Hello, readers! Thank you for choosing to come here! I’m a young adult still learning the ropes about life, and I simply decided to start a site where I can post blogs, or reviews on whatever I’ve seen, read, or experienced in general, and my own stories which I’ve been writing for several years now. The majority of content on the website will more likely than not be either anime or My Little Pony related…or both. I am an Otaku, and I’m not afraid to tell the world!

I am on a schedule, so I’m not spam-posting then taking a two-year hiatus like I have in the past. On Mondays, I will post a blog, but the topic of each blog will very. On Wednesdays, I will post either a short story or a new chapter in an ongoing story. If I’m starting a new chapter story on here, I will first post a summary of the story and the first two or three chapters all at once.