never good with words when describing anything specific, especially not Angel’s mother. Finding it hard to speak, with his voice stressed, he was barely able to whisper, “…Your mother was a gift from God. She was sent from heaven so she could give me the most wonderful gift; you.”

The girl in the bed, now sitting up straight with her baby fat hands in her lap, leaned forward in a mixture of interest, awe, and confusion. “If Mommy was a gift, then what happened? Did you lose her?”

The father furrowed his thick, black brows before tilting his head. “…Something like that.” he answered. “God took her back when he saw we were demons and deemed us undeserving of her.”

“How did she die?” the daughter asked. “If God took her back, that means she died, right?”

The father wracked his brain on how to answer her questions in a way she’d understand. “I’m not sure how exactly.” he answered.

Angel sighed sadly. “I hope that God at least gave her a window to see us.”

As the father gazed at his dreamy daughter, he decided that he had to change the subject. He didn’t want to tell her too much. With a little smile, he connected his index fingers to his thumbs and started singing softly, but intensely and playfully just as he did every night before his daughter went to bed.

“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout~”

The girl smiled widely as she joined him in the little dance and song.

“Down came the rain and washed the spider out~!
Up came the sun and dried up all the rain~!
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again~!”

The two chuckled as Claude re-secured the blankets under the girl. “Daddy,” she asked, looking up at him with her golden brown eyes. “why do we call that our theme song?”

“Imagine you at the top of that water spout, and me as the spider.” Claude explained. “I would find a way to get to you no matter what. Sure, the rain might push me back, but when it comes to you, I will never give up.” He smiled as he let out a sigh. “Another way you could think of it is that there is only one person you can trust, and only one I can trust. That is you and me.”

“You and me against the world~” the girl simplified with a giggle.

Hearing that, the father smiled. He liked the sound of that. “Yes. You and me against the world.”

Just before Claude reached for the candles, she sat up, still not tired enough to go to sleep and still just wanting nothing more than play time. “Daddy,” she started before he smiled a little, adjusting his glasses. “…what big eyes you have.”

With a growing smile, he took off his square glasses, replacing them with a larger round pair. “The better to see you with, my Angel.” he chuckled while zooming the glasses in and out between himself and the girl.

With another little laugh, Claude kissed Angel on the head softly. “Goodnight my little puppy.” he stated while patting her head playfully. “Sweet dreams sweetie.”

Across London, another little girl seemingly not any older than 6 with red-brown hair matted on a pillow and blue-green glowing eyes looked over at the doorway where her own father, Sebastian Michaelis, entered and shut the door behind him. Smiling, the girl snuggled her way under the sheets as the man with straight black hair and kind crimson eyes pulled the blankets to her chin. Before he had a chance to remove her purple glasses from her chubby face, the small child sat up in alarm, black, pointed, cat ears standing stiff on the top of her head where they magically appeared. “Daddy!” she shouted. “Where is he?!” Concern dripped from her tone.

At first, Sebastian was confused, but then smiled and reached behind his back. He then pulled out a soft pink and white teddy bear the size of an average adult’s forearm. “You mean this?”

The girl reached out to the bear and hugged it close. “Mr. Pinki!” She smiled and laid in the bed, the bear tight in her grip.

Sebastian gazed at her with a smile as she snuggled close to the bear she valued so much, then a thought came to his mind. “Justine…” he stated with a playful turn of his voice. When she looked up, his smile only widened. “You better hope the Tickle Monster doesn’t get you!” At the word ‘tickle’, Sebastian zoomed in and tickled her, causing her to roar in laughter.

“Daddy!” she giggled. “S-stop it!” After some more laughs, she found the breath to say, “I’m losing my defenses for the REAL tickle monster!”

Sebastian stopped tickling her and their laughter died down to a few chuckles. “I’ll protect you from the real tickle monster.” he promised with a smile. “From the tickle monster to the boogie man, come all hell and high water, no monster of any kind would even think of hurting you.”

Justine looked up at the man she viewed as a hero with a growing, brightly beaming smile. “Really?”

“If they do somehow get past me and your mother, I will hunt them down and punish them so you’d never be in danger of any kind again.” They both smiled as Justine laid back down in the bed and Sebastian re-tucked her in.

Just before he left the bed side, his attention was recaptured by a tug on his sleeve. “…Daddy,” the small child sighed. “will you tell me a bed time story?”

The man smiled before sitting back down on the edge, turning to face her slightly. “Once upon a time…”

It wasn’t long before Justine was fast asleep and Sebastian planted a small kiss on her head before unhooking the crocked glasses from her ears and setting them neatly folded on the bedside table. Looking back at her peaceful form as she squeezed the bear in her arms and silently breathed in and out, he placed a light hand on her cheek, gently gliding his black nail polished thumb over her soft baby skin. With a growing smile, he knelt down next to the bed, laying his head on the pillow next to her ear before whispering softly in the opening, “If I couldn’t protect my only daughter from the evil wolf that tried to hurt her, what kind of father would I be?” When the door started to crack open and a shadow loomed across the room, he turned with a sigh and stood un-volunteering, leaving the room with one last look to his only daughter.

Leaning against the door frame, with a curled smile, was the cause of the shadow, a man with long red hair and lime green eyes behind red pentagonal glasses tied to his neck by a silver chain made up of skulls. “She in bed?” Sebastian nodded as he closed the door. The red haired man gazed at the closed door in wonder. “It’s only going to get harder, you know.”

“…Why, Grell, whatever do you mean?”

“When she gets older, it’ll be hard on you to see our daughter go to Reaper High in a few centuries.”

Hearing this, Sebastian froze stiff before he glanced back at the other man with furrowed, calculating brows. “…What makes you think she’ll be a reaper, not a demon?” he asked. “She clearly has my potential.”

“Don’t make me laugh, dear Bassy.” Grell chuckled before he suddenly gave the father a stern look, cold as ice. “She is my daughter too after all. She has my eyes, my eyesight, she will be a reaper.”

Sebastian chuckled humorlessly as he continued on his way down the hall. With each step he took, the path he walked seemed to rain in black feathers as his crow wings just started to come out on his back. “…We shall see…”

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